The Last World War

The Last World War

August 10, 2022 GIA 0
The Last World War

The Last World War.

Covid is not over. They are planning to retry.

There are two factions inside every government which connects to each other. June 2019, the unthinkable happened: a man steps out holding the governments as child abusers, kidnappers and killers of children.

Surprise took both factions. One wanted me gone, wanted me hidden in the world. The other faction thought, oh wow, how interesting of a man. The man has no friends to hold his hand, no support, no backup, yet here he is standing tall alone. They wanted to see how it panned out.

3 years later start of 2022, the first faction still wanted me gone. The other faction was pleased I came out. I gave them more information than a million surveys could do in a year. I gave them the raw truth.

They knew 100% people will stand up against covid in small pockets around the globe. They will stand up for paper passports, they will stand up for all kinds of bullshit, meaningless stuff. The one thing they won’t do is stand up for CHILDREN.

China, Russia, the USA, and the British looked on with great curiosity at our work. They knew 100% they can continue to abuse children because now they know the truth of the human race.

Covid was a failing project gone badly wrong. Enter the war game.

Now wars are slowly breaking out until momentum gets a hold and the last world war unfolds, every nation under attack. From Chaos comes order and control. America Gone the British Gone.

It will become so bad until finally we step in from the skies, the oceans, the mountains, the volcanos. We will be everywhere. Once you have beaten yourself to the ground. We shall rise among you.

Yes, there is a comet heading for a collision course with Earth. they will never give you the truth. That’s why Elon Musk is in a hurry to race to Mars. they plan to save themselves and not you. Now they know you will not stand up to them for abusing children. There’s nothing you can do to stop them, yet we can. We have guided the comet. And there are more than one.,

We say, so, you want to abuse each other? OK, go for it.,

We have a motive, and we certainly have good reason given to us by you., You can’t call them drones or weather balloons because we are seen throughout history long before drones or weather balloons existed long before any satellite even reached the skies., You can’t blame another country because you know as much as we do, you have no such technology to match us., You feel our presence across the planet., You had your chance to restore your dignity.,

The legendary famous words of Keanu Reeves. “Your Planet?”