The WINDOW., the SHIFT is showing signs

The WINDOW., the SHIFT is showing signs

November 20, 2022 GIA 0
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The WINDOW., the SHIFT is showing signs, Don’t be late for the call.,

Governments over the coming months many things will gain momentum., You should prepare., The Council of FOUR has started., 4 is the power of limiting, restricting power., Council of FIVE is the cleansing.,

Take heed this is not climate change., AS BEFORE AS YET AGAIN, The WINDOW has activated., The Cycle is ending.,

A year ago we showed you all this last year was minor, this year grown with intensity don’t let another year pass only to discover how right we are., If you’re reading this, it means you have time., In the fall nature dies off, it’s the season of death., Don’t let it be a global death., This is the last year we will show you.,

We will tell you again., You must come together as ONE planet in harmony. No more WARS., NO more FIGHTING., No more religious deception., No more government deception., Total HARMONY among all nations of earth and all will change for the better., Come together in LOVE for your fellow brothers and sisters of earth AS ONE united Force.,
There is a time coming that will happen fast and last long., If your governments are not helping us to help you all., Then you will act in fear, which will not help you at all., ~ SEVEN Of NINE.,


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