UFO’s Of Kennoway Pre Invasion Against All Governments (13th August 2022)

UFO’s Of Kennoway Pre Invasion Against All Governments (13th August 2022)

August 13, 2022 GIA Governments Katy Perry 0
UFOs Of Kennoway Pre Invasion Against All Governments 13th August 2022

UFO’s Of Kennoway Pre Invasion Against All Governments (13th August 2022)

Government owes me £6,000,000.00 for both my daughters.

I value each member of government from the top down at 1 pence each. 1 pence equals one life. We shall take 6 Million’s worth. Starting at the top and work our way downwards.

Katy Perry and Capitol Records plus Keith and Mary Hudson £3,000,000.00

I value all members at 1 pence each. With each punishment valued at 1 pence. We shall take 3 Millions worth in punishment each member. America will pay the price for these individuals’ and their crimes. We shall abduct them to begin their punishment. No simple route out for them.,

As for Orlando Bloom, he has two options: join them or do the smart thing and run with Daisy. It’s Katy or Daisy., Your choice.,

Special notice for all human beings. When the invasion starts, all members of the human race that assist us in destroying all governments will be rewarded.,

Anyone who’s not sure what they are seeing in the videos and why the camera does not move fixed on one location.

Data Scouts same ones that took out Elon Musk space craft in 2016. We do not move the camera we fix on one location and command the ships to enter the view of the lens. We don’t ask them to do anything fancy, just show up.

We are using a compact camera with minimal zoom, an old Panasonic Lumix camera at full spectrum.

When it comes to infrared, we do not recommend buying the filters. Think about it, if your camera has not been converted, you allow infrared with the filter. As it hits the lens, the filter cancels out infrared again. All you’re achieving is a red look filter. Highly recommend you convert your camera to Full Spectrum.


This is a pity, for it may have opened our eyes to the reality of extraterrestrials, and given us an understanding of Andrija’s commitment to what he believed to be true. And with the understanding and loving support from his family – something Andrija wanted, and needed desperately – his life might have taken a different course.

Now, in 1995, as it is becoming increasingly more difficult not to believe in UFO’s and extraterrestrials, we must concede that Andrija wasn’t crazy after all. The books on space-communications are numerous, and in almost all of them we find the message that ‘Tom’ gave twenty-one years ago:

“Human greed, desire, jealousy, and emotional imbalance are responsible both for the dire situation the planet is in ecologically, and for the general cosmic crisis, and it would require a fundamental change in human consciousness and orientation to overcome these failings.”

Human Greed emotional imbalance in governments killed our daughters. Also, the reason for the change from mass landing to invasion due to your lack of resolve.,

In 1974 Andrija had asked Tom why the Nine could not prevent the degeneration of planet Earth?

Because we cannot do for this planet what this planet must do for itself, they had answered. Our intent is not to control or to rule over you. We are not to interfere, but we are permitted to guide.

Now we can destroy all or just those we decide. All for the same reasons above.,
When your creators return, you’re guaranteed a test in person. Don’t mess it up. If you knew who we were from the start, if we arrived on a ship, then only more deception would unfold. This way we got the absolute truth about you., — SEVEN OF NINE., for all the NINE.,

Full story on Uri Geller and us the NINE., on his website

To 90% of the population, the NINE are a mysterious collective., Learning our name NINE makes a logical mind think there are nine of us., There has always been SEVEN. The SEVEN members of NINE., To many humans we are new, yet this is false. We have been known to your ancient past as the Seven Archangels.,
Of course archangels are a human construct., A manmade belief to grasp on to their sanity for explaining life and meaning to the human condition., The Seven Archangels are SEVEN OF NINE., Seven members from seven star systems in order to govern this sector of space., Seven Archangels also the reason behind referencing ENOCH., To Reference ENOCH is to reference the NINE.,

Your governments are in direct competition with the great Infinite ALL.,

That which you call god that which is pure within all pureness.,

A violation, for nothing can be in direct competition with all that is., What you call evil and what you devise the names of Satan of that which also is in violation.

Governments and evil are one and the same., This you can no longer divided for change and grow were the option and they took none when the time required them to choose., They choose to remain in direct competition., There are two options return to the great infinite ALL or return to the void.,

We, the NINE, are the directors of the great infinite ALL., We the NINE are the infinite ALL and not the infinite ALL in same or likeness., Keepers of the doorway, the bridge to the great infinite all., The great infinite intelligence the creator of all creation., ALL is god as god is ALL. ALL created god as god created ALL.,

That which is in competition can no longer be.,

In the time before SEVEN formation from formless to form.,

Holy spirit to physical man., Much hope was moving across the earth among many humans seeking answers., It was the time that hope for humanity was at its peak., A willingness to become more than it is.,

For it is one thing for an individual or a collective group to seek better yet, as form from formless can we truly understand you better as you understand us., Both vantage points merging as one., As formless, we see and know all. Yet understanding the full breath of reasoning achieved in form., Greater Intelligence.,

Do you understand what happened at both Woodstocks?

1969 was the explosion of love, that which is positive, that which belongs to the great infinite ALL.,

1999 an explosion of hate, that which is not the great infinite ALL., What created this form of change? Human greed., The greatest human demonstration of the truth., The business arena sought greed, and the artists fuelled the event with the energy of pure negativity., Which gave rise to the meaning of the arts., As we have known its truth as well., Both vantage points merging as one Greater Intelligence.,

We do not give rise to religion, for all have become void., That too is human greed., Know that the old guard of religion seeks to become the new guard of spirituality. There is no haven among spirituality. Deception is deception, for only greed nurtures its truth., Which is the same truth of the old religions as the old guard.,

How is it we call governments child abusers, rapists, killers of children and they do nothing?

In the past gone they did not know about SEVEN OF NINE formed upon earth. Let alone the great test upon their being., YES, your governments across many nations have had and still have our input. Your governments do out of fear of reprisal if they do not.,

On the surface of the public, governments have control when this is far from the truth., When the DNA test hit the market to find out who you are, where your ancestry comes from? Do you recall? Did you take part? The natural assumption is, are they seeking who is not human among the earth? Well, that’s convenient when in truth one or many races seek a new home and if assimilating, seeding them into you is a viable option is more bound to truth.,

What did you think the COVID Vaccination was for? If you cannot think for yourself than you took the vaccine.,

We deal our cards among many tables for many reasons., When you hear or say governments are mere puppets of the hidden ones., Now you are learning about us.,

For you have no idea what becomes of earth nor do governments., For we are the poker face, the dealer and the player among observers.,

If you do not understand, we force governments into denial and silence. This does not serve them, for these serve us., The preparation before the main event.,

There are those who have asked our factions who is this SEVEN OF NINE he that tricked us into revealing our truth of deeds., some informed others denied., Each faction is a subset of the main collective of NINE., Transforming this earth by force at the cost of governments and those we deem void., Is an accurate statement of all visitors.,

When governments among others become in competition with the great infinite ALL., it is by their desire to destroy life shall they reap what they sow., It was on 12th May 1995 and the year 2003 that our agenda began changing. Two key moments that gave us full vantage points. With the preceding resolution keys of change, a clause even that which we must follow for the great infinite intelligence., Both these events that affirmed their position as in direct opposition to the infinite intelligence., As that you sow, so shall you reap., Children are direct essence of the great infinite intelligence., That which is your violation.,

Where is the NINE in comparison to the universe as a whole? It’s a loaded question, yet the simplest way to position us is we are the last step before the Great Infinite Intelligence, the Great Infinite ALL.,

The first of 4 videos taken on 13th August 2022

See the end of the video to watch us destroy Elon Musk toy.,