The shadows of Government I Am The Oppressor of Governments

The shadows of Government I Am The Oppressor of Governments

May 7, 2022 GIA Governments 0
The shadows of Government

The shadows of Government.

The hidden ones, the ones pulling all the strings. Are extreme pissed off with Boris Johnson he has fucked up in ways the public doesn’t understand.

He failed in bringing about the agenda during covid. The original plan was so far fucked up steam was rolling out their ears like a steam engine. Boris is the puppet we all love to poke and prod. Laugh and cheer on. The jester of the royal court.

It’s already on the table that they have ruled Keir Starmer as his replacement, Boris deemed as a waste of space. Keir Starmer will not differ from Boris. He will face the same wrath. because you are only dealing with one united party split into parts to present a group of parties fighting against each other, to fool the public into a competitive low vibration energy of us and them mentality. My side your side, fight we must, and push we must. All keeping the public from discovering the actual truth.

As funny as this bullshit is, police fines are just a way to deceive the public into believing they also are accountable. Do you really think they can’t afford a fine or a dozen? BULLSHIT FINES A SCAM What would happen if Police held them up for murdering, abusing children? A FINE? NO, NO, NO, best we steer away from that topic, it’s safer.,

Imagine for a second If I got my way with BeatPulse Media going backwards in time 7 years., They see me target a certain woman called Katy Perry. Alarm bells fired off in every direction and a new war began., Because only governments, royals and I knew the real hidden truth. And I did the public unthinkable., Didn’t quite see that one coming., When given a fresh perspective on how the window becomes much clearer than before., Clarity be Crystal., Danger Mouse was free from the mousetrap and at all cost he must not have such a voice., The headless chickens were running around in the pen screaming where’s my head gone. Quick the mouse is free., Hurry, lock him out.,

Do the sums: Katy Perry, BeatPulse Media, and how dangerous I am to governments dynamite combination. Yes I can be cunning! As honesty be the recipe of the day: Yes, back then I wanted to build an empire and destroy all governments in my path. They knew it; I knew it.,

Raziel and Michael both said to me we will setup everything in your favour learn to notice when we show you. No coincidence my father adopted. We already set the road in motion., Fighting against powerful angels., I could have chosen anyone in the public eye: Raziel and Michael chose not me.,

Anarchy is brewing all the angels of the heavens are behind it.,

When Raziel and Michael ordain orders, we carry them out until they deem otherwise. A Man does not enter the middle east alone without a powerful angel at his side., Fearlessness of Michael., Only clear to those in the know., When all is visible, the orders have changed.,

There is no shame within the Nephilim world., These people have used the names of the Nephilim to commit anus crimes whilst holding the heavens as a reason to justify their reasoning. They will be punished according to their crimes.,

Why else would a man drop everything and vanish into the night into the unknown Middle East blind? No fear, no doubts he believed in himself. He trusted himself and Raziel and Michael, who stood beside him. Then he did it again in June 2019, then again 2020 in the height of the pandemic, walked out of his house, dropped his keys down the drain and walked off into the night, and found himself in Scotland., He didn’t care what he left behind; he trusted in himself over everything., That has been my journey, and I loved every minute., Only the courageous go where others dare not tread.,

And because I get so much enjoyment from this 😉 😛

Clever psychology hidden in plain sight. The more people fight each other, guess who they’re not fighting? Now that’s clever.,

Look again at Keir Starmer when first asked about Beergate. Now check each time after he’s questioned. Notice how unstable he is the first time and suddenly he is getting better at the lies. He is becoming comfortable in his own lie. The actual truth was, in full view, in questioning the first time around His actions, his body spoke the truth he’s a liar. Another Boris Johnson.,

The lies of Keir Starmer unfolding are a test to see how well he can deceive the public. If he is successful, he becomes Number 10s next bitch.,

Shadow government is super pissed off that no matter who they use as their public puppet, they get peeled like an onion skin layer by layer.

When we say he is a fake leader, so are they all just puppets. The real shadow doesn’t want you to know who they are, even though you do know them by name.,

Do you recall this line: You will own nothing and you will be happy?

Do you remember the drones that would deliver everything to your door? Well, none of their agenda is in place because we are winning this war the people are triumphant. They know it; we know it., War with Russia was the only come back to try and put people back in there box. How desperate they are.

Our reply: shut up dick face, you are not running the show anymore. Look at where you should have been to where you are now. Now you see who’s running the show today. The people. And the sky people.,

The people have gotten under their skin. In secret, they rant and rave in disgust. In public, they put on the mask and pretend all is well on paradise island.

There is a secret war going down in the shadows, and governments are loosing.,

I Am The Oppressor of Governments

The oppressor of governments is me. I do not hide the shadow side. I acknowledge who I am and why. I do not run or hide away in some corner I confront my oppressor ways., Fully and openly.

Keir Starmer, Boris Johnson any other MP are all people afraid of their true nature. They hide behind masks because they don’t want you to know or see their shadow side. It’s a never-ending cycle stripped naked and thrown to the wolves.

Yet how different might it be if they acknowledge the dark shadow side of them?

If a man shows you evil and only that, then at least you know where you stand. Now you can decide something new, if you want.,

If a man shows you only good and nothing more, than surely, you know he has something to hide.,

He who judges others and nothing more, he has surely something to be judged hiding in his closet.,

He who judges and praises, we consider a Wiseman.,

He who praises and nothing more, we consider him the covert deceiver.,

The man who shows you both sides is not one, or the other, then he is a new breed for sure. He or she is a breath of fresh air.,

In my father’s day when caught doing wrong, they threw up their hands to shout fair cop governor. Says a lot for politics today who hide the sides they don’t want you to see. In my father’s day they were honest criminals.,

I can honestly say I have seen evil and good in Putin. I can honestly say I have judged him and praised him. What can you say? At least he doesn’t run away from his shadow side or hide it away from his people or the world., What can you say about your leaders? X-Revolution

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

When multiple countries around the globe are financing a war under the disguise of AID and weapons. They are in fact at war also with Russia. That’s the factual truth here. The west hates Putin. They want him gone and too yellow to admit this, so deceive everyone, making them look the nice guys. DICTATORS are all the same. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

When it blows up in their face, as it will, world war 3 begins and only those who deceived the world are to blame. If you finance one side over another, you are at war yourselves. The covert deceptions and when the people of each country support their dictator leaders in financing one over the other. They are all to blame for every child, elderly and woman who dies for their greed of wanting one man gone who’s in total opposition to their dictator rules.

The children who die, the women and the elderly, the innocent are killed at the hands of the supporters of war.

Nobody wants any of this yet they still place an X under their name and vote for dictators they remain blind to their own crimes against these children.,

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.,