THOTH Do You Channel The Divine

THOTH Do You Channel The Divine

October 10, 2022 GIA 0
THOTH Do You Channel The Divine

THOTH Do You Channel The Divine

Is there a reason you don’t speak live or on camera like people who channel messages from the divine?

We are not a channel; I have a routine that I follow., When words are placed on paper or screen, this is the final stage., AS we are 3rd density like all others, we all have filters based on experiences throughout life., I first unplug the wisdom in a raw method., I know it’s mixed with 3rd density filters., I then run over everything, removing filters that are the physical self, all my prejudices built up through life experiences., Once I feel I have the information., I begin sensing with my feelings is their anything ORION tried to inject.,

Finally, I contact the NINE to make sure I have it how we intend., They give the go ahead even if theirs a typo, as they know I will find it, eventually.

Going back to the first stage, it happens without warning. I could just get in bed at 4am and boom, there it flows, 9/10 I have to get up or we will lose it for a brief time.,

I can be sitting in nature, I can be walking., They are not words I am given. It’s like unlocking a lock within your being the moment something opens in everything floods.,

Locks, triggers, even people can inspire unlocking, something in me that clicks and a doorway opens., It’s memory in human terms without the words.,

If I were a channel, I guess speaking would be fine. For us we must be 100% correct without Orion’s influences and without my own filters., In the past, before our transition, we were allowing Orion mixed with our own filters and NINE plus Alcyon.,

When we went on the defensive, this was ORION influencing.,

When we begin unpacking, it’s similar to automatic writing., Although I am very aware and seeking language to describe it., I can do it in a symbolic manner. However, no one would understand the symbols.,

The image above is our symbolic language., Instead, we have began carving our symbols into canes, staffs and trekking poles., This way symbolic language speaks for itself by one who owns., Call them light activations.,

We have spoken on telepathy before. This is how we receive, yet it’s not telepathy how 3rd density humans have learned its meaning., They are not words, a voice or anyone speaking.,

Same route we use communication with all NINE., However, Orion attempts to interfere, so we have a backup method to remove ORION influence.,

I do not channel, allow our words in our video to explain our reasons.

I can do everything similar to this video. However, it’s time consuming. I no longer have studio equipment to go this route.,

We release everything, so everyone has a path to our wisdom without limitations.,

Analogy: When consciousness walks in to a baby’s body at birth, all memory of before lost and forgotten.,

I did not lose memory of before when I walked in to human form., Remember, everyone’s a walk-in. The difference is when we chose to walk-in, which determines memory kept or forgotten.,

How does another person inspire unlocking doors?

Interesting question if the NINE have not made a request., Yet another human person is seeking somewhere in the world who’s not located the answer, not listening, or misinformed., The operator connects the call.,

Imagine there’s a big book concerning all creation with a lock on it, well someone triggers/inspires that lock off the book. The book opens on a specific page., what’s written on that page is what we relay.,

For various reasons, there was a call into awareness for someone somewhere had requested this., Us and the one who inspired delivered the message.,

Analogy: The one seeking (The caller) dials the operator, the one who (inspires us), connects the call., We are on the other end of the line delivering what they seek., Anyone can be the operator without even knowing.,

Another example from a different side. I needed a tiny paint brush to teak grooves., No one sells these here, however, off I went to all shops in my talking of what I seek to others. It was a matter of time before the operator connects the call.,

Spoke to one person, nothing went to another shop, nothing until the person said one word, abracadabra the call connected.

A cotton bud was the right size for the job which I already had., I knew I had a solution. I just needed an operator to assist the call. We use operators for our own reasons. It’s like reversing the call charges back on ourselves., Getting others on topic with us helps.,

The universe has infinite questions, answers, infinite possibilities and each being has a vast databank, a reservoir of intel on call 24/7 as the one creator., If a 3rd density being had access to them all at once, the mind would FRY., So one seeks access as and when required.,


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