The Greys

The Greys

November 9, 2022 GIA NINE 0
The greys

The Grey’s

Who are the greys?

ORION and Zeta Reticuli are a joined alliance against earth., Reticuli and ORION are the entities who give human’s negative thoughts which lead to negative action., The greys do not identify to you who Reticuli or ORION appear as., Their true origin is void to you., Greys are a trick perception.,

Why are grey’s abducting people who allows this to happen, and why?

All species that have an interest in earth will announce themselves to NINE, giving their argument for entry., It is then down to the NINE to allow entry or deny this, including Zeta Reticuli and ORION.,

We allow an abduction if its cause brings greater benefit to humankind., if it harms and has no effect on change, we deny it.,

Zeta Reticuli and ORION are allowed providing they seek the correct channel of divine authority through the NINE.,

Do USA Military have dead greys?

We have no reason for a direct answer to your question., However, if they do, we have no issue with this. The greys knew what the risks were., They are a part of a species that wishes all humans harm.,

Why are governments under fire by the NINE? What have they done wrong?

Your governments have been listening to the voices and commands of Reticuli and ORION for many, many decades, causing great harm to other humans repeatedly. By the pre-designed test of Chelsea & Cheyenne, this allowed us to imprison them within the clutches of the NINE., The resolve was their ticket to freedom.,

Why do the greys impregnate women, and what becomes of the hybrid child?

First, there is no reason to populate another planet with human hybrid children that’s deception to put you at ease.,

These children can walk among you like spies relaying back to the greys., A grey cannot survive the earth for great long periods of time a hybrid can survive among you.,

This happened without informing the NINE of their intention., It is too late once achieved., These groups of greys acted alone in their deception.,

We should note it this was an error of the NINE., We did not follow protocol in our seeking of their intention., A lesson we learned well.,

You will also discover among your species phantom stories similar to a Hypochondriasis’ need for attention. Many abductions surrounding pregnancy are such cases.,

These children grew at astounding rates in no time became full-grown adults.,

This was an error that occurred only one time., We keep a close watch on these hybrids. This has not occurred since our error.,

So who are the shadow beings? What is their function? Who do they work for?

They are what you know as doctors and nurses., They are assigned to watch over all non-human entities occupying human form., When one becomes in need, the shadow beings enter to aid them.,

They have been misinterpreted due to your film industry with monsters and demons. Fear in humans triggered this idea, which grew like a virus, that they were here to harm.,

These are conduits for the NINE the shadow like form is designed to keep them hidden., Like a ghost, camouflage, invisibility.,

Is there an edge to the universe?

NO., Infinity means infinity. The edge you perceive is just the edge of your current awareness., From your point of view and perception, you cannot grasp infinity.,

Who are the EBENS?

They are a point in perception to grasp the EBENS one must first grasp the NINE.,

Are humans being replaced?

YES., We like to call this upgraded, which we also call HARVEST, which is the function of upgrading., You are not your bodies you are infinite consciousness., You are sovereign beings, not one or two ALL., As with all harvest there is junk we must dispose., 3rd density of 75,000 cycle is long enough to filter out such things.,

Is religion part of the human future?

NO., Religion is part of the problem, not the solution., 50% truth 50% deception, more than 2,000 years to evolve and no movement means its junk.,

Why have many volcanoes been erupting in recent years?

The earth is being prepared. Terraforming in preparation. That is why in Mexico many have witnessed ships entering volcanoes.,

Why is there an onslaught of channelers?

It is in our interest of safety they exist. They can relay certain things without us, causing mass panic among your skies., As with all things, it comes with a downside. ORION can infiltrate these callings and mislead your species., The ratio of truth given is 50% truth 50% deception.,

There are few who can decipher among truth or ORION., Many take for granted that one calling himself Archangel Michael means true divine connection when it’s really ORION., These humans have no filtering method and lean on the ORION religious side., We have no interest in religion or to even use it.,

The one known as Michael is a member of the confederation a commander and chief, not an angel with wings more true is a ship., Michael has no relation to religion, a misinterpretation.,

Take witness to our words no man of the divine would ever harm or sexually abuse a child. That’s ORION. For this fact alone, religion does not belong in the future of humankind.,

Can you decipher this for us? On June 8th 2016 by Sargent CJ: “Your creator is displeX unknown unknown y unknown”

YES., Your creator is disciple X of the council of NINE., Son of ANU or NABU., The return of the ALCYON SUN of ANU is disciple X.,

Sargent CJ Continued: 19th June 2016: ARROGANT., 3rd July 2016: Belief Qllow all 31 77745

Arrogant to the first message., Belief, Believe Q a member of the confederation, speaks to ALL regarding SEVEN., Add up the numbers., 3+1+7+7+7+4+5= 34., 3+4= SEVEN.,

The Return Of The Prodical Son 8 Years ago., “8” is the denominator of Council of EIGHT., Truth manifests into reality., The path of EIGHT counterpart of SEVEN.,

What was the sacrifice? It should be obvious at this stage., Artists tend to lay down truth in song, sometimes just a title is enough.,

What does the return of the prodigal son mean?

Truth, the return of truth., Which always occurs at the end of a major cycle.,



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