The Summer Trap Of False UFO Photography

The Summer Trap Of False UFO Photography

July 23, 2022 GIA 0
Summer Trap Of False UFO Photography

The Summer Trap Of False UFO Photography

Photo deliberately taken to show you what a fly, midge, wasp looks like at 10 feet away. 1 and 2 are deceptive. They are flies heading directly towards me. Now they look like possible orb data scout ships. If you mess with the photo, you can even enhance that. Why do we say don’t use our ships for financial gain? Because money opens the door for lies, lies = revenue.

3, 4 and 5 the fly’s body seen better. Even the wings are visible, we can certainly rule them out. We have plenty of dust specs. They are easy to rule out. They never move no matter where you point.

If you have no way to confirm what’s what, you’re going to have a hard time searching. There are no ships in this photo.

If we zoomed right out, the flies 10ft away would vanish. There are others out there, but flies don’t venture too high up. They are not astronauts taking a holiday to Venus.

If we zoom in a horizontal direction and are not too high up, we will find flies similar to this photo.

I am in a highly vegetation growth area where flies love to hang out. If you don’t understand the difference, then wait until winter.

Seagulls do the same as 1 and 2 flies. If the seagull goes up and down left or right, then you can tell the difference. The moment a direct head on direction to the lense they can appear like an orb data scout.

We suggest avoid long range telephoto lenses. It might shock you how a seagull behaves with a manual lense. If they go off lense before you see it happen, you might end up posting a false UFO.

If you don’t slow videos right down, you might miss what happened. We recommend slowing all footage down as far as you can when reviewing footage. You will miss things you never realised were there.

A 12 minute footage capture can take anywhere between 25 minutes to 2 hours for us to review.

Infrared day time searching can be a tricky road. So can night time for different reasons. If it’s all about money for you, your intention is out of whack. You serve no meaning for us or anyone; you serve only governments.,

Best advice we can give, have the correct intention. Study insects and birds anything that fly’s study their behavior, understand this first, then the road is easy. If you want money, make that some other way and do this because you love it and feel the importance of your children’s future.

We won’t ask you to stand up to governments. We are clear on that answer about humans. You are no Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. Men of that kind of worth are hard to find. We discovered that truth at City Hall.,

Photo taken using a full spectrum conversion of a compact camera, converted mainly for video footage.

Tucker of what does the fox say.

“Governments, Royals, a few others, all know what’s heading their way. Regardless of how it turns out; they lose all power. They’re on a suicide mission. Making sure you do not find out or you would not help them. They’re sacrificing you to go down with them. If they can’t keep the power none of you will have. That’s what they decided for you.,” Pentagon are fools they’re a clear and present danger to children.,

Elon Musk,

I get an abundant satisfaction from watching this. We knew one day you will try to act like me, you will call out in public the governments the UN for child pedophile abuse, over a twitter money argument you had, when we tell you to prove it by funding a new organisation GIA to take down all child abusers, testing your honesty. If you really cared about children. You will reveal the truth.

You used the children no different to the UN pedofile’s. 11th July 2022 SpaceX booster 7, what did you expect from us?
We don’t take kindly to using children in the way you did.

We said you’re not going to see it coming.,