X Revolution

X Revolution

April 24, 2022 GIA 0
X Revolution

X Revolution

is an excellent thing. Not like they have anyone to blame but themselves.

People will only put up with so much. Protests are useless ways of going about stuff, its people playing into their game. Take 1,000 protestors peaceful, no ill intent, now the government use 100 mainly police to enter the protest with one intent. Disrupt and cause a scene. If the 1000 bite a fight breaks out, a domino effect occurs, then they can say look how bad they are.

You organise synchronise until the entire planet moves as one force peacefully. Try stopping 8 billion people.

Government believes in divide and conquer, keep people separated and at war with each other prevents them being removed. Allows them to continue abusing people.

Anger, aggression, rage, hatred are all things they can fight. Peacefulness they cannot.

Racism used as a useful tool for governments to turn people against people. They employ different cultures in government, so you can’t see this truth. Just another protocol, a protection measure that serves government.

Look at storming Capitol Hill small numbers unorganised, some using anger. Were they an implant? Donald Trump set them all up for more rules more laws. He played them all like fools. Donald walked away, untouched. A woman lost her life. Donald did not take accountability for leading them all into it.

A worldwide planet revolution organised, synchronised, moving as one entire force. You want change, then we are it all of us together.

I am in favour X-Revolution remains secret, silent, no member identified.,

They must know it’s coming, but how, who, where, and when is none of their business., They have only themselves to blame. That’s what happens when you lie to the people, when you take no accountability for your actions.

Treat those how you wish to be treated.,

The people becoming organised and united scares them. It’s their worse nightmare.

If you are going to do something, then you best think humongous.

One planet, one people, one revolution, one beautiful change for all.,

Myself and the late John Trudell had a lot in common both our families were destroyed because of Governments. We both speak out., Our native connection., Our intelligence., Our love for the indigenous people. Our connection to earth and sky.,