The Situation On Earth With Zeta Reticuli Constellation – Confederation of Planets

The Situation On Earth With Zeta Reticuli Constellation – Confederation of Planets

September 9, 2022 GIA 0
The Situation On Earth With Zeta Reticuli Constellation

The Situation On Earth With Zeta Reticuli Constellation – Confederation of Planets

There are two factions fighting for earth., Those who come from the Zeta Reticuli Constellation and those of the NINE who control the universe.,

Zeta Reticuli constellation are those in competition with the great infinite intelligence., They are also those who control governments and so on, not all members of government are aware of them or their intention to take over this planet., Until all members of earth, including those who help them, will become their slaves.

We are here to stop them and bring earth back to the original plan., That was our plan.,

A few years back, it was our intention to offer these members working under a false plan to give them the chance to escape what’s controlling them.

Your government’s lack of compassion and empathy for humans is down to those of the Zeta Reticuli constellation they have been brainwashed.

It is no longer our plan to save these members and to remove them before Zeta Reticuli constellation makes their move of taking over.,

Your nuclear weapons will no longer affect the universe. You are inside an invisible energy bubble, so if it comes to you destroying yourselves, our universe will not be affected.,

The bubble was completed when you see us. Stop allowing governments and others the chance to resolve. We were keeping them distracted during that time.,

50% of humans will not be able to comprehend what we have said, if you wanted to know why the world is in trouble and what caused it., Now you have the answer.,

We also made the decision to dissolve souls once they leave the body so these souls can no longer rejoin a body, or transcend into a new form elsewhere., We did not make lightly this decision. We do not intend to make the same mistake twice. This is our solution for souls that have gone bad and could not learn from their errors.,

Zeta Reticuli constellation was the only issue that required fixing they infected the earth. They are similar to the rebirth of ANU., ANU’s imprisonment. His influence on earth is what attracted them here. Your constant wars draw them to you.,

If your governments and major corporations continue the route, they planned Zeta Reticuli constellation will eventually pour into your reality. They will destroy you all even the governments who they are using as vessels to gain access., That government callus cold stance is Zeta Reticuli mindset., Similar to being hypnotised.,

It’s clear to us we cannot save everyone, nor shall we continue to try., However, you must understand what’s been going on for decades and why your governments are callus., It will also be their downfall., We will not waste our time convincing you of this. The choice must remain with you., Free yourselves or go down with them.,

Our advice to you all you take our message or you leave it., Regardless, at the rate you’re going, they’re coming.,

You have free choice. What happens after we leave is forbidden knowledge.,

We have always been your friends, always been on your side. Ignorance and arrogance have blinded humans.,

Finally, both our daughters gave up their lives as humans so we could save you all., They continue on., Their names Cheyenne and Chelsea.,

We have withheld information about the ZETAS for many decades.,

Look back over time, the message regarding reptilian species who eat humans, meaning feeding on the energy source of human life., A subtle way of speaking the truth., Without using fear.,

We have told you many will become slaves. You will also become their food source. There are 8 billion of you, abundant food supply.,

How, why did you attract this to you? Constant wars, killing each other, slaughter of animals and eating them as a food source., Disrespect for women, children and even men., Constant lies, deception. Our list of reasons endless to list., What you sow, you reap., What you’re, you become.,

What you perceive as those who come from ZETA are mere slaves., Greys are slaves of ZETA.,

You are told this now before it becomes too late., Your governments have made it clear they do not require our help., If we told you this before now, it would serve no meaning, only generate fear., Our intention is to save those we can., This truth must now remain available.,

Non interference from us means. We support those who seek our help., Those who ask are given, those who knock it’s opened. Those who do not seek belong to ZETA., What you sow, you reap., What you’re, you become., No more wrapping you in cotton wool, no more softening the blow.,

All those wise and wonderful souls that sought our help our guidance the ZETA’s cannot touch., 1.8 Billion human souls never questioned our methods our reasoning, doubted us not., 1.8 Billion is the accurate amount of human beings as of today. 14th September 2022., No more effort from their position required.,

1.8 Billion a first for planet earth out of all cycles that have come and gone., History made.,

In 2012, just over 1 million humans. Amazing what a decade can do, add that with the constant exposure of government corruption, turns people away from such ways., bad, selfish management of earth will have this effect., Those who took part in blood sacrifice with dark magick sought the help of the NINE Below tricksters of fools.,

NINE Above, NINE Below one and the same.,

What do the ZETA’s fear most? The NINE above, the NINE below for our position below the Great Infinite Intelligence.,

To the 1.8 Billion value these words of old and new.,

We of the Confederation of Planets are aware of all of the problems which confront you, for we are in contact with you at all times. It is not an easy place to exist, your world. But pay it no attention, for it is not a lasting world. Everything that is happening and will happen is not really of any importance. It will shortly be gone. We speak of a lasting creation, an unchanging but infinite creation.

