The Wuhan thing. The Jennifer Lawrence thing? The China thing?

The Wuhan thing. The Jennifer Lawrence thing? The China thing?

July 29, 2022 GIA Governments 0
The Wuhan thing. The Jennifer Lawrence thing? The China thing?

The Wuhan thing. The JENNIFER LAWRENCE THING? The China thing?

Do you recall when China became the world’s target? They abused anyone who looked like they were from China. Mainly in the west region of the world this happened.

All because the western world claimed they spread a virus. Did they? I mean, did they really spread a virus? Are you sure, is that your final answer?

Then explain why since August 2019 right up until this day 29th July 2022 I have been shipping items from China, Shanghai, Xiantao, Xianning, Xinyang, Xiangfan, Shaoxing, Yangzhou Zhenjiang. All locations in China all surround Wuhan.

Quite disturbing how far governments will go to conceal the truth and deceive the public. The lives destroyed in the process. This puts the medical health system also accountable they all lied aswell.

No way to explain this away. You blamed China. if it were true, stopping all shipments would have been first priority. I had access to china all throughout covid.
Governments couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery if you tried.

I bet i am not the only person who shipped from China?

I tell you a story about organisation.

Two men sitting looking for ideas to do something good. One night and we had it. He likes to pretend it was his idea. I like to pretend it was mine. The truth is it was both of us. Over 9 months we plotted and planned this event, didn’t want small it had to be massive.

Along the way, me and him fell out, and I took over. Too many chefs in the kitchen he left. I stayed on to see it through to the end. It took a lot; I mean a lot, with no money. We were about to generate a lot.

Every person who got involved had no agenda, no motive of their own. Our aim was to give the money TO the CHILDREN of Great Ormond Street Hospital CHARITY. The event was massive, way bigger than we imagined, synchronised, coordinated, timing perfect.

I meet up with John Conteh drive into the city some months after the event, handing them the cheque. 7 years later, I would discover what happened to that money. I was pissed, not happy at all. I am now a founder of my own charity. Now I know what really goes on.

Two men came together with a desire to help children in need. Less than 100 people wanted to help us achieve it. We did, but the money never went to any child. ADMIN, paper, stamps, wages on and on. No child ever saw that money.

We did not organise that event for admin. We did not do it to pay your bills. That money was to save a child’s life. When deception is involved, eventually it’s going to come back and bite you on the ass.

I had to become a charity founder to discover what’s hidden from the public. I would never have become that charity founder if you did not try to put my daughter in an unmarked grave. No body, no crime.

Charity is the biggest money laundering scam in the world, and I was getting out of that bullshit. Walking away. Government workers came to me after I said I need an office. You know you can use the charity money right? They built an extension for my house.

The charity never met its goals. I dissolved it once I realised what was going on with charity. I wanted no part of it. Shortly after, they kidnapped my other daughter. And I never did another charitable thing again.


Have you heard the word (philanthropy) well that’s what a millionaire does to move cash into an organisation that they themselves secretly own by using the names of relatives or distant relatives. The list is huge. Once you make that donation into your own charity hut that money is now TAX FREE, you move your cash around turning Tax into NO TAX. Company profit from taxable to non-taxable.

Now how to distribute that money inside the charity need a new car? OK, it’s yours, expenses. Unlimited avenues are available. The charity buys supplies off who? One of its own companies or a friend. The money goes around and around.


You wanna know something else? If it was not for Katy Perry, known of this stuff since June 2019 would ever have surfaced. If she would have left it alone, stayed in her lane back in 2015, so would have I.,

Today’s SpeedPak from Huzhou, China. Lets look at the tracking  today and 2021:

The Wuhan thing. The Jennifer Lawrence thing? The China thing?

Tracking from 2021:

The Wuhan thing. The Jennifer Lawrence thing? The China thing?