The Paradox of Earth TIME

The Paradox of Earth TIME

March 2, 2022 GIA 0
The Paradox of Earth TIME

The Paradox of Earth TIME

Possibly one last time. TIME is a lock, a prison that exists on earth only. There exists no time in the universe., The Prison of ANU, when pure evil imprisoned on earth, he that brought all hate all wars. TIME kept the problem of ANU locked away., When you learn of time dimension jumping of our ships, it’s an illusion time does not exist for us so we have access to all earth time., We are not coming from your future or past to us. It’s always, present, access available upon any junction of your history.,

Humans were not our prisoners. To capture the greatest evil in the universe meant locking you all inside the time bubble., Before ANU you too experienced no time, you could create and manifest at will in real time instantly., Consider why Lemurians among many others retreated beneath the earth., They experience no time lock., Those who retreated selected and guided in advance.,

We did not choose earth ANU was already coming to take down your world., To save humans and the earth’s creation meant locking all inside together., What was coming for you was much more nightmarish., ANU with full power or ANU as a human? ANU teaching the long route as a human our choice., Our lock, our prison for pure evil., Religion wants to believe hell is a place after death never seeing you were already there., The longer you kept the spirit of ANU alive, with war’s hatred, anger, the longer you remain imprisoned.,

ANU has always been our responsibility as yours is to be kind to all life., and not perish as ANU did., Governments, religions, Media are all promoters of ANU.,

Humans were not unloved, not cared for, gradually we gave you the tools to find your way home., The decision of freedom remains in you individually., The universe awaits you., Be Octavia., Reincarnation is also your prison. Keeps you out of the greater universe., If you do not change how do you figure, you will be free? Eternal, you might be. What fun is that if all you do is forget who you were ending right back where you started., Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, hoping to produce a better solution., Yet you know this., Allow those who want ANU to die off and release yourself from your now self-imposed imprisonment.,

Those who hold on to ANU ways are desperate to keep you locked into their mindset. The more you bow down and obey them, the more they drag you deep in to despair. We will dissolve them for eternity. Misery loves company, so they want you to go down with them., Only your support keeps ANU wars, hatred and anger alive., They always lie to you this you know fully that will never stop why you continue to feed them with what they want., If you do not change, we cannot help you., The raw truth of earth., We make no money from telling you the truth., Be wise.,

No matter what government any country who are seen fighting, any point in time they are all on the same side playing out the game of fear projected on to you because it’s easy to control you.,

Why are all governments called government? Because they are all the same agenda., You fear a one world order never seeing you already have it., China, America or Italy could have called themselves Legion, or empire, or any name. Why did they all adopt the same title? Wise up., When you were educated from a young age, you only learned what they wanted you to learn., You learned nothing of value because of them, not you.,

Covid 3 years then suddenly Putin and Ukraine you have not even taken a breath from the fear of death because a false virus., Always kept in a state of constant panic, worry, fear and hatred for each other., Can you see the image we present?