The Man from Tulsa, The Great Donkey Trail

The Man from Tulsa, The Great Donkey Trail

March 19, 2022 GIA 0
The Man from Tulsa, The Great Donkey Trail

The Man from Tulsa, The Great Donkey Trail

He came through time, an echo of distant suns.

Man: Calling Thoth where are you, I summon thee.
Thoth: I am here. Blink, refocus, do you realize me?
Man: Ahh, I get something. Whoa, you look too young to be Thoth?
Thoth: Oh, apologies, is that better?
Man: WTF happened.
Thoth: you said I’m too young, so I morphed. Ain’t no pleasing you is there. Humans can be odd because I’ve been around the block doesn’t mean I should automatically look a million years old.
Man: how can you do that?
Thoth: I will be whatever you understand, yet you will always be wrong. I am projecting what someone else told you to trust. I figure that has great meaning here.
Man: Thoth, who am I?
Thoth: Why do you ask, sir?
Man: I had an awakening and now nothing is the same anymore. I am questioning everything, please tell me where do I come from.
Thoth: Humans always want to belong somewhere. When will you ever learn? You’re already home.
Thoth: Can you see the wall?
Man: No, where?
Thoth: Right between you and me, I am a projection from the other side you called me, yet here in front of us stands this mighty wall., Who created this wall?
Man: I see no wall, honest.
Thoth: When you finally notice the wall, it shall fall, you shall have your answer.
Man: Will you tell me?
Thoth: No, I identify who you’re, yet it is not for me to tell you who you’re. Are you a fool?
Man: No, why do you say?
Thoth: So, if you recognized that answer, why do you even ask the first question?
Man: Huh, you’re confusing me.
Thoth: Am I, really? Hmm, says the man who needs me to give him the answer. Interesting, a wall made of confusion. That should be easy to fix.
Man: is that your great wisdom?
Thoth: What more do you want, that which you have not already got?
Man: Thoth oh wise one when someone asks another, we expect to be told the answer.
Thoth: Yes, that really is a dilemma you face as humans, always being told what to do or how to act and think. Tell me, what Christmas cracker did you find that line inside?
Man: what do you mean?
Thoth: If I gave you the answer to your every question, what do you feel you learned?
Man: The truth.
Thoth: ha-ha, I like you; I see according to whom, may I ask?
Man: You the one I ask.
Thoth: Oh, I see, so my truth matters more than yours, does it? You try to hug my ego.
Man: Thoth, are you playing games with me?
Thoth: OK, fine. Have it your way. You’re a donkey from Tulsa who was a human donkey following carrots yet never catching up with the carrot. Happy.
Man: No, I am not.
Thoth: finally has the penny dropped?
Man: what where? I need a few pennies.
Thoth: Geez, humans. Next.
Man: No wait, Thoth where did you find this humour? Spiritual teachers on earth are way too serious. I had to seek you out in no time, no space. I thought you would be serious.
Thoth: OK smart ass, so where do you think I am?
Man: Hmm, in the cosmos, or in the past I’ve travelled back in time, maybe?
Thoth: really, I hope you checked your time machine to find out what year you’re in.
Man: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Thoth: well you never know who might lurk around in 300BC Don’t want you to lose your head now do we
Ha-ha Oh BTW serious is for those who need the approval of their status. That’s not spiritual, that’s spiritual elitism. They have a carrot up their ass, go chase it. Have fun, be light-hearted, the less your heart weights, the better my friend.

Thoth: I give you a task. The video below is on me and my people. I want you to consider is this truth? Or did none of that happen? Instead of what if we planted seeds that grow in minds, blossoming until you discover physical evidence to back up that seed? Again, who’s the creator? And why would we do this?
Did you really discover physical evidence if so, thus we must have lived on earth long ago it must be fact right? Or like I said, seeds that grow. Planted from a distance to see how you develop.

All begins in the mind what you plant shall grow fruit, fruit is physical, but does it mean it’s really in your hand? If so, who created that fruit? Has Atlantis ever played a role on earth? Or are we mighty good at planting seeds?

Learn to figure out for yourself. Don’t be gullible for fool’s gold. Now, off with you.

Man: Thanks, I like the Donkey joke. So just because they say its so, doesn’t mean its true.,
Thoth: Hmm, who said I was joking, ya donkey! Go you wise monkey with fresh new insight!

Ye shall never know the book.,

Never trusted among those within a world breed by hate., Nor the intention of personal financial gain., All wisdom in the book present in your world is nothing more than speculation., Dorian a channeler, not an interpreter., as many before and after him., Chaos magic formed by a false man claiming the wisdom of Thoth., When you channel, you have not guaranteed knowledge; you have learned a tool to deceive others by for your own personal gain., only that which your heart desired to perceive did thine receive., Donkey Trail.

When you channel, you set yourself up., by those who watch and those who listen., The book lives on earth, yet is far from your grasp.,

We created the book out of higher consciousness not for gain of material possession, for as long as man needs possession he shall never touch the wisdom., If you need money to live in this world, then you need not our book of wisdom.,

Rubbing the tummy of a wild sparrow is the doorway to the entire encompassing wisdom of Thoth.,

There lives a station

Far in space among the planet SATURN on the barrier of the time-lock., whereby an entire fleet monitor thoughts and intentions., the devil and angel on both sides of your shoulder are merely an assignment of the fleet among SATURN., the inner battle summoning of (do or don’t the devil or angel) Account to the members of NINE assigned to one soul among many souls., The route of go left and no go right is the same assignment., Only those who dug deep enough bypassed the NINE., and chose correctly., Only humans can hide the inner thoughts and intentions from each other., Thine is not true for NINE.,

The wisdom of the federation among the NINE decades ago was not an invitation, it was a warning of coming times if, though, not change., A warning to governments.,

So we are all on the same page.,


As mentioned., yes, we will give you what you want., You have set yourselves up., As the governments found out., The day they crossed the line., The day they harmed two innocent girls.,

You thought you were the chosen ones., You thought you had the right to harm millions in our name., You thought you were safe., You were wrong.,

So all absolutely clear there have been no genuine channelings with us the NINE since our arrival 19th January 1982.,