World War A and Katy Perry’s Head On A Plate For Lunch Dining In The Pentagon

World War A and Katy Perry’s Head On A Plate For Lunch Dining In The Pentagon

July 22, 2022 GIA 0
World War A and Katy Perry’s Head On A Plate For Lunch

World War A and Katy Perry’s Head On A Plate For Lunch Dining In The Pentagon

“Governments, Royals, a few others, all know what’s heading their way. Regardless of how it turns out; they lose all power. They’re on a suicide mission. Making sure you do not find out or you would not help them. They’re sacrificing you to go down with them. If they can’t keep the power none of you will have. That’s what they decided for you.,”

There was a time where I spent night and day working hard every single day for 10 years non-stop to own my own mansion, live the high life, be surrounded by outstanding people and yes own the world that was how BeatPulse Media came about.

It was the early morning Raquel Pomplun’s song release around 3am to 5am when hell broke loose in the music industry and someone abused their power. Nobody knew it was Raquel because I alluded to the idea it was Paris Hilton behind the silhouette image.

When shit hit the fan and my labels got cancelled, I contacted James and he lied through his teeth he was covering for the one who instructed them to do it. We all know who I am talking about, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. See image if you never heard of her. 10 years of rebuilding my life all gone in a moment of her abusing power.

Same madam who meets with Prince Charles shortly after so he could thank her personally for destroying everything I built. She was rewarded handsomely for helping the child pedophile family. Ever since then, she keeps up the lie, hoping to never get found out. Perry, I can deal with her later. I will have the last laugh.

Today I dream about sitting on my farm having a ball with so many animals ignoring the internet and the outside world just chilling until World War A, hits, then the world is mine we take back our planet. Then I can choose anywhere I want to live. Actually, I have already decided the Pentagon would suit me well. Where the Council Of NINE will manage everything.

All members of the government will be begging for our mercy. We won’t give it, guaranteed I am going to make them suffer. For everyday they did in my direction equals a year. They won’t die. We will keep them alive. As one day does equal 365 years. Never ending suffering.

we will have independence day when all can come and watch them suffer so people remember what they did to them as well.

For now, I imagine me riding horses on my farm, camp fires having a real ball. Basically, don’t give a shit about things other people do. I have an amazing memory and I never forget faces or deeds.,

Tell you this Raquel Pomplun never deserved that also a L.A woman. For us she can have whatever she wants when world war A, hits the planet., A woman with a heart of pure gold., Rare, one of a kind. Same goes for her husband. I remember those who are truly kind, I never forget.

This video most certainly. The difference being Taylor is a pussycat, that’s why she has so many cats. Katy is going to feel a harsh pain for messing with me. An eye for an eye., How I revel for “A” day. My father your father., My daughters your daughters., My family your family., My friends your friends.,
I am your Ghost Perry. Taylor gave wise advice to you., Ellie Goulding the British lass, holding the X some knew and you blind as a bat. Which member of NINE influenced that? Even outside Tower Bridge, exactly where I was. NINE sometimes don’t enlighten me until the time is right. Haha. Gotta love the symbolic nature.,

Taylor’s song released 2015 same year our bad blood began.,

Ask yourself why did they shoot the video in that same location in London? I first came out into the public calling governments and royals, child abusers, and child murderers. You’re both American, but there they are four years before I enter that location. OUCH to you, Taylor has SEVEN fighters haha. NINE has done me proud!

Follow the story. You and I bring justice to the government for all the children and you turn around like a double backstabbing agent and kick me out the window. How interesting., In a creative way couldn’t be anymore spot on target.,

Let’s not forget how you shit on American soldiers from a great height., Because that was what me and Raquel was doing supporting American soldiers. No money for Raquel, no money for us.,
You’re disrespectful to American soldiers and all children across the planet., You put a roadblock on everything children continue to be sexually abused and killed because of what you did. ABSOLUTE FACT., 🙂
Did you keep it all quite from daddy? Or did he know? Or did you lie like you always do? Well, hope he has told you I contacted him. Let’s see how god really works, shall we? Is he a devil or a man of his godly word.
We will find the truth behind the Hudson family religion.,
Did you ask Mother Mary for advice before you committed your crime back in 2015? Did mother tell you to do it? Or did they not know a thing? Can religion lie?

Did you tell them how I gave you unlimited chances to meet and discuss a peaceful truce between us all to find a resolution? Have you told them that? Do you regret thinking you can play me? Do you have any remorse for your actions? Do you ever think about what you did to a man dying of cancer? Do you regret that? Are you sorry or would that just be for show?

