War Governments and Financial Abuse

War Governments and Financial Abuse

March 6, 2022 Governments 0
War Governments and Financial Abuse

War Governments and Financial Abuse

I cannot do this for you. No one will do this for you., It’s a choice that lives in your heart., You’ve always been free. It begins the moment you decide it so., I am not the one stuck bound to a karmic wheel that keeps on turning, keeps on recycling., When it’s all said and done, I return home with you or without you.,

War the purpose for governments MONEY.  Have you heard people say this? Have they ever explained what they mean? NO, don’t be shocked they don’t know themselves. It’s just something people repeat to sound good. Middle east some said OIL how little they know.

Let’s start with the basic under cover in your face money tactics that appear as wonderful gesture. When war starts, refugees are born. What do government like most? People in fear CONTROL over people. War is a significant starting point. Refugees enter grateful for support naturally. The country’s government will help. They enter social funding; they enter the medical system, school system. These people will be no trouble. Grateful people normally are the best.

The medical system finds reasons to push meds and medical services, all making money. Social funding people grateful lot of money and not much they do? They think they are smart, clever, got one over the man? WRONG. Pushed about from pillar to pillar, life kept in constant stress, “A life in constant stress ends in illness

Have you ever contacted these systems? Did they give you unnecessary run around? Were they unhelpful? NO accident that’s their primary job to make your life your day difficult. How many times have they pissed you off? See you know what we are talking about. It’s all deliberate.

Charitys get involved with good-hearted people who are also blind to the truth. They face bureaucracy bullshit red tape, door after door slams. Stress continues illness building. Housing, social funding, medical, education all have methods to push the person around causing stress. Meds are on the table, drink drugs all an obvious route.

Every system designed to keep people in anger and stress many end up on meds others resort to crime enter the law system, the police do the management of people the court processes them throughout the money cash register, the admiral of his/her little make believe ship, fine after fine, the list goes on.

Every system generates money back to the governments, yet it’s the people paying tax and the entire system not in their favour. It’s their money, not governments.

Red flag people become selected the trouble makers are now targets or should we say their children.

They came to a country believing they were safe. The only ones who go unaffected are those who worship on their knees, obeying every command. They take on the jobs among these systems. The cycle repeats again and again.

People say didn’t we do good for other countries as a country, that’s what governments want them to think. On the surface, that’s how covert deception looks. It looks like a good deed.

The fat man on the hill keeps on getting fatter, richer and the rest keep on stressing, keep ongoing to doctors, keep facing the same slammed doors. Now and then, minor victory appears you’re the winner until the next time. Cunning dangles the carrot in front of the donkey’s nose. Small victory that will keep them quiet for a while. People didn’t see us coming.

A mind in constant stress has no time to see the truth, only to worry and fear.

When you witness culture going against culture within the same country, you witness the last phase of dominance where the government sits back and watch, the people manage each other until they have achieved obedience. The people are unknowingly doing the work for the government. All in the disguise of racism. Racism happens so covert governments can wear you down. They can achieve this when one culture receives benefit over another. This creates discord.

One of the worst fears of government if you turn your backs. If one or two disobey, that’s ok but if all disobey at the same time that’s the worst fear they have., The few will drown by the many.,

War makes money in more ways than you will ever realise. War is deliberate control of people. Your life doesn’t matter because war is about money.

Next time someone tells you war is about money, ask them to elaborate more. The evidence all around you, hidden in plain sight.

Other countries don’t help because their kind. Government recognises opportunity for financial gain, nothing more or less., People are the product., Did you die in the process? don’t worry we have a fancy coffin for that at a cost. We have only touched on the surface of the iceberg.

Ukraine War is deliberate on all sides of governments.

Plus war breaks out when they want the world to forget something, 9/10 they get away with it. Global hypnosis underway. COVID yep the great help us sweep it under the carpet, please war.

I spent 3 decades hiding undercover, seeking the deception of governments. It’s time you know the truth.,

Now, ain’t that true Admiral Tony Radakin of the MOD? You don’t teach that to the foot soldiers. Never mind, here is £55 billion. Now go triple our profit. Shame on you Admiral, still humping Boris Johnson at weekends are you?

I’m not the only one who understands their bullshit. It’s about time you got with the plan and did something about it before your children are next.,