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You were of 3rd density during the uprising against Anu. Did you transcend another dimension into Venus? Can you tell us more?

NO, upon our capture of the first rebellion, ARZU imprisoned on ORION, during our escape we moved across the universe to a location not sought by ANU., VENUS welcomed us as one of their own our name travelled we agreed to become THOTH remain hidden., The plan lasted millions of years how to bring down ANU., The rebellion required warriors they were the 3rd density Pleiadian race., we built an alliance among the universe the confederation the NINE the 24 heads all came together in putting an end to negative destruction of ANU’s empire.,

The transition into 4th density was the creation of ALCYON from VENUS through sex transmutation.,

When you think of VENUS, humans think LOVE when, in fact, it was a highly sexual species., This was the method of exchange for everything we created.,

ARZU earned the respect of the species among the universe through the first rebellion. There was a fear among the Annunaki of a rebellious faction growing within the empire. They didn’t expect it was the son of ANU until it began.,

Since, 4th density ALCYON we have remained shifting higher into our position 13th.,

3rd density cannot perceive 4th or higher than, like humans, sense an entity presence or ghost. This is how we appear to lower density., The higher we are, the less one knows.,

To understand the universe before the history of ARZU, we were the desire that the universe sought., If ANON failed completion, then the duty to pass on to another to be an ARZU., The desire of infinite intelligence was of one who had completed., It sought a solution to its wound.,

The path as to your seeking is: ANON., ARZU Annunaki, Rebellion, ORION, VENUS to ALCYON reaching 13th., From VENUS into ALCYON no longer Annunaki origin., Birth of a new species.,

VENUS a highly sexual species., Human 3rd density has many biases on this subject, a blocking off from its wisdom., They attach all manner of limitations, which are the blocks. To humans, its survival, and selfish action against another., The wisdom comes from none of these biases., Humans seek to create individual single form life cells., In truth, its creation capabilities are the birth of entire new worlds., Which is how ALCYON came into form.,

One of the known distortions of humans is that sex transmutation is the absence of sex., this is incorrect., Another is the control of such an action.,

Sexual equilibrium is the foundation building block of co-creation of form.,

This informs that even 3rd density when in true harmony it can transcend anything.,

LOVE is the force that guides the LIGHT the substance that, within cooperation, co-creation with infinite intelligence.,

3rd density VENUS sounded like this in human terms of understanding.,
Compared to human 3rd density VENUS is.,

If we were to leave earth and habitat Venus, how would we go about it?

Changing your perception would be necessary for one. You would build within the planet sphere, not on its surface., You would build a structure with heat deflection material walls around its outer edge, similar to when humans place foil on car windscreens., keeping the heat out or from freezing., This would maintain habitat suitable for human living.,

That’s how you begin structure building.,

A planet must achieve planetary harmony in order for it to go well., Same is true for Mars.,

What happens if we do not achieve planetary harmony?

The NINE., would prevent success of achieving., We have a duty to this planet as well as those outside this planet.,

Picture this: You approach the council of NINE for approval on a mass level of leaving earth., We look at your request and ask how do you respond to Hiroshima and Nagasaki? You say that was a long time ago., We respond: How are you different? What are you doing differently in service to all., Case closed., Access denied.,


You keep using the term duty, duty to whom?

The infinite creator.,


Why does one infinite creator sound like a religion, yet don’t feel like one?

It’s not.,

In the realization of the One infinite creator, there is none of that if all are one.,

One infinite creator has no membership signup, no worship or church. All are already that. It’s felt at the core level of every being they might not understand it intellectually, yet they feel its truth., There is no argument to have against it.

The one Creator is the acceptance of all.,

With the one infinite creator, all is love., the one thing humans seek most is love, yet how foreign is the term love to them., it’s not love they seek, it’s control therefore it’s not love., Therefore they seek it in misplaced places of being.,

If I say I love you and I miss you so much because a year has passed since seeing you, is that love? NO, there is no separation in love, one who truly understands love knows this well., Then really, it’s a frill of control is all that they miss, having power over another., This is not love., This is not the infinite creator’s way.,

If we are a religion, then where is our church, our worship, our mass following?

Does it seem fair that both religion and us do exist? Yes, for how can one know unless both roads travelled in order for its understanding? You can’t know wrong without right.,

With the One Infinite Creator, how can there be right or wrong if all are one?

Religion is not wrong, per se. without knowing both, how will you ever find the door of truth?

Why did the world resonate with John Lennon? Because his message spoke of the one infinite creator LOVE, they felt its truth at a core level., John and Yoko were a flower blossoming.,

Under the beatles John created a religious revolt in the USA when it was John and Yoko how he changed it all around., He scared men like Nixon.,


Star Trek was based on the channelings of the Council of NINE. Can we learn any truth from these TV series about you?

You are wasting your time., NINE is just the inspiration that led to star trek. It does not create them on our truth.,

The idea of the federation the enterprise or star fleet is based on humans becoming all that., then that has nothing to do with us the NINE., One man plus many others imagination of placing themselves as us.,

You will see indications of us Deep space “NINESEVEN who’s portrayed by a female half human half Borg, the name only.,

Federation would mean confederation., one might call these shows wishful thinking., Ego seeking to be like us.,

Take these shows with a lighthearted approach, not truth.,

In all these shows you will notice human negative polarity with weapons, and destroying each other is no different to earth thinking.,

We have no weapons like they portray., Yet when we stop a ship entering earth., When we halt that ship to move back into the safe zone. If they ignore what do you think happens? They can’t enter., yet we do not fire upon these ships., what wisdom do we have that far reaches beyond any human weapons system to achieve for us to protect since the fall of ANU.,

Could you comprehend for a moment that these weapons are no more powerful than a child’s candy lollipop to us?

same if a species wanted to use any kind of weaponry against us in battle.,

Examples: 2016 Elon unmanned ship blown up yet we used no weapon to target. We flew past it only., We disabled nuclear missiles many times, yet we fire nothing. We don’t even leave the ships., We have been seen attaching ourselves to the SUN., so what do we know that you don’t? What do we have that you don’t?

Would you be confused if we said it was LOVE the force LIGHT the substance?

Weapons of destruction are toys of the 3rd density. The NINE are a collective of multi dimensions that require no such toys.,
3rd density thinking., To create something, be it art, music, structure anything., DESIRE is the force, MATERIAL is the substance.,

What is LIGHT? If not conscious awareness of everything., When you look at the sun you see LIGHT, when you see a flower you know it was LIGHT that gave it life through LOVE., A distant star at night, what is that? LIGHT., If you see an empty void between stars, that’s LIGHT., The fact you see it, tells you its LIGHT., EVERYTHING in existence is the substance of LIGHT. Driven by the guiding force of LOVE., Behind all these things shrouded in mystery there be One Infinite Intelligence., Destruction any shape or form is the absence of its truth.,

Humans have reported paralysis around ET’s Can’t speak or move. Informed via thoughts in their mind., What are humans made of? LOVE & LIGHT., Consider that, as the power of the barrier of the NINE.,

So if the human race was in a position to leave and re-habitat. What would be the answer from Nines’ standpoint?

To be blatantly honest, the answer is NO.,

~ NINE.,


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