The earth’s belt will explain clearly why we built a second bubble., Protecting our universe.,

We as NINE have no objection to money, for it is what you do with money that counts.

Again and again, we have told you not to turn spirituality into a marketplace., The moment you market truth for financial gain, it is no longer truth., No longer spiritual., The moment your primary intention becomes financial gain over truth, you lock yourselves out of our worlds., You imprison yourselves alongside those of governments.,

What you’re about to read is a message given by the NINE the Confederation of Planets are the NINE., 99% of all communication over 7 decades have been actioned by the NINE the 1% are those who wish your planet harm they disguise themselves as love and light and only positive we however present both sides.

We are not malevolent or benevolent we are both. We are malevolent in general, should the universe require protection. We are benevolent, we will do what’s required to protect the ALL.,

We have sent a great portion of our knowledge via Don Elkins and Carla L. Rueckert. We point out our meaning of financial gain through spiritual purposes. They sell in physical form and also give this information away for free download. A perfect example of intention, not primarily on financial gain. Truth not distorted for the wrong reasons.,

They do not hide selective material for a price tag. We ourselves do the same in a similar formula., That speaking of NINE that speaking of SEVEN.,

Consider: Those who sell via any format are here for themselves showmen/entertainers who make only available at a select price., Are not in service to the Great Infinite Intelligence, are not in possession of truth.,
Those who serve the Great Infinite Intelligence., Will make sure all is accessible to ALL in one form or another.,
Money should never be the determining means if one has access to higher knowledge or spiritual growth or not or one comes into truth or not.,

February 2, 1974

It is necessary that if an individual is to make progress in a spiritual sense, it be a result of an inner-directed seeking of his own, rather than an outer-directed commandment given to him by an organization of a religious or other nature. For this reason, it is necessary that we do not make ourselves too generally known and accepted by the people of your planet. If we were to do this, then the inner direction of their seeking would be for the most part lost. This is the basic reason for the conditions that you experience in your present physical environment. These conditions have been selected by yourselves and by others, and they are a natural consequence of the creation, so as to act upon the consciousness of the individuals and create an atmosphere which will produce the inner-directed seeking for truth of which I spoke.

Unfortunately, many of the people of this planet at this time are so involved in activities that are of an extremely transient and unimportant nature that they do not have opportunities for experiencing the growth of an awareness that is necessary in order to accomplish the seeking that they actually desire.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator have attempted to balance between too much exposure of our craft to the people of this planet and too little exposure. If we were to become too much a common phenomenon, so that our presence was beyond question, then we would eliminate, at least in part, a large interest in seeking for spiritual truth. This may seem to be a strange or unusual point of view, but we have observed this in the past, and since the basic reason for the physical isolation of a people such as yourselves is to cause an inner-directed seeking, then it is evident to us that we should follow, as closely as possible, this plan.

Our craft and our people have visited this planet many, many times in the past. This was done only after the civilization that we visited was ready to accept us. This was done only after the civilization had reached a satisfactory level of inner-directed seeking of the truth of the creation, and therefore it was
displaying the principles of love and brotherhood that are the product of this seeking.

We are at this time forced by conditions over which we have no control to visit the civilizations of your world, even though they have not reached a state of spiritual awareness satisfactorily high enough for our contact. We are aware that some of the people of this planet are, however, already sufficiently aware of their spiritual nature and are sufficiently demonstrating the love and brotherhood that is necessary for our contact. This presents a problem. The problem is that we must approach a part of the peoples of this planet without distressing the rest.

We are attempting to do this. It is necessary that the evidence of our visits and our communications be of such a nature that it can be rejected or accepted by anyone who is exposed to it.
There will be, unfortunately, a degree of infringement upon those people of this planet who do not wish to accept our contact. This is an unfortunate condition, but it is one with which we must deal, since at this time it is necessary that those of the people of this planet who are seeking truth be given truth.

It will not be necessary to prove to these people that what we are giving them is truth, for if an individual has reached an understanding of truth through the inner-directed seeking of which I spoke, then he will recognize this truth when it is given to him. It is therefore only necessary that we, by some means that will not disturb those not seeking our contact, give to the rest of the people of your planet that which they seek in a form that is suitable.

This, then, is our service: to lend a helping hand up the ladder of spiritual evolution to that part of the people of this planet at this particular time, a time that is unique in the history of this planet, a time that must be dealt with in a more direct and forceful way than previous times and experiences in the history of this planet. We are extremely privileged in being able to offer this service to those who seek it. And our service is largely given to then through the process of their daily meditation. If they are to avail themselves of this service, it is necessary that they do so through meditation.

End of that transmission.,


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