The matriarchy system when women ruled the world

The matriarchy system when women ruled the world

July 31, 2022 GIA 0
The matriarchy system when women ruled the world

The matriarchy system when women ruled the world.

Ended approximately 5,000 year ago. One of the sons defied the matriarchy ways became a Roag child. It was through him the devil, Satan was born, all based on the boy who went Roag. Over a century, his story was used to create fear. It was a gradual take down of female power. When men rise up.

Religion was born from it. Once men took back their power, destroying everything the matriarchy built, all history destroyed. They began wiping any evidence of such a system. The tables turned. Women now faced what men had faced for thousands of years.

Men were seen as slaves to women, slave workers, sperm donators, sex objects. There was no such thing as marriage in those days. Relationships based on love were forbidden. It took only a few centuries after the fall of the matriarch for all to be forgotten, by altering history at certain key junctions. Women forgot. 5,000 years later, everyone forgot. Yet the evidence of this war still lives on in men and women, the resistance between them both continues on.

That’s how all religions came into being with the help of the boy who went all Satan on the queen. That’s also why religions never went beyond 5,000 years ago. The forbidden zone.

Women did a terrible job, men today do a terrible job. None have learned the mistakes of their past.

Men did not want women to remember. That’s also why women accused and burned as witches, witchcraft was a route back to power for the matriarchy. Women not trusted back then, nothing much has changed today.

When you see songs like this, it’s that tribal instinct in women kind of hidden memory of their past.

When we made ourselves known in the skies of World war two to present day. That’s why we made it known about the women who helped destroy our children and Katy Perry’s destructive behaviour. We wanted to see if women really had changed.,

When we deem something gone too far, its bring on Noah and his merry ark. Man, yet again, made it about religion.

During the matriarchy, men were passive.

You can find plenty of passive men today. In fact, there is a large increase in passive men. The more women demand men to become passive, this creates the possible take over the fall of the patriarchy and the rise of the matriarchy.

The WOKE movement is the matriarchy regaining a foothold and sneaking in the back door.

The amazon women were no myth. It was the matriarchy truth

The story of the Satan boy created fear in women, a century later when they were primed with fear and men rose up, attacked and took over.

Everything you see men doing to women today, women already did this to men.

Man created religion because, in that, they built a new control system.