The Moon

The Moon

October 24, 2022 GIA 0
the moon

The Moon

When, how, and where did the moon come from?

The moon is a satellite placed there by the NINE., placed shortly after the imprisonment of ANU at the end of the great rebellion., We monitored the progress of ANU., that was its main function.,

The moon affects human emotions if you liken this effect to the process of growth rather than anything else.,

Since the time of its arrival, it served as a monitoring station for human harvesting into higher realms.,

Also, it’s a station of the barrier of NINE. They are the first to halt ORION attempts on the barrier., they are the guards at the door, so to speak.,

Just like most human satellites, it transmits and receives data.,

Astronauts entering the moon can go what you call stir crazy. You are in the outer realm of the barrier, which means ORION influence intensifies on the human psyche still, we can’t protect your minds., We are present, which stops ORION from taking drastic action to take you out.,

And as much as you dislike us saying you have no idea what you are doing in space, you are more hazardous to yourselves than you care to admit.,

How can we know harvest is real or any of this is true?

You can’t don’t you understand if you had hard core evidence everyone would choose positive selfless actions in every moment, and then none of what you do or say will be real. You did it because you felt you had no choice., All would be false. How can anyone ascend under false learning?

Individually, as you choose the positive path in service to each other, you will see glimpses of its truth enough to keep you going on the same path.,

You do it because it’s the right way to be. It’s who you are., CHOICE is the major word.,

If you need evidence than you obviously do not understand., It’s easy for me to tell you all this stuff because I already know, done it all before., You came into this world forgetting what you know. We know how difficult it feels to be in this position., Follow your heart, let your heart be your guide.,

You might say isn’t it better if the world turns positive in service to all if we all had evidence., We say absolutely, yet what would you have learned if we gave you evidence? absolutely nothing.,

Blind faith doesn’t make the grade., that’s not evolving as a person., Nobody promised, nobody chosen, you must choose it yourself without tricks, blackmail or even feared into it.,

When your heart sings the greatest song of your soul, your reason for living life this way, because that’s who you have grown/evolved into., when that’s true, you know you earned it.,

The fact there are wars, hatred, hunger, greed, an entertainment system, a government system that all steer you away from the truth., This opposite polarity creates discord of unfairness in you, which inturn offers a doorway for all to discover the truth.,

See the beauty in the opposite., By learning what you don’t want, shows you what you really want.,

I have seen more 5th density, 6th density humans wherever I go, who walk their path in silence. They keep it hidden from other humans., Some don’t even remember they are 5th or 6th., Everywhere in Scotland they be., Most not all younger generation is 4th yet not aware are those around them., It’s the 3rd density we speak of. It’s all for you, not us.,



You have never walked the earth before. Why does Thoth speak as if he has walked the earth in the emerald tablets?

Emerald tablets are a thought form sent here via us., Humans relate and understand story format, for it drives them forward in their understandings., Humans need names to identify or they cannot identify., you received the truth of 3rd density via story and labelling of names., to the path onward and upward.,

What’s the connection with Atlantis?

Atlanteans were those with our wisdom, those who misused the crystal knowledge for power over others which resulted in their world falling from grace.,

The idea of the emerald tablets is to learn from them not to analyse what, why and when or who’s who., For in doing such one misses the point entirely.,

Man has a tendency to know the reasons for its intricate workings in this man denies its meaning or purpose therefore doesn’t understand.,

The emerald tablets are a personal inner journey, not one that one shares with all, in sharing causes confusion and a good deal of abandonment from its learning via the understanding of one or many perceptions.

Man has a desire to always be right in that he falters in its understanding, be it man or woman.,
Truly intended for personal individual inner learning journey., By us.,

To share the tablets is all that one needs not to define them with perceptions, for this is not their purpose, share and leave, share and leave, share, learn and leave.,

Biblical scriptures have been changed again and again over the centuries. Then if these are divine scriptures, for have they not lost all their divineness long ago by perceptions of others altering and changing.,

If sacred text altered even by a letter, one has removed its sacredness from it., Man is blind to these routes of behaviour., Man has a desire to be right. Man has a desire for his truth to be right over all others., What’s the difference between control and truth?



Does Alcyon 12th density have free will?

Yes and No.,

Yes we chose, for it is choice, no we operate outside of free will, one might see as a collective at some stage in our evolution we came to see the benefit of our working as ONE., in this oneness we all operate towards the seeking of one goal., What’s good for one is good for all.,

We have a great understanding. Should one or any falter away from the path what this means as a whole, inturn we stay on course.,

Children learn the teachings of this path and its opposite., they learn this via holographic means., Holographic keeps one focused through learning the process., Should a child falter during its learning, no harm received or accepted.,

Holographic in 3rd density is not our meaning., Holographic suggests it’s a real experience in a non real environment., Our meaning is formless formed, formed formless.,

We do not send a child in unaided liken this to 3rd density that humans are also not without aid. You call these spirits, angels, and guides., 3rd density one can cause themselves harm, where’s 12th density cannot.,

Formless is nothing, nameless, harmless., Formed is substance, light, fixture., Fixture harmless., we are playing with words for clarity of meaning.,

Imagine spirit visible., Formless formed, formed formless.,

Names for you have meaning, names are meaningless to us, no language, no words for communication. Its mind, as mind is heart, as heart is soul., One approaching another recognises the signature of the one in front. All data is available to each soul.,

Soul perception perceives us in silence., without movement or gesture., A gaze of the eyes is sufficient.,

All knowing is your words for our meaning.,

Do you not have technology that comes close to our meaning? Eye scanner scans the retina, which allows access or denies., for it knows all it needs to know before entry.,

That’s why lies are impossible to hide within our reach of knowing., One would waste their time in such attempts., No matter our present density of being.,

Have you experienced a piercing single tone with a glare like stare of eyes feeling., Upon sleeping or upon wakefulness., Then you are close to our presence of understanding., In that tone were a billion books of information in a nanosecond of time., the longer the experience, the larger the quantity of wisdom.,

That’s ALCYON communicating within 3rd density.,

As we touched on the topic of lies.,

It’s untrue that women are more intuitive however, both males and females are just on different levels.,

Woman is not inner intuitive unless she’s a balanced entity who has calmed the inner chaos, without she’s a chaotic mess inside, blind as a bat., One can see outward what’s true inward.,

Note if a woman is not following outward intuitive and chaos inward, then she’s dominant negative.,

If a woman is chaotic outside, she’s chaotic inside., She’s not listening., Visible signs.,

Man is inner intuitive outward expression sees not., If man never listens to his inner voice, man is also blind as a bat., One can see outward what’s true inward.,

Man, if following chaos outward and not listening inward he is dominant negative.,

If man is chaotic outside, he is chaotic inside., His not listening., Visible signs.,

Outside is the reflection inside for both.,



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