Why hold those accountable? – Abortions

Why hold those accountable? – Abortions

October 10, 2022 GIA NINE 0
Why hold those accountable

Why hold those accountable?


The answer is simple, regardless of deeds. THE NINE are here to help ALL, ALL for one, One for all.,

LOVE of the ONE CREATOR infinite. No one is truly evil. The NINE protects the entire planet. We don’t choose who or not to love., We love them all and do what it takes for that message to be received.,

If that means placing one of our own inside for a while, then so be it., We will send one who can do it, well.,

Are abortions wrong?

No, as the baby during those 9 months has no consciousness, consciousness enters the moment of actual birth. That’s why you see some midwives smack the baby for a response., Followed by screaming.,

The baby inside the womb fully develops first., In terms of consciousness, the baby is not alive until consciousness enters., It’s an organism until that point.,

Abortions happen before 3 months. Its freedom of choice, no harm done.,

The consciousness that was to be assigned to that body now becomes reallocated a new body.,

Women are free to choose as they wish., it’s their body, their choice.,

The movement within the womb is a reflect motion of limbs why it develops, not conscious action.,

Each woman holds all rights over this topic.,

Why does a baby learn if certain music is played during pregnancy?

Once consciousness enters, it merges with all cells becomes ONE., What those cells learned now becomes part of the consciousness., all cells pass on information.,

Analogy: If you cut yourself, it sends a signal to the brain to activate pain to alert a challenge received. That’s a cell passing on information up the chain of command of all cells. All cells are self aware to the point of knowing their function.,

Goosebumps are skin receptors reading, learning its environment, then sending a signal to interpret what you see, hear or feel.,

The only person traumatised in birth is the actual mother, not the child. The child was not present in the tight squeeze.,

You can actually mold your baby’s personality traits a little during those 9 months by using intentions you’re not hoping, wishing, or praying. You are outlining requests using intentions., which must all remain positive statements.,

Healthy, beautiful, easygoing, caring, learns effortlessly and so on…

Concerning Law:

It’s an infringement of free will against the woman, to decide for her or force her into an action she herself has chosen not to experience., Her wishes respected and paramount above all else.,

What’s the overall message you give regarding Orion?

We hope we have shown you the truth rather than tell you directly., Actions speak clearly.,

Are you British?


Are you Scottish?


Are you human?


What are you?

13th density consciousness representing the collective of ALCYON and SEVEN of NINE., representing the Council of NINE., and the 24 guardians known as the heads., Known to you as ANGELS., Using this apparatus called the body vehicle to operate within the 3rd density.,

Are you alone?

NO, this suggests separation., If all are ONE, how is that possible?

I mean, are there others from Alcyon and Nine?

YES & NO.,

Can you tell us who and where?



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