Truth Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?

Truth Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?

November 5, 2022 GIA NINE 0

Truth Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?

Why is your wisdom different or competing against other wisdom, who’s right, who’s wrong?

Nobody is wrong. Take a ladder on that ladder resides many steps. Each step represents wisdom a level of understanding. On the first step, you access wisdom. On the second step, that wisdom evolved, which cancels out, yet is not wrong. The first step is always valid.

You realise if it was not for that first step, you would never reach the second step, so how can it be wrong? It’s not.

Our wisdom and others’ wisdom are all indicators at what level of the ladder we reside., If you are not seeking to go higher than you are stuck on one set thinking., You will remain on that step until you learn what’s keeping you stuck to it.,

When it comes to love and enlightenment, there are no confusing messages among all teachers. There is a dance of teachers and quick step back step, twirl dance among the ladder., Each teacher is helping you achieve., If you judge one from the other, then is it not you, not them?

And religions?

They are not wrong. They are on one step and have been stuck there for thousands of years. Stuck means no growth, no enlightenment, single-minded view based on control of its worshipers.,

Are you judging them?

NO, I am telling you where they exist on the ladder on the first step and why.,

So, why should I believe you?

I have no interest in if you believe me or not. I give you the truth what you wish to make of it is your choice.,

What’s the benefit of the Nine on earth?

Through us and SEVEN, as well as many others, you are not as powerless as they have taught you., True power resides in all.,

If you act like a little person who’s powerless than they have you were they want you, they shall reign over you.,

If you act in aggression, you are yet again powerless., Power does not come from aggression, anger, hatred, or confrontational., It comes from love through integrity. That’s where true strength lays.,

A man who can show how he feels openly is more stronger than one who uses anger. You never see someone punished for feelings, yet you do with anger.,

If you use power to harm others than that reveals true weakness., If you look closer people only shout, scream, and puff up their chests because something in their immediate area has scared them so they do this as a defence mechanism, they are in fear and hope whatever has caused the fear will not come close to them.,

We can see weakness in many ways., Weakness is all you’re witnessing, a public display of weakness.,

Love has no fear, integrity has no fear, truth has no fear., Where does fear come from, who promotes such fear if not governments? the weak projecting weakness in others.,

This is the future of music. Old is dying within the darkness of night.,


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