Why Are You Still Here

Why Are You Still Here

October 16, 2022 GIA 0
Why Are You Still Here

Why Are You Still Here

How does 12th density prepare for 13th density? How did you alone achieve it for all?

We recognise your seeking and by our choosing we cut some of your questioning off., ALCYON agrees this information remains forbidden., We remain in previous history and the work of the NINE only., ALCYON agrees you are fully aware of the reasons for forbidden.,

By the means you have chosen, you’re successful in your curious assumptions we seek that you refrain from using this method.,


You have moved from 12th density to 13th density. Why are you still here?

True, if I was here only for 13th density than I would leave, however I am SEVEN of NINE., so my duty extends., Plus, you must understand people do not leave the body because they achieved their goal of being here. Many choose to leave the body and start again because things become too much for them to bear., So, they request departure and create some effect in the body which results in illness of some kind to achieve this outcome.,

Work as the NINE as SEVEN is about observing progress, managing, sharing knowledge of us so others can carefully choose what they truly want next.,

ALCYON will all be there upon my return., there is no time for us. We are timeless, ageless, nameless.,

With the deepest of love, if you have never listened or read the words of our brother RA in 4th density of Positive Love, your life span is not 100 years like earth. Its 90,000 year life span., Now isn’t that exciting news., You will be free from the burdens of strife., Choose greatly.,

You have much to celebrate once reaching 13th density., This we know well., INFINITY.,

Take deep consideration for RA has not been available to earth since the trios work completed., RA wants you to know the TRIO is the one true source of RA., Much has changed since then so keep this in mind., RA’s work completed in the 1980s., Like Jesus, RA shall not return in the same manner.,

LOVE Is The Force, LIGHT is the substance., Be ONE with Infinite Intelligence within infinity., You’re the ONE Creator., As in one as in all., Adonai.,

The post (What’s happening in the world of energy?) What’s the hidden message? Seems very different.

Articulate our meaning., Replace god with Infinite Intelligence replace Kingdom of heaven with infinity., It’s NOT about money., Does he mean in service to self? Selfish. Or in service to others. Selfless., He is talking “CHOICE” Negative or Positive.,

You can be as rich as you want. It’s how you choose to be in gaining that or maintaining that, is that which truly counts., Selfish or Selfless.,

Are you against medical systems?

NO, in larger respect they are selfless., The methods and attitudes are of much confusion. Methods create more sickness than relief, attitudes are closed off down a single-minded approach, not a viable vision of other methods., Largely due to methods generate gain, in that gain no bridge crossed., on the other side of that bridge lives positive solutions yet solutions mean less gain., These attitudes are with the hidden ones that filter down to those who have no insight into its truth.,

There is a saying if I put my head in the oven, will you do the same? Sadly, many do put their heads in the oven without a second thought about doing such., In that the bridge hardly seen or contemplated., as one might program a robot to a certain function, this is what’s happening.,

It’s quite easily seen that selfless attitudes follow selfish actions.,

At the same time, they are aware, the placebo has shown them, yet the switching over has no viable gain for the few.,


Can you speak about these methods how they are selfish action?

The methods we speak are those of medication, hidden in small print are side effects which suggest possible things. Hidden under side effect is most misleading.

One who goes in to fix his arm leaves with meds later to in Herit diabetes. On the meds suggested check for family members with diabetes. The box or the doc suggests its hereditary ignores the fact the medication had everything to do with its development.

This is the same for all meds: via checking side effects, one can see what illness will activate., this creates more ill health, more customers for more medication, a perpetual cycle of gain.,

Selfless nurses handing over selfish sweets as if it were a candy store with free for all on the door.,

If a person in constant fear about life and always in worry has no inner strength to combat the harm of such sweets taken., the more stress they go through, the easier it is to activate those side effects into sickness., one system feeds to the other system in this regard.,

Doctors fully understand how the placebo works that it’s the human that heals themself not the meds nor the doctor. If a placebo pill has the same side effects on the box, then it has the same outcome as the original one, creating more sickness in people via the rules of how the placebo works.

One might easily say it’s the nurses and doctors at fault, however we disagree they do not make these pills nor do they truly know what’s inside them.,

Educate, not medicate.,


How does one detach from material things in life?

Easy spoken then done., If you live alone, you might find after a long period things lose their shininess., you yourself becoming more giving than seeking to take, take, take.,

One who can master the art of isolation away from the constant demands of others can learn much in a spiritual sense as in a material sense.,

If one is surrounded by others non stop those others place demands upon the soul of a constant wanting nature, this enforces those shiny things as a need of importance, rather than necessary.,

How one soul over values a material object will demonstrate the spiritual evolution of this soul.,

If say we organise souls for a mission of service to others to save or free others from something and one soul protected his car at all cost, we would know this man will be of no help to the mission., Life is not that soul’s number one importance material objects are more valuable.,

Would you ask your neighbour who sits pining over their cool shiny car to look after your child for the day? I think not.,

Watch the clip of Jesus. Notice how easily the man walks away in such fear of giving away his prized possessions. Same thing. All Jesus is doing is testing to see where his priorities lay., selfish or selfless., if he was true in heart then no question, surely he would follow him., Our man has a heavy heart.,

Learn self isolation ignore the last 3 years. That was nothing. All we see was winning humans over something that should come easy., It did reveal a lot in humans., We say easy as most if not majority were not in true isolation others lived among them., anyone can achieve anything if others hold your hand. thats not isolation.,

Unless you go find a monk house as that will help or try living alone even for a year., It’s harder than you think. It takes great mastery to achieve 5 years and 10, well, we take our hat off to you.,

You will learn by around year 3 you are not alone, you never was, you see the world differently, that loneliness feeling you first experienced fell away, you are starting to not need others like you once did., That’s a good place to be when in a relationship or married if you one day go off and do that.,

As you don’t need others like you once did, you also discover shiny objects have no value., you can appreciate the small things., you will appreciate the small gestures in life which have greater value and meaning.,

If I went out, bought you a shiny object and also made an object with my hands, you would see the object I made for you over the shiny one from the shop., You will see its true value., and eventually you will see the true value of others. Those who pick the shiny object, you won’t have a second thought for them, you might love them and just leave them be.,

Imagine being an astronaut he/she must learn this or he/she will go crazy., If he/she can’t do it, then sorry bud your names not down your not coming in.,

You will go through a breaking of the soul, dark night of the soul is a walk in the park compared to this as its lasts forever it feels., each day that passes by something new awakens inside you, one by one, things fall away, your ego falls away., takes endurance., no pets, no humans, no drugs, no alcohol, just you against you.,

Each day feelings will rise and fall., 1, 5, to 10 years out comes a brand new soul, rebirth.,

If one goes in seeking spiritual rebirth, then 10 years is the timeframe, as you will still have limited interactions in life outside.,

Jesus didn’t become the man he’s known to be without himself going off for many years in total isolation to become him.,

The true initiate losses all need for comfort, no sex, no hugs, no conversations, in your darkest moments no one but you to pick you back up, no support, no one to lean on., no backup, no saviour, you’re going head to head with the devil himself., It’s you or him., Everything you learn and experience in a 7 day retreat is a non-stop 10 year process.,

Or take the simple route with temporary effects.



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