Who is God? What is God? Where is God?

Who is God? What is God? Where is God?

October 3, 2022 GIA 0
Who is God? What is God? Where is God?

Who is God? What is God? Where is God?

To all religious people who do not want to know what we say, we say look away and give this no more thought. You are welcome and always free to believe as you wish.,

Firstly, god is a word misinterpreted in the past that led to confusion.

Let’s use the term God and work from there., When you say I know there’s a god somewhere up there among the heavens of the universe, I can’t see it, I feel it; I have faith in its true.

You feel this to be true. What you are feeling is not up there yet it is, it’s all around you it’s not one single object you can say there is god, I found god.

God, the one creator, is everything your eyes can see, your mouth can taste, your ears can hear, your nose can smell, your mind can conceive, your thoughts can travel.

The tree, to the blade of grass, the frog to the grasshopper, the rock to the dirt, the sky to the flowers, the air you breathe to the air you exhale. The sun, the moons, the stars, the perceived blank empty spaces between them.

To your neighbour, your friend, your lover, your sister and brother, your mother, your father, aunt, uncle to the stranger on the street to you yourself are the ONE CREATOR.

That is the god you seek. You have faith; you feel its presence because you are all it.,

Do not trust my words go and seek out this. At some point, the realisation of all we say will come., keep looking, keep seeking ask and it is given, knock and the door shall open.,

To us, this is the simplest way we can show you the ONE CREATOR Intelligent infinity., The Great Infinite ALL,

The role of playing king, queen, superiority over others is the lack of insight, wisdom, knowledge of this one truth., They are but illusions, delusions of self., There is no superiority over another if all are the same being.,

How can it be that simple?

Why then does all such evil exist? Can you see the lack of this insight has created discord, disharmony and disfunction in those? Can you also see no one is truly lost or evil.,

If I told you your mother went left when she really went right, you go off hunting down the left. Frustration builds and anger pursues in not finding your mother to tell her of the important news. Same thing.,

We have told you what, where, and who god is.,

What we have not explained is when we go down to the ONE direct infinite source to the point of where it came from or what, as in an object, that first defines all others, where we can truly say here is what began, and what is the one true source of the one creator.

You will also hear many say we are all returning to that original source., Not so true as you might think.,

This song explains it well. This goes for all dimensions, low or high. We all have the same truth about this subject., We are all one yet when it comes to finding the original source., Listen to the song., Lets take a trip to 1981.,

One lady said it so well TOYAH Its a Mystery.,

Consider for a moment in earth years how long it took for us to reach 13th dimension and if we still do not know., Just keep it as a mystery.,

Plus, before we manifested into this universe as ARZU., we came from a universe that was completed and yet we still do not have that answer., To us, it’s beautiful, not knowing the mystery, it’s purely that exciting feeling of venturing in to discover what comes next., We are ALL already that, have fun, relax, enjoy, love, seek the mystery in this new and ancient truth. We are all ONE.,

Let this breathe new life into your every moment., If there was one dimension, we see as the most challenging from all 12th dimensions then you are already in it the 3rd Dimension., 1 and 2 have no cares, no worries just look at a dog how universally they just love with such loyalty.,

It’s like discovering a new lover, and that love never falls away, not for a second, it’s infinite love.,

Love the ONE Creator and everything else will take care of its self.,

We add this from the other post regarding men and women not understanding each other. Discord, lack of truth, same as all above., Women are from venus, men are from mars., you only believe this because nobody ever taught, you were already both masculine and feminine., once you know this, that statement has no validity anymore.,

Now you see truth in a new way., Consider this: how can there be a lack of equal rights if you are both? Think about it., Its world changing insight!

I will be the example of meaning: Externally, I appear as a man as you expect; I act like a man externally. Inside internally, I love with all my being. I feel things on a vast and deep level. I am the reflection of a woman externally.

A woman’s external expression is passive in a good way, loving, nurturing, caring., Who better to give birth? Internally she’s like a man externally, her mind races in a chaotic beautiful way just how we men are most times., Externally, she is calm and collective, internally it’s the opposite.,

We both mirror each other in opposite directions, making us both masculine and feminine., if we listen internally as ourselves to understand the other., Will not appear so confusing., Ying and yang are two sides of the one coin, be it male or female., By reversing polarity, we notice its truth.,

Men have grown up in discord man does not show his internal world he keeps it secret., NO WONDER WOMAN HAS SUCH CONFUSION ABOUT US., Yet that’s changing… There is real strengh in living both for men and women openly.,

Strength is born from being truthful with ourselves and never fearing what others might say.,

Fear does not live in the Infinite Creator., So why be that in others?


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