USA sabotages the MIR Space Station

USA sabotages the MIR Space Station

November 16, 2022 GIA NINE 0
USA sabotages the MIR Space Station

USA sabotages the MIR Space Station

In 1997, the cargo ship collision was a deliberate sabotage event that was intended to end the Russian MIR space station, which would eventually make way for American domination of a new space station.

War between Russia and Ukraine was also deliberate to push Russia out of space. Making them public enemy number one in the world.,

The American sabotage was successful, making Russia’s enemies of the world successful., America gaining global domination over space., They kept the Russians in the dark for the many reasons behind secret events that took place in history.,

PUTIN says war sanctions will affect future space exploration., INTENDED.,

Same will happen to other countries involved in space until only the Americans remain, giving them global domination over the world.,

This is the intention of the United States of America., Elon Musk serves as a hidden agenda if he appears independent than the rest of the world will not see it as America as a nation. Deception.,

One of our books, Alcyon, has MIR daughter of the Seven daughters. It was our way of alerting you to a hidden deception., Also MIRA name for our mother ship and partner that monitored all these events.,

Russia is good at cracking codes, yet no one ever cracked this code.,

They have deceived you PUTIN., To all other nations you are next., Figure it out Putin, you have been played.,

Message to PUTIN: We called you out, in many ways, to gain your attention., Remember us and your daughter?

The name MIR over the years kept showing up in our wisdoms and books. The NINE are alerting you to the questions. WHY Attack Putin? Why MIR? 

The country that weaponises space has control and dominion over all country’s First, you must eliminate all other countries, a long drawn out deception.,
For 4 decades we have learned the British and American culture their ways of business. There are no genuine friendships, no alliances formed, only take others for what you can achieve, then when they serve no more purpose, eliminate them. It’s the western way.,

You Japan most of all must know this truth., Never have Americans apologised for Hiroshima. What they did to you is there intentional fret against all nations. That’s how they see the end result with fear of global Hiroshima from space., Do as America says or else.,

Sit up all nations and pay attention. You are disposable in American government eyes.,

There is no colonising MARS it’s a smoke screen to keep the public busy and preoccupied far away from the actual location., They intend with Elon Musks help to build a nuclear missile launch facility on the moon., Elons ships will eventually make all possible by carrying large shipments and large quantities of the american industrial, military complex.,

There has never been the intention of going to Mars. There is only the intention of weaponising space in order to take over earth., Mars is so far away you will never have any means to question if true or not, especially now 3D rendering exists. Humans are easily tricked, history has proved this fact.,

There is much buzz going around of what NASA hides on Mars, this creates marvelous distraction.,

Elon sends many satellites into space for INTERNET, MICROCHIP in your brain, weaponised space. Are you understanding the picture yet? Every movement under one internet, microchips to control or turn off its occupant, frets of country wide destruction all under one roof AMERICA., Elon Musk is a patsy boy eventually expendable.,

How little you really know about what’s going on., We have better clearance than the president of America., We see it all from NINE.,

Why does America have the largest sighting out of all other countries? Read UP.,

How many ET’s walk among us in human form?

We take it we were not clear before., 1.8 Billion in human form walking, living among you.,

Many people are claiming to be ET in human form. Are you and them the same?

They are paid to say it we are not., If we offer you a large sum of cash, what are you willing to say?

Did you ever consider they are the disinformation crew that came from government systems in order to regain the narrative control.,

Take Nick Pope, he was a MOD desk man, means he could be a clerk, a secretary filing papers allures to any desk job., He does speak some truth. The parts he does we utilise those small parts., His entire dialogue of information is mostly government trash., Disinformation., He is a man paid for saying what he does. Nick has his reasons money is the primary cause., Case closed.,

Take Linda Moulton Howe, she is an investigator; she makes no claims she does go on the information presented to her., We don’t recognise her as a disinformation agent., Reporting the facts, be they true or false.,

Take a look at history., Now all these ex government people all paid, all saying what they have killed many for yet they continue to walk among you, because they are government funded words., Government disinformation: they tend to stick in the same circles as many, building the narrative foundation together., The more saying the same or linked validating each other, the more likely you are to fall for the lies.,

Since when did anyone need government validation? What is the government? A fictitious entity, nothing more, nothing less.,
As an off world species, if you spread misinformation about us then please expect a response from us that calls you out publically on BS., Don’t be so nieve to think we are not watching.,

Another example: Jack Sarfatti, a theoretical physicist. Makes false claims. He and others have not discovered the method of our ships.,


Where do you see the future of the Vatican and the catholic church?

We have no intention of reaching out to them in any form, they will come to us., If not, our door is closed to them.,

Note: The catholic religion has earned our attention for their interest in us. This suggests they are open to us, therefore we may have a future together under new rules agreed between us.,

If the pope wishes to summon us to the Vatican, then we shall come alone, all expenses paid by them.,

In fact, we have no intention of reaching out to anyone or any organisation. Their future depends on their actions.,

Are you Seven the only ambassador to the Nine on earth?

YES., No other may claim to speak for us, we permit no channelings under the Council of NINE or THOTH., they would be ORION and Zeta Reticuli influence in order to misinform., They have one objective breach the barrier of NINE.,


What was on earth before the Ice Age?

Humans, technically, civilised people like yourself., The human cultures of earth before the ice age during and after lived together with many species who travelled to earth from the universe teaching their wisdom to each culture.,

Even though vastly different, the humans of this time, accustomed to the visitors. Fear did not live among the humans.,

When the great war took hold in the skies ANU imprisoned, we instructed all species to leave earth., Or ANU could find a way of escaping.,

All agreed, and from that moment onwards all species watched from a far.,


Do you know the reason why many human cultures worshipped Sirus in our past?

YES., This is the home of our mother, the queens, the mother of ARZU, the mother who breed with ANU to bring about the first rebellion., The tales of ARZU went right across the universe until what we have today, The NINE, the 24 guardians or heads of each species.,

Sirus honored for the peace it brought to the universe. The great mother’s plan was long and drawn out. The queens still held in great honor., The queens no longer live among Sirius., After the fall of ANU, they came among ALYCON., Now with us in the 13th dimension.,

The great mother is sacred among our people and so are all children., Under the wisdom of our mother, no child or woman harmed., It’s our law.,

Sirus commemorates the Great Mother., Cultures of long ago followed this rule and honored our mother, the giver of all life.,

She gave life to all the universe not through their birth through the birth of ARZU, the first rebellion that would one day bring a lasting peace to the universe., 99% of the universe upholds that peace for the greater good of all.,
The queens were the only species who stood against ANU. Their treaty that brought about ARZU was her great plan., They could not defeat ANU and ANU could not defeat the queens., The queens got wiser in wisdom., The mother brought peace to the universe., ARZU was the method of its achievement., From ANON to ARZU was an honor in itself.,
There is a myth that walks the corridors of your history long ago that echoes the voices of the Queens, our mother. You know them by the name of the Amazonian woman., You even make films about them. Wonder woman is one such film.,


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