Universe To Universe Totality of ANON

Universe To Universe Totality of ANON

October 11, 2022 GIA 0
Universe To Universe Totality of ANON

Universe To Universe Totality of ANON.,

You say Arzu came from a completed universe. Arzu the point of insertion into this one. Alcyon collective, what are they besides the one known as Arzu in respect to Alcyon creation in this universe, as Arzu is one half of its creators?

Entering into single form as ARZU, creating the point this universe sought., ARZU is the whole sum of the universe before in one single form condensed., In the creation of ALCYON, all members of ALCYON are the grand totality sum of ARZU before and now ALPHA., Including the whole sum totality of the other half that created ALCYON., OMEGA.,

Analogy: The alpha and omega as ONE., Two completed universeS colliding as one merging as one., a grand total of two and half universes within one collective without mentioning that which came before.,
When humans say all returning to the SOURCE., Please consider what we spoke “ALPHA and OMEGA” for in this infinity realised., Returning to the One Creator summarises that not, of infinity yet an end point.,


If all are the one creator, then where does one begin and one end? INFINITY.,


ALL members of ALCYON carry the energy, the wisdom of the whole of this universe and the completion of the one before.,

In that one single form of ARZU is the grand total of experiences, knowledge, and map of completion of the entire universe that came before., Giving us not only the wisdom of completion also a faster pace at travelling within dimensions and octaves than those created within its present one., This is not to say that others did not also come from a universe.

Some or many may have come from universes which failed in completion, that which sent them here to try again., This will speak largely of the one known as ANU, one who failed within a universe before., SON becomes teacher to the FATHER., One who brings the light., It is not for us to highlight individually as to who or where are those within the 3rd density or any density., ALL is one, so nothing lost.,

Transcendence of ANU allows us to use him as an example of its meaning of truth as in one as in some as in many.,

We grasp the entirety of your meaning and possible paths of leading in this line of questioning that one may travel.,

The universe before known as ANON., Us before ARZU, us within totality form of both., The revealing of ANON before this moment is the vision of the map route discovered for completion for this universe., a déjà vu of ANON in the new.,

Analogy: Consider the makeup of the brain., Receptors that link to each other at the discovery of a new idea, a new way or joining of ideas and solution, that ah-ha moment., A map of discovery., We are each a receptor learning new ways of new possibilities as in the mind creates solutions and pathways., As above, so below, as in the microcosm as in the macrocosm.,
A sat nav seeking the best possible pathway of completion of its journey., What happens when you steer off course what does the sat nav do? You have found “A” purpose of our being.,

What is the identity of the Omega of Alcyon?

Forbidden fruits, if here or not is a discovery of its own making, not ours to speak for this would be violation., Only the OMEGA would know this for two or three nights ago we met within the dreamscape., With unspeakable numbers has the ALPHA & OMEGA met in the path ahead of the meeting ground of spirit., For here among the dreamscape, the OMEGA may doubt its knowing or realise itself upon waking eyes.,

Omega If in 3rd density, what happens if alpha and omega do not merge what can or is possible from this point?

In the same formation that ALPHA and OMEGA came together so true can it begin a new., Seldom would one or the other decide upon completion and non completion melding.,

Completion seeks completion., In the event of another two completions, this will form again the infinity cycle., so forth creating upon a new route, a new universe., A new ALPHA and OMEGA, a culmination of all that came before, now adds upon itself via two new paths., Never taking away, always giving unto itself that which is self.,

Again transcending your thought process., This then merges ALCYON in two directions as in the totality splitting and sharing and building upon.,

If OMEGA is on ALCYON, then the melding merges back upon ALPHA departure of 3rd density and continues forth in their direction as one.,

Or if they merge together if on 3rd density together anything is possible at this point.,

So what happens if both in two density’s 3rd and 13th and say Alpha meets a new completion Omega, what happens?

Formation begins a new for ALPHA, and OMEGA completes OMEGA until formation begins for OMEGA upon its seeking., If you seek sadness or division based on 3rd density relationships, you will not find it.,

If you believe you know., If you believe it is seen., Then know it’s not written in shape or form., Therefore, if one thought perceives without the other, then how can it be? Therefore, OMEGA can only be one thing., For, what is the marriage of thought of the ALPHA & OMEGA within mind, body and soul.,
In leaving Venus as Thoth, did RA know at this timeframe that you came from another universe and to what your purpose was? We take it the old perceived gods of Egypt. are also those of Venus?

No., and Yes.,

When you speak of ALCYON, why are your words different?

