USA’s House Intelligence subcommittee & Pentagon

USA’s House Intelligence subcommittee & Pentagon

May 21, 2022 GIA Governments 0
USA's House Intelligence subcommittee & Pentagon

USA’s House Intelligence subcommittee & Pentagon

Chairman Schiff, the first one spherical orb, is a shape-shifting data scout. They are everywhere across the planet. We assigned them to track and analyze your life what you do day or night. The construction of any material on this planet is penetrable to them. They can move outside all known frequencies to remain undetected, if required. They are located more on the infrared and gamma frequencies, so they mainly remain out of a civilian line of sight. So not to cause global panic. This would not be the case if, for decades, you did not continue to deceive the public.,

Whether they hold pilots onboard classified, you don’t have clearance for this high level information., If they carry, any type of weaponry again classified. Their main objective is to monitor your every move, thoughts, and intentions.,

If you should attempt to engage these ships in combat position, they can intercept your every move before you make it. Which protects them and yourselves.,

No ship instructed to communicate with you or anyone in a government position., You are not trustworthy as agents of any nation. That’s why you have me on the ground using a human body so not even I can be touched. My body is like when you put on a suit or uniform the same concept. You’re attached to yours I am not.,

We have targeted the military of all nations for the reasons behind nuclear weapons. This you are fully aware, it would be nieve of your nation to pretend otherwise.,

Be aware United States of America you alongside the British are not in a good position regarding the misconduct by both nations In London United Kingdom and Los Angeles USA.,

We have now considered your lack of resolve an act of war and any country that supports you will be regarded in the same light., You have no intention of resolving misconduct. Too many years have passed by., We understand because I and others have taken on human form. This makes it difficult for you to understand how and why it’s possible we would come in human form.,

When you consider your hostility to other nations and even among yourselves, it would be an unintelligent move on our part to come in our natural form., Especially knowing how you treat people who differ from you. Prejudice is the word you use., Even racism shows this truth.,

I have walked among you for 40 years getting an accurate picture of what’s going on here., We no longer recognise nuclear weapons as a fret to our world more your own if you choose it or it’s chosen for you.,

We thank you for making this live for the good people of this planet to be informed instead of kept in the dark.,

We have no intention of informing you or anyone anymore information. It’s obvious to us every government has made their choice.,

We advise you to take the murder of our children on this planet extremely seriously. You might think it’s ok to murder your own species. It is not acceptable from our position., We consider this an act of universal war.,

You will notice our own video below. A data scout assigned to monitor myself.,

Look at the hoop it goes through in the cloud, again, it’s a 7., becomes obvious once I point it out.,

Your grandpa Russ Regan believes they’re here. He believes they are among you somewhere. He believes they’re scouts. He doesn’t think they’re here to invade America or the world YET.

Scouting you right now and some day when they finally do it. They’re coming here in droves, millions are going to come here and THEY ARE TAKING OVER., Listen to your grandpa.,

Because of this., You can leave a country without being noticed. You can walk into a building with no one realising you’re there. Even when the job is in security, even they are focused on certain aspects and can easily miss things that don’t want to be seen regardless if their sitting at a monitor screen or on floor.

With mobile technology it has become 1000% more possible to trick others. Everyone’s available, but nobody’s home. If your focus is on war, then you’re not seeing what somebody doesn’t want you to see.,

You see only what you’re told to see., Where focus goes, energy flows.,

This video makes great training material to count the passes and knowing a monkey is coming, but to notice everything happening in the peripheral vision all at the same time., If you master this, then to take it outside in the real world practice to notice what you didn’t notice before.,

If you wanted to vanish, try holding a book, place all your focus and energy on that book, and start moving around. You don’t need to read the book, just keep your focus on it as you go about your world., Practice makes perfection.,

You can survey any Stansted Airport cameras Not even I used a book., Take a look at the tattoo removal video. That’s how I did it., To move outside the body while the body is still in motion. Pain can be your worst enemy or your greatest friend.,