The Moon Wave

The Moon Wave

March 5, 2022 GIA Moon 0
The Moon Wave

The Moon Wave

Emerald Tablet Two: Halls of Amenti ~ Hall of Mirrors ~ Council of NINE the dark NINE, Not evil DARK., Dark, dwellers beneath the earth., Formless and form., Dark, Keepers of the time lock keepers of human recycling., Dark, death and rebirth.,

As below, so above the Council of NINE Light born., Light, dwellers of space., Form and Formless., Be it dark or light extensions of themselves., Light, Keepers of the universe., Children of the SUN., Light born as the internal fire “Flame ~ Soul ~ Spirit” as the external SUN., Inner and Outer above and below.,

Seven, Thoth, 7th council of 7 Members of NINE, 14 in all., Messenger, communicator of NINE above and below.,


The phenomenon called the Moon Wave is nothing more than a hologram projected to protect the moon. The lies of NASA, the pentagon and governments continued., We began allowing certain civilians to gain access via telescopes who then provided the questionable questions never asked.

Astronauts have not been back to the moon since the days of Apollo because of what they discovered, plus they are not welcome., We gave our trust to normal civilians to reveal the truth of our existence., You must question everything from these government agencies as hiding the truth., Now it’s apparent to the wiser of your species why.,

The men of great lies, great worry. Men who were careful with genuine panic on their faces. The men who kept the lies of what they faced and the truth they kept hidden from the world., Their body language should be your first red flag., They hide the facts that your governments are not all powerful.

Examine before going and after. Let him/her who is wise to be wise.,


After: These are not the faces of excited men who first landed on the moon. These are the faces of great worry and shame for the lies they told.,

Don’t take our word for it, even NASA makes mistakes.,

Original NASA Footage