Why X? David Amess Phase Two Approaches., Pentagon

Why X? David Amess Phase Two Approaches., Pentagon

July 3, 2022 GIA Governments 0
Why X? David Amess Phase Two Approaches

Why X? David Amess Phase Two Approaches., Pentagon

January 2010 was my first move. Preparing for divorce and to depart my old agreement. And move closer towards X., who you see today., X remained hidden in 2010 did not surface until 2018., Years of preparation.,

Why did you see the X in the universe charging at great speeds. What does it tell you on a symbolic level? Given the year. Where did the name X emerge from with us and by whom? It began some 7 years earlier 2003.,

Something is charging towards you. We hope you now see how we work, how we play with past, present and future, the meanings behind them. Look at the downward pyramids over the Kremlin and the pentagon count the years apart. What do you have? What does downward mean? where do you find this symbolic gesture reversed? Hierarchy symbol? Notice how we always point at governments. WHY?

What has governments done to us to deserve attacks? The next attack will take you by surprise will deliver soon., We will continue taking the lives of members of government until you address your wrongs., All governments, all countries, keep your eyes open and your minds sharp.

I am SEVEN Leader of the NINE.,

Rishi Sunak

run as you may, yet you did not do the right thing, so, run fast little man, hope it does not catch up with you., None will escape what hunts you down., Until you do the right thing.,

You and us know exactly what that is, until then, do not think even for a moment you are free.,

Rishi Sunak, did you know about the raping of a child and the murder of Cheyenne? YES you did., Did you do anything to bring justice?

RISHI SUNAK, the FINANCE minister, Taxpayer’s money that fund British children’s sex abuse rings of the UK. SAJID JAVID the minister of HEALTH same health system that helped destroy Cheyenne. First, locked her inside the priory and said she was crazy, to hide the truth, so nobody would ever believe her., Convenient resignations.,

Haha Joe, you bumbling fool

do you mean America’s a nation that uses taxpayers’ money for the pentagon to hunt down werewolves? haha come spit it out fool, what are you saying idiot? And their lays the intelligence of the United States of America.,

Oi Pentagon

Did you think I was going to jump for joy when you allowed Luis Elizondo to deceive the public?

A year ago I called Luis Elizondo and Nick Pope both frauds. Yet Pentagon, how did I know this? We both know I was correct. I am thousands of miles away yet I knew the truth whilst Luis Elizondo and the pentagon made fools of everyone., Deliberate confusion., How much did you give Luis to play his part in the deception?