Your world is dying, and you are the cause of it.,.

Your world is dying, and you are the cause of it.,.

July 8, 2022 GIA 0
Your world is dying

Your world is dying, and you are the cause of it.,.

Russia has made a big mistake and so has the western world in believing its their role to stop Russia when they don’t even face their own evil deeds.,.

Western world Interferes and a nuclear chain reaction will occur.,. You are no different from Russia.,. Russia invades Ukraine, YOU invaded Afganistan, Iraq the list is long.,. Your delusions are coming to an end.,.

Your world is ending drawing to a close.,. You have brought a great destruction upon yourselves.,. You will not survive, you will not continue.,.

You are the reason for it all.,. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is your destruction.,.

There will be no survivors, only those we select ourselves and remove in the dawning hour.,. All the money in the universe all the space equipment won’t save you.,. They have caused a quickening effect.,.

No god to save you, no saviour to protect you.,. Nothing exists by these names, man made fantasies.,.

From an alien perspective, there is nothing we can do for you anymore, but cleanse the disease of earth from the universe.,. The earth shall become a trillion particles of dust.,. The graveyard of the universe.,.’,..

The only words of comfort we have, you won’t see it coming.,. When the waters are calm and the birds sing a joyful tune, all the bees hum in harmony, when you believe you have won.,.’,.

There is a saying among the skin walkers, “You only think you’re in control, the ranch proves you wrong every time”-.’,.,’.’’.,

Upon the meeting of the creators of humans, each member turned their back among the NINE., Each sector among the network of NINE turned away., You’re learning our final verdict.’,.,’.’’.,

Noam Chomsky is the last of intelligent humans.,.’,..