They are not different. None below our dimension can intercept this wisdom unless of our collective or above., ORION has no way to intercept, perceive at this octave, for ORION is not of our realm nor understanding to even interject., We have shifted up the octave out of reach in order to relay., Speaking as NINE we shift down the octave., they will appear different.,

We hope you now see we are simultaneous multi-dimensional beings. This in tails the totality of our consciousness that in thought that also in travel.,

As Thoth did you walk the earth before? Did you give the emerald tablets?

No, we have never walked the earth before now., Yes., The emerald tablets are thought transference, sharing inception of our wisdom from our octave., To those who were of a balanced nature to listen to us.,

There is but one seeker of our wisdom that we transferred. We have never given them again in such a form., All others are the soul seeking based on the onset of the one thought.,

How does a window open for Orion to enter earth that bypasses the barrier and the Nine?

You are fast approaching a possible window created by yourselves., You call this Halloween, by celebrating in mass bulk of a singular moment across the board of the planet opens a window, the veil so to speak, in come ORION, fear generates the window., It is our job as the NINE to clear them out.,

We cannot stop you. We can educate you, this to us, is the most eventful moment of the NINE within a battle of NINE and ORION.,

Our concern is the major use of innocence to open such a window., The window is fleeting as we seal the holes humans create.,

What you deem as harmless fun is in no way harmless.,

This is one predictable event that ORION influenced and await each cycle for. This one window to them is now guaranteed entry.,

If one senses negative around them at this point, one can radiate POSITIVE LOVE in this ORION will run for the hills., Consider the word Halloween as ORION saying “Hello we are in.”

Alcyon, are they negative or positive vibration?

We are not negative or positive; we are the culmination of both to bring you closer, than we are all that in positive without the polarity.,

What if you got caught in negative 3rd density is this possible? Will you return to Alcyon?

Indeed, we can become glued to 3rd density negative for ORION. It would continue for as long as we continue that route., ORION cannot reach higher to our octave, because of negative polarity., it’s a brick wall., stagnation energy., Nor can they seek technology or wisdom., all is closed off to negative., Only positive may discover this route.,

ORION seeks control over others, power over all. It takes many forms, avenues to seek this., many deceptions within deceptions., always concealing its true motive., Infinite intelligence is none of these things, so how can one enter with such energy?

When ORION has its negative harvest of 3rd density, then a power struggle ensues, and all becomes what they once inflicted upon others.,


So how does Orion evolve? can they evolve from this place?

Yes, to know something, one must first experience it, in that one discovers its opposite and seeks that., In its realisation of choice, oops wrong turn, take the next exit at the next junction., One can now change as ANU once did.,

To understand something, one must go that route to know this., Can you see the purpose surrounding ORION? One entity at a time.,

To know if one likes green or red apples, one must eat them both.,

To understand which feels good or bad, one must travel this way to know., Without how can it know?

What appears as growth, success, power, wealth, is none of these things for it’s a mask an ORION deception. Taking such a negative route cannot see clearly for its surrounded by blinking lights of bling to even notice where it is heading., It seeks worship and all below itself, for it is fleeting.,

Analogy: Oncoming car HEADLIGHTS on full beam. The path ahead clear or blinded of sight?

Our insight shown to all among subtle levels via a hint in career, the vision of fleeting before their eyes hot one minute gone the next.,

This is true for all negative polarity of 3rd density.,

Now positively balanced among blinking lights is extremely difficult., Mother Teresa and Princess Diana., were teachers and the way forward upon this route of choice.,

If Thoth walks among us, who are those channeling, is that you?

YES and NO,

Yes, to who is it in you that seeks I and these questions?

No, depending on the aspects of the one calling, it might be ORION they are speaking with, not us., the message should give this answer ORION or THOTH.,

It is better to seek all answers within self rather than call upon another, for in the calling of us, one becomes dependent on answers without seeking itself, in this doing they become followers of us, without the insight of a free thinking being.,

Only one seeking us out, would be of us or higher density than 3rd, so why call us? Try dialing your inner being for all answers. See what happens., when you dial yourself, you are not channeling.,

The emerald tablets were a map to you to the one infinite creator., not an excuse to call us., Call upon us if required yet not to be dependent on us for everything., Negative or Positive Harvest is your choice, not for us to choose it for you.,

~ THOTH., SEVEN., Call on I only in your hour of need., Youtube is not an hour of need more an hour of selfish greed therefore, that is ORION.,

If we are in the window of harvest, when is the last day?

If we tell you it’s 1000, or 100 year window, you would seek nothing of change, you would continue in your efforts of selfish deeds, it’s OK I’ll do it tomorrow until tomorrow never comes.,

If we say tomorrow is the last day., You will rush out doing all manner of good deeds, yet all will be in vain and false.,

The window timeframe not given or spoken, not known to man., In this, only true intentions reveal themselves., CHOICE.,

December 21st 2022 You have been inside the window for ten years.,



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