War Of The Worlds

War Of The Worlds

June 5, 2022 GIA 0
War Of The Worlds

War Of The Worlds

If they made me of gold and this was visible, you would hold on to me., If I appear as rustic copper, a mask, then the true intentions will reveal themselves.,

Change is never easy for those experiencing., Your planet experienced a dramatic drop in population and has increased, unaware to all.,

Before we continue that., in August 2018, I was heading towards Florida USA. We aborted at the last minute., We had only a few years to make a shift in location., Scotland was on our priority list., The enemy of my enemy and all that Jazz.,

I knew no matter my decision on what direction my people will honor and protect the location., The importance of my location never spoken or written., Yet carries a fundamental importance of the coming time ahead.,

The British failed in peaceful actions. We shall never return. They made their bed., Scotland is fast becoming a location I am ready to abort., Too much support in favour of the British lives here as my pushback., As well as the Scottish government protecting the interests of Westminster., We declared war between the British government and our people. Any country seen siding with the British was also a declaration of war.,

If a country can protect child abusers and child murderers as leaders, then that speaks volumes to us.,

Our reasons for not mentioning our location meaning was to discover the truth of where I live., The fact I am considering departure is not a good sign., The protection of the stars leaves when I leave and continues along my path.,

If you can’t cope with one visible outsider who is vastly different to you, then you have an enormous shock coming., I am 50/50 on my current location., I am open to all countries apart from England., The gift of my presence is more valuable than you realise., You must earn it or I am gone.,

Right now, all are in doubt of all I say and reveal that’s natural and most defiantly intended.,

If they made me of gold and this was visible, you would hold on to me., If I appear as rustic copper, a mask, then the true intentions will reveal themselves.,

As in the days of Adam and Eve, and Noah, and many more before them, one country must remain. I am the one choosing the location.,

As spoken in the book of Enoch., the people of the times will regret their actions, fall to his feet, laying gifts of plenty., It’s a metaphor with great meaning and truth., That was the parable of it is too late.,

Almost a year has passed since we video that video and only ever shown one video of ours., We never mentioned anything until now. We hoped the intelligent would see it and join the dots we even sent it across to America, yet nobody noticed. Only now that we show can you see., How many were in doubt during that time? Imagine what else you are not noticing.,

Imagine if Scotland were a hotel competing for top holiday resort on the globe. They sent me in to audit. 2 years, an extremely short space of time to have accumulated more non-positives. My rating out of five stars would be half of one star., London had one star, and that took 38 years. Middle East got 5 stars. I will surely always regret leaving.,

There are some great people not enough to out weight the amount of non-positives given the majority if not all non-positives created by people., Were they all British influence? That remains to be seen.,

An outside view on a situation is always the most trusted opinion.,

My journey started out how beautiful the people say hello no matter where you go. London was volatile and nobody greeted anyone, especially not strangers. Scotland, they do. Polite and friendly. I left Tayport, and it all changed. People do not say hello. Strangers come with suspicion label.

When I came out of hiding from living inside Tentsmuir forest, that’s when it changed.,

The egg stains on my windows remind me of all this truth., I feel like a black man who just walked into a 1950s all white town., I am the one who reads faces without words.,

Scotland was once my definition of heaven and London being hell. Now I wonder., Isolation is one thing I can deal with when it’s on my terms. Segregation of a person because there different is racist. Idol gossip behind backs, smiles to the face, somewhat disturbing.,

That’s my feedback how I feel from my experience so far. Half a star.,

If you ever wondered what made me do a u-turn on standing up for children in favour of myself. I don’t think people deserve someone doing this for their children. You can’t mistreat a person and still expect them to bring justice for all children., Eventually they will turn their back and be selfish as they had shown them.,

In history, many civilisations vanished without a trace, great floods wiped out mankind, comets struck the heart of the earth and wiped out thousands of species. Cities fell below the surface. Who do you think was behind it all? Humanity is under audit and it’s not looking good for humanity.,

To those spiritual people who believe UFOs are peaceful, maybe Elon Musk’s ship 2016 shows you how wrong you are., Wake up and smell the coffee aroma stop deluding yourselves., We clean worlds that are out of control., Our decades of non-action should alarm you, not delude you.,

In a poetic way, nature was untainted when humans were gone., There were no wars.,

I believe I understand their desire to control and suppress you., I think it was a mistake. Maybe we should’ve let it played out to see where it would go. I think this is what humanity needs.,

Open your eyes.,