What’s happening in the world of energy?

What’s happening in the world of energy?

October 16, 2022 Energy 0
What’s happening in the world of energy

What’s happening in the world of energy?

I have no idea, nor do I care.,

Over a month, I am using a kerosene burner for cooking and all coffee. In one month, not even finished a 4L can of fuel. Didn’t see that coming as I stocked up.,

Then something happened, not sure why or how, where it came from. I have the option to go back to normal regular electric usage. I could not switch back. Extra effort for coffee and cooking was something I loved. I found it rewarding.

I tried to put that kettle on and boil. Somehow I found an independent freedom, no longer a slave to energy propaganda nonsense.

I contemplated how many others did the same, how the deception is backfiring.

This was the best buy I had ever found costing at the time £11.99 its increasing which suggest an increase in sudden sales.

It’s doubtful I will ever go back to the way before if a person or company is selfish. You’re not important.

I could turn all lights back on yet, somehow I love the low light 5v system I created.

Check the stove out. It might just surprise you like it did me. Plus, did you know making your own fuel from sugar is also a game changer? Amazing what you can learn when the world goes bonkers in selfish ways.

I guess we can fall for the same old nonsense or we can do something that might even surprise ourselves in ways we never quite see.

There is a worry less, stressfree satisfaction about life, I have come to enjoy. 🙂 join the wagon party, it’s fun.

I can see how life 200 years ago was like when dealing with energy feels, and it’s blissful.

Kerosene 4 Liters one month come on can you see the beauty in that 🙂

coffee never tasted so good 🙂

£326 for energy? Hold up, wait a minute., Get wise. Found new ways to create my own energy system. It was for energy relief and that’s just what I did 🙂 I aim high to teach and share, not to repeat the same nonsense in a perpetual cycle of going nowhere. My approach, It’s selfless, it’s real, it’s beautiful. Who benefits everyone can. People teaching people that’s community, that’s unity. I learned lots from others now I share what I learned on…

Dont Pay UK was a trick to keep people fighting, stressing, and fearful of living, not actually thinking for themselves, clever system trick., so NO, I did not go on strike I got SMART.,

I switched it up entirely from a 500watt computer to a 90 watt laptop. One fridge freezer 180watt, and a modem that’s all I use on electric. these 3 are the main ongoing contenders. What an amazing difference.

Everything else: generators, solar, and fuel…

You can stress your life away, work yourself into an early grave dragging your balls along by a donkeys tail or be a independent freethinker, the smart blissful way to live…

203,182 people have pledged to strike when we reach 1 million. Good luck with that. They reach it when it’s all over. How many hoped that would happen and did nothing, held on in false hope? An old trick had you. I was never incorrect about all that., I see it for what it was. And got to work. It’s never too late to take back your independence over this topic. Place your trust in you, not others. You deliver results, not others. That’s a long road to disappointment, fear and blame, which is the desired effect.

Learn a new way.

~ Anonymous 😛

The new theme song for selfish nonsense detection



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