Did you also tell them how I tried to give you an escape plan so nobody thought you were a complete villain? it’s written in one of the books. Because back then I didn’t want to destroy you. Tell them the truth for once in your life. Grow a pair of balls.,
A question I love to ask. The day I carried my daughter Chelsea’s small coffin in my arms to her grave. If that was DAISY, how would you feel if I did everything you did?
Or your dad now has cancer, his suffering in a bad way, his dying a painful death and he asks you for one wish before he dies, and I do what you did. How would it feel?
You and me have unfinished business and if Sinatra taught me anything, then it was I will do it my way and never follow others in the way they want. If you end up destroyed, then it’s your own fucking fault.
Your family is responsible the minute you messed with mine., You made it personal. Got it., Good, glad we are now all on the same page.,

If there’s anyone in the world who knows fully your deception than me and Taylor have that in common, we both know the truth about you, so does Britney Spears. I eat your sting for breakfast long ago.,

Let me tell you what happened to my father. He held on for 5 more years in disgusting pain, He believed I would finally break through to you and his wish would be granted. He suffered 5 more extra years. I left for Scotland 31st July 2020. He was the last person I saw before I left. He died. He gave up hope December 2020 I didn’t find out until 6 months later. Even a care worker from governments department was caught abusing him. He was vulnerable, stuck in a wheelchair.

He didn’t want me to leave. I did tell him the British government gave me no choice. He knew I can not be talked down once I make my mind up.,

July to December. I guess he knew I lost everything to give him that wish. I only hope he didn’t blame himself.

How different his life might have been if you had a heart? We will never know., He was the last of my earthly family., The younger sister is not family to me anymore.,

Now you know what I carried around since 1995, a never ending pain, now you know why I don’t play nice. Why my tongue can be sharp as a razor blade., Someone should have told you never do the dirty on a Pisces, you’ll live to regret it.,
Shame on Orlando bloom because obviously he knows everything, you would not lie to him. Nothing would surprise me anymore.,
Don’t be too confused. The day I stepped out in front of the world, London, City Hall. The day I stamped out all pain.,

World War A When We Attack. All Cards On The Table.

Everything these men ask, I can answer every question. Some are questions that change when we change our decision. Let’s answer when we arrived. Some have never left since ANU. Sleepers who recycle themselves to report back important data. Sinatra and Middleton were both sleepers, both American both assigned to me shortly after my arrival. Trained me in the art of being you.

Why did the six heads of NINE arrive? They were stationed on Saturn. Our communication happened mainly during the early hours of the night when traffic was clear. Maryton King Street, Newport-On-Tay I got real angry to the point the NINE felt it directed at them. I had come from London to experience the same bullshit in a country that says it hates Westminster, only to be the same.

Everything you read above. Does you really think you’re going to get the chance to do again without consequences?

I demanded my people into action. I demanded a rethink of all the high councils. I demanded a no peaceful action for the guilty. Now all the SEVEN heads of NINE are walking among you. To you, I might be nobody. To them, I am everything. I am the reason for the peaceful universe, he who governs the vastness of space. SEVEN.,

Did we come in peace? Actually, yes we did, but you changed that every day for 40 years. You are guaranteeing what becomes of WHO on this planet, which belongs to us, not you. We put you here long ago.

How does a planet become so arrogant not to notice the sudden population increase in the last 100 years? Back then all humans did was fuck and have baby’s family were large in the children’s count. Today is not so true, way too busy, way too cautious with contraception, so the population increase had nothing to do with you. We have silently been busy.

Will we arrive tomorrow, in months a year or 10 years? How about wake up?

When we imprisoned ANU in a time lock, he did not know we left groups of our people here. If ANU were here today, he would explain what trouble you’re heading into. He would advise against even though he did want to find an escape back into our worlds. He would be the first to explain what we did to Mars when they offered up humans and earth in exchange for their freedom from ANU slavery. Mars was a lush planet, not much different from earth.

They left us no choice. We did not form the NINE at this period. That happened after ANU’s imprisonment on earth. His fall to earth. The Indian culture of the middle east speaks highly of our great war.

We maintain most planets in your zone. That’s why centuries ago we gave you info about the planets. We devised a system to help you evolve in the trying times of ANU. Same reason the Moon messes with your emotions. We are doing all this.

The pyramids of Egypt don’t point to Orion’s belt because it’s the home of the gods. They are monuments to mark where the great rebellion of the peaceful universe began. Why 3 pyramids The first rebellion the ARZU capture/imprisonment by ANU, Orion. The second is the fall of ANU. The third where we are today. Hense forth the book of Enoch, the three parables.

That day in Maryton, NINE knew they had to follow my orders could not hold off anymore. Be careful who you hurt on this planet. Our walkers are all reporting back who’s doing what. Our data scouts are observing everything.

What should concern you the most? The fact we enter the sun we can rest on the surface of the sun. Every weapon you have based on this kind of material. If you can’t go near the sun, then you have truly punched above your weight.

Only you, as humans, are creating what becomes of you. We are not the evil ones. In world war two, we could have wiped you out. We gave you a chance to change.,