Thoth Relates to All In Flight Be it Below or Above.,

Thoth Relates to All In Flight Be it Below or Above.,

August 4, 2022 GIA 0
Thoth Relates to All In Flight Be it Below or Above

Thoth Relates to All In Flight Be it Below or Above.,

He who takes flight, he who gives flight.,

Birds have the power of freedom from time and space during flight., They can move from one dimension to another, main reason a bird is, then a bird is not, gone in a flash a blink of an eye.,

Given the power by the SEVEN, he that is lord over time and space.,

Birds known as the watchful eye they can get in and out fast and close.,

Centuries ago, even humans used pigeons as messengers., As we have always.,

Birds, all things that fly are not bound by the human prison of time.,

Ibis Bird is the symbolic meaning of this truth.,

Thoth is wisdom and birds are messengers carriers of his wisdom., He that has the wisdom is he that sees all, even your darkest secrets. You want nobody to know., What is in the dark will always come to the light.,

The bird I found sitting in the middle of the road at the end of a T junction.

The wasps were on the other side of the road, passing through when I summon them all to me outside COOP. I guided them to all settle in that tree then I went inside told them they better do something now before some child disturbs them and it will be on you.

Because I have unfinished business with COOP, the same company that profited thousands on by daughter’s death.

Why did those wasps show up? Where had I been? I was angry. I went back to my hometown where I had not been in 25 years. Because of KATY PERRY, who made me feel like my daughter was a lie. ANGER made me return to the place I refused to go. ANGER brought those wasps to me. I hit two birds with one stone., That’s why this event took place., Be it positive or negative, great and powerful magic lives among both if you know how to play with the elements.,

To look at me that day, one would not know if I was angry or happy. Controlled and managed anger projected into the elements. That’s True Power.,

On the east sits the symbols. On the west sits another symbol. Yet nobody knows what they mean. There is but one secret order on the planet that would know at first glance., It would confuse them until deep thought occurred among them, then they would say oh shit.,

My symbols have received multiple eggs, and that was surely an error., Now you know why I will not clean it off.,

All is energy well managed energy., No secret order can replicate the same as one., The order knows the limits of being human calls on help of another realm; the individual knows he is none of these things, yet he is all these things.,
The difference between the novices and the pro.,

HUDSON’S you and I have bad blood, and blood must have blood.,

To begin with, we guarantee you I am preparing to release the hidden book for FREE. You, Keith And Mary are 100% at fault. Truth is coming out and staying out., How it all started and why.