Why is the last cycle so important?

Why is the last cycle so important?

June 13, 2022 GIA 0
Why is the last cycle so important?

Why is the last cycle so important?

You know when you’re laying in bed, eyes closed? And people appear in the darkness, people you have never seen before, never met.

Have you ever wondered why you see them, why many people appear, notice how they seem to be saying something to you without sound?

These people are not your imagination. They are real people like you. They live somewhere far away from your reach.

Throw away the idea it’s a spirit world, you know they are real, not ghosts. Throw away the idea of an afterlife.

Open your mind. They are like you living a life., you do meet them when you sleep, but you’re not in your body. You’re looking from behind the eyes of another you.,

It’s another life similar or vastly different to your own. Sometimes you wish you could stay and feel sadness when you awake remembering the feeling you felt.

These other people experience the same when they are peering from behind your eyes., they ask the same question: who are these people?

Most people only see these people just before falling into sleep or after awaking from sleep.

However a Shamen knows how to induce this world, the window opens on demand for them. They don’t need to sleep. Many will bring back information they discovered among any version they entered., Not even shamens understand the truth they only think they do.,

You want to know more, for reasons we cannot share with you this answer. It’s hidden and will remain this way., We have a law that can never reveal and this is one of them.,

Try contacting them when they appear, ask questions, then watch what they do.,

There are some theories in the science world that are more spot on than they even realise., Reaching these places in a ship would be impossible for humans., We separated you for a reason and can never fully reach or comprehend the reason.,

You have heard of the universal mind where all your thoughts are processed. We call that our monitoring station., It’s how we know your intentions hidden behind your spoken words.,

We introduced the concept long ago when cameras began monitoring your every move in public., it was a metaphor, symbolic truth hidden from you., You even had the big brother TV reality show another metaphor symbolic, hidden meaning.,

Every person who comes up with a new idea gets that information from one location: THE MIND the THOUGHTS., They claim responsibility, ownership, yet none of that is true., We know the picture is growing.,

Take a mentalist he or she understands the connection between their mind and every other mind, they use it to their advantage yet even thought they don’t fully understand why. They make use of an amazing tool.,

Imagine you’re in a competition and every player was you, yet only one can win., If you knew you were competing to be the best version of yourself, would you win?

Does the meaning of cycles make sense? Do you understand why this earth has experienced so many human cleanses throughout history? Do you comprehend the bigger picture? Does the last cycle clarify why it’s so important? What you do now and why it matters., The end of the Mayan calender 2012 marked the beginning of the last cycle., 10 years have already been wasted., Our cycles are not like your cycles.,

Now you can contemplate why the reticence around our journey through the middle east before this event began.,

No other version of you found ANU on your doorstep., That’s why our interest in you is profound., If we were routing for any version, this would be it.,

Everything I was involved in with governments, royals, all committed in a different cycle., You were home free if you never forced me out in the open., We raised the stakes with resolution., That was where it mattered., You pulled in an old cycle into the last cycle., We don’t hate you, we just moved the chessboard for bringing me into the public November 2018., We raised the difficulty level to intense.,

We have done a great job of keeping all that you did in an old cycle stuck in the last cycle all for you., You figured I was stuck, whilst I was holding it all in place., Oops.,

Have you ever heard of the species named the masters of the game? Strange that! 12 successful universes., That’s how they got the name.,

Every version received the same upgrade. They now know what they are competing against. The greatest version of self., The upgrade began on the 13th., Never fear the number 13, a symbolic message from us.,

  • Why do some say we are all One?
  • Why do witches use the power of Three?
  • Why does a clock come in four quarters of 3?
  • Why is One the first in line on the face of a clock, ends on a Three?
  • The start of a month begins with One and ends with Three or One. Did you notice?

The secret term to this mystery of numbers is: Chaldean.,

The biggest questions surrounding our ships is what on earth is going on? Now you have the answer., Can you handle the truth?

Will you waste the last cycle debating, doubting, denying, and continue the route you have done or will you become the greatest version of yourselves and finally find out what’s beyond this world.,

Do you realise the fact you compete with your neighbor, your friend, lover, all people around you and among other countries, as a way of survival is the one thing that destroys you., They are your companions on this journey, your allies, your team players. Only when you work together, the truth becomes obvious., There is a term. There is no enemy but yourself., More than you know.,

The one thing not added is a film that can show this truth.

However, the implications of merging with one are radically unrealistic on the theories of this movie. There is no route for human participants, just what you witness in the mind’s eye.,

The concept lives in the story of “The One.,” Notice how he travels from world after world eliminating his competition, himself, always himself., (Film how to give the truth without even giving the truth.,)

Someone wrote this story and someone gave them the story through the one location all receive., Based on this version best way to deliver the message under the radar.,

The storyline points, suggests toward all we spoke above., The violence. Well, that’s you, not us.,

You meet your partner/lover.

Something within their eyes pulled you in, then suddenly you’re walking down the road. A woman walks past both your eyes lock and an unknown force brings you together., An affair begins, confusion sets in., Yet never do you realise what’s happening, so you give it many names and labels, soul mate and on and on… The memories of your other selves live inside you, there is always a bond between all other selves and that’s why this occurs.,

So at night when your eyes are closed and the woman or man appears, ask them questions, watch them respond, watch what they do because to them they are answering the part of you that’s with that person., They are not strangers.,

Take one man, partner him with every woman on the planet.

Now take one woman, partner her with every man., Can you see how many exist., Yet at each end of the cycle, we take the greatest versions of each self., When a community of people comes into complete harmony and work as one unit., We can take an entire community., (Aztec, You claim they sacrificed the hearts of others., We say no they did not., History is wrong.,)

Take a planet at war.

One man or woman decides it’s not for them. They turn their back and live their life away from that., This person becomes highlighted to us and of much interest., This person has begun the journey of the greatest version of themselves.,

Take the man or woman who lives only to work and be nothing more than that constant struggle to survive. The greatest version out of reach, out of sight., Never realised their too busy to notice we did not intend life for this purpose., Slave and miserable are not the meaning of life., JOY, adventure., places one on the path of SELF-discovery.,

When another does great harm to you, we say forgive, walk away., The Wiseman or wisewoman knows it’s worth., For those who committed harm condemn themselves no matter how little or large, turning away saves you from condemnation of SELF., The greatest version still realised.,

(Throw Karma in the trash and follow these last words and one can’t go wrong.,)

Our people across the planet. Their work is to develop the greatest potential in you at whatever means that gets them there., The greatest version of you is what they seek to achieve., Is it true or lies what they say? Irrelevant for the aim is far greater.,

If religion meant it developed the greatest person in you and did not create wars or discord, only peace, unity, harmony, balance, among all life, with ultimate respect for one another then true enough, the religion is of significant benefit regardless if true or not.,