UAP Verses UFO & Shadow Beings

UAP Verses UFO & Shadow Beings

March 19, 2022 GIA 0
UAP Verses UFO & Shadow Beings

UAP Verses UFO & Shadow Beings

UAP is not a new term. It’s a term that the British Military and US have used for decades. You can trace this term as far back as Rendlesham forest England.,

They both mean the same thing., Regardless of name, which basically means none of them know what they are dealing with or talking about., Hense government secrecy, along with now knowing they are the target, not the people. That which is unknown is 100% feared.,

When you hear those use UAP, they are acknowledging, admitting they have known and deliberately kept the truth from you, which nobody has that right.,

You are being watched in every area of your lives have been for a long time.,

Shadow Beings

Keeping on this subject, shadow beings are a species just outside your spectrum of vision. hence appearing like a shadow., Sensitive people notice shadow form., The negative views on them are false based on their own fear., Shadow beings are in fact similar to those known as the greys medical species who come in real close removing no one. They do their work when you sleep.,

If shadow being scare you we suggest you lay off horror movies.,

The videos you see below are by people without courage who watch too many horror stories., so they spread their own fear onto others 9/10 for financial gain, or YouTube sensation. they are false.,

They are medical species with an outstanding healing gift.,

Shadow beings work for us.,
Shadow beings protect our own people during accidents or after, when you hear about miracle crashes and survivor unharmed., a shadow being intervened or came to perform a rapid healing.,

Red is a programmed mindset in humans that means danger., FALSE assumption.,

99% of UFO are not visible because they live in the UV and Infrared Spectrum just outside of human vision same is true with Shadow beings, they also live among a different frequency which helps them remain camouflaged.,

Unless Something changed, whereby reassign new orders, then best keep your lights on 24/7 never be alone., If a blanket occurs, best start praying for a god.,

Why are you being watched?

Your world is in decay with wars, hatred the mindset of disease., Return to your original state of being before this decay began., When we decide to pull someone out, they will stand trial. They have no way of defending themselves. We see ALL.,

Men like PUTIN, JOHNSON are men with a long time void., They have no way to defend their crimes on earth.,

Void seems unfair. However is unfair during the long cycle not true at the end of the cycle., Justified conclusion.,

Take deep thought., Those hiding behind government using first names and mostly not even real names., those who hide doing such wrong to the public. These cowards. Believe nobody knows. How wrong they are, what a lesson awaits them all., Just because the public does not see., WE DO., You might not answer to the public. TO US YOU WILL.,

If I told you to put your head into the hot oven, would you do it? Then you have no excuse.,

Government is an entity.,

A corporation just like MacDonalds., No different., An entity has no actual form as in a person to point blame., A piece of paper acknowledging its presence., Its only visual is the buildings it lives among and the people who work for it., To them, this means no accountability. Government is just a manifestation, an idea, an entity, not a single person.,

However, the wrong doings are done and actioned by PEOPLE under the disguise of an entity., When shit goes wrong, it’s just an entity on paper., That’s where we come in., They are accountable for their actions., The watchers make sure you are., When your time is up, you will wish you corrected when you walked on the earth.,

When you see the word government used in one country and others, you are now witnessing the truth they are all the same ENTITY., Playing people as if they are just fools to them., How long has your one world government existed? Walk with eyes that see, not sleep., ALL wars are fake wars you are the only victims, why do they hide behind others. Cowards always do., Leaders lead first.,

Cowards ask others to do what they cannot., Know the difference between leaders and cowards., Tell Putin to go into battle as the first man, then watch him run in fear. Story of all nation fake leaders.,

Never Believe

watchers may not intervene in human affairs., Never believe being spiritual means do nothing allow, observe, be neutral. Governments would want that belief to thrive because that means nobody does a thing., You can’t change the world by sitting on your jacksy singing AUM.,