Tried and Tested Method of Less Energy Consumption.

Tried and Tested Method of Less Energy Consumption.

May 27, 2022 GIA 0
Tried and Tested Method of Less Energy Consumption.

Tried and Tested Method of Less Energy Consumption.

I made some changes to this building., I have withdrew from revealing what I did exactly until I had an actual reading of the difference.

I can confirm my changes changed energy consumption. Whereby I can still do the things I normally do.

The cooker disconnected. I packed away the kettle. I refrain from using the main lights with minimal minutes of usage. Turn off the boiler use when required.

The cooker alone. Small rings, 1000watts. Large rings 1500watts. Oven reaches over 2000watts. Kettle 1500watts.

I bought a caravan oven cooker max 650watts. INVESTMENT I bought an induction hot plate which cooks well at 300watts, 500watts and 800watts. 500 is the replacement of the kettle. Compare that to the main cooker and kettle. Major difference. INVESTMENT

Finding a low wattage induction plate was difficult to locate. Hidden amongst the high-powered ones.

Lights I use neon light strips, running mainly off a solar generator. Many ways to charge solar, mains at 84watts. or via a car.

I use a distiller with no frequent daily patterns at 650watts. Twice a week so far gives me ample enough water. With a much faster distilled method, learned the second time around. INVESTMENT

I also own solar lights and sometimes used them as a backup method.

Did all these changes make a difference? Yes, they certainly did.

Plus, my last order using a major shopping supermarket was Sunday 20th March 2022. Can you imagine the difference that made?

I can even switch to using the internet using the solar generator method, which gives me 7 charges per cycle with a tablet, a laptop 2-3 charges.

I asked one simple question: what if we used a van life or caravan life? What would be the energy methods can we convert that into a house/flat and what difference would it make?

Every day, I am seeking new methods., Could this work for a family with a high volume of kids? I doubt that. Would take some inventive minds to go to work on a method., Kids are demanding. Solo, or couples or even with one child, it can certainly work. Saying that I lived with travellers many times over the decades and they do pretty well with large amounts of children in their family’s. Anything is possible.,

The microwave oven and kettle given to me by a kind lady when I moved in both inside the cupboard. Sometimes change is good.,

Plus, it would reveal if the energy crisis was real or fixed.

We take these things for granted. When you suddenly decide enough is enough and walk out of your home, throwing your keys down a drain. And walk off into the sunset. The point of no return. Now forced to live off the land. You learn many things along the way.

Until a person does this, it’s difficult to see just how much we take the things that surround us for granted.

I say anyone can become a bushcraft expert. it’s easy when you have a home to fall back on each week. It’s a whole new ball game when you have nothing to fall back on. There is much to learn here.