The Pleiadian race ~ The Weighing of the Heart.,

The Pleiadian race ~ The Weighing of the Heart.,

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The Pleiadian race

The Pleiadian race ~ The Weighing of the Heart.,

During their 3rd density, sought a god-like figure above them just as humans did. They didn’t create many, only the one., They embarked on wars that’s how the involvement in the fall of ANU came about.,

They are not this way anymore, much higher in evolution., At the time of the 3rd density, this god figure was the prime creator. They see Alcyon as the embodiment of this., It was incorrect. We were what they thought as prime creator. Prime creator is the great infinite intelligence., we were those who nurtured and were responsible for their species.,

Through their own evolution, they became aware of us., All that was hidden and beyond them became available., They came from a negative position and transformed into positive., They are one of the SEVEN Daughters of Alcyon., Alcyon is the center position for the SEVEN Daughters., Alcyon has one position among the NINE., The SEVEN daughters also make many parts of the confederation for different purposes.,

To the Pleiadian’s, we were also known as the masters of time, the game masters., we were ourselves for some time quite a mystery to them.,

It should be noted All these names we give ourselves have no meaning to us. They are human words that point out where we are located among the universe.,

There is much we could mention about the Pleiadians, however, they do this work themselves.,

To them we are their parents, as they are parents of yours., They are one of the 24.,

The image you see is more correct in how they appear.,
The SEVEN Daughters of Alcyon have a blue appearance.,
To you, we are the SEVEN Sisters of the constellation of Taurus. This is incorrect as we were responsible for the nurturing of all SEVEN species than using your terms. They are Daughters, not sisters.,

We scanned many material sources and we say this with greatest respect for all., Barbara Marciniak is the one true source of this species others without indicating anymore they are influences of ORION., This message is Barbara. Until Marciniak has left, she remains as the one true source., There is no need for more., More creates confusion that’s ORION.,

It cannot be fully understood from 3rd density perspective why 12th density would choose an intense experience and double up on that to greater the difficult level of achievement, that would be the way of the 12th to reach 13th density by using the 3rd density.,

It was an opportunity we recognised as somewhat difficult for 3rd density beings with losing a child on 3rd density has been seen as one of the worst experiences., We doubled up and intensified this by adding to it over time., These things could not have happened unless there were those willing to do for their own growth., In this process, many could learn a new way just from the observation of such., It was not a two-way street, a more universal action of teaching and learning., The benefits are beyond logical thinking.,

We as a species have an infinity to the number 13., we have been this since moving into 12th density., We carry it with us like a calling card.,

We explain dimensions differently., By this, method we reveal where and which octave we are., There is a paradox occurring which is beyond comprehension to even put words to its meaning.,

See dimensions as Jacobs ladder. Each run is a dimension. What’s understood by one is not true for the other. By going up what was is no longer, none cancels each other out, all steps are necessary for the evolution of soul., One cannot know the first run without first recognising the ladder. One cannot reach the fifth run of the ladder without four, three, two or one., Yet all follow the same path of evolution in an infinity of ways., The same paradox will keep occurring: the teaching is blindsight to insight.,

Analogy: Blindsight is a or many gods and all humans are just mere mortals of no significance. Insight Is recognising all is the ONE Creator.,

With religion, the ideal scenario would be for all religions to merge as one religion based on the One Creator., The Law of ONE., Providing the teaching remains intact and in no way altered to benefit selfish endeavours., Wisdom that’s freely distributed among all beings, all systems., It becomes a way of life rather than something you blindly follow.,

History proves this is not viable. History has shown religion is not the way forward., Akhenaten is one of many evident in history.,

All religions hold 50% of the Law of ONE however, 50% is that of ORION misinformation. By merging a process of eliminating ORION. Allowing humans to live by the Law of Truth of The Law of ONE.,

To attempt to understand Akhenaten

I must consider when in receipt of such wisdom given the position he was already in, meant this knowledge came with great responsibility. Imagine Akhenaten in modern times. I am almost certain it would be tenfold difficult to keep and maintain the balance and not be tempted to go all out selfish.,

I should imagine the temptation is quite massive, which then tells me actually these times are the best time to face such as Akhy did., The level of achievement must be hundred fold if successful in spiritual armour.,

On some level, trying to understand the position he found himself in given he was solo in the wisdom with only Nefi for support.,

This lesson must fall upon all in such positions.,

I am speaking as Thoth the human aspect of 3rd density.,

Oh well aleast he did not do at the harvest thats the wrong time to have a premature hicup 🙂

I feel throwing a hissy fit and building his temple outside theirs came with massive challenges. To the point he threw all his toys out of the pram, headed out with Nefi on tow to rebuild and their happened the selfish manner of now entering into competition., I’ll prove you wrong or I’ll get you back was the anger that built in him around his newfound wisdom., Or he seized an opportunity because he had what others didn’t., Or on some level didn’t fully understand the wisdom he had., Emotions swayed, and all went chaotic.,

The weighing of the heart., In ancient Egypt.,

The wisdom behind this relates to the end of a cycle when humans are due for harvest. Symbolic for who’s returning to 3rd density to do all over again and who moves on to 4th dimension of LOVE.,

Symbolic for all 3rd density humans not just egyptians.,


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