The Four Horsemen The Final 4th Horseman Complete

The Four Horsemen The Final 4th Horseman Complete

April 19, 2022 GIA 0
The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen The Final 4th Horseman Complete.,

August 2012 two months prior to leaving for the middle east. They summoned me to the underworld. The only way in was to enter into death. One foot in, one foot out., Dance between the gateway.

Among the underworld, informed the final stages of the four horsemen approaching the 4th and final horseman. I would go into the city of London 2019 to affect Donald Trump and all those present., Donald will take it back into America.

I will hold many accountable for 3 years, ending when the 4th horseman had finished. And Judgment of humanity was in. 2022., They gave those a window of 3 years to come forward.,

I would enter Paris for a secret meeting among walk-ins. Carrying the 4th horsemen who would then travel all across Europe, middle east into Asia. a few months later, the 4th horseman will have domination of the entire planet., A sleeping giant.,

I would again travel the earth during this time taking my position., The 3 years will pass. The world will suffer solitude isolation. After July 2019, I was to speak of the coming events as a warning to a few people. A marker in time., These people will not believe until it happens.

I will change uniforms at given junctions.,

Last 6 months of 2021 until 2022, we will enter a new phase observation to learn if anyone has learned anything during their time in isolation. Do they care for one another now? Will they stop all wars? Will they abort all the old ways of being? Will they appreciate the life they’re given and respect all others? Because they all were in the same boat, all suffered under the 4th Horseman., Will they change?

The 4th Horseman spread disease into the planet if they won’t change willingly, then global plague it is.

When the 4th horseman had finished, we will know for sure what comes next for the human race? Will they earn the rights over earth or not?

Given the roadmap of the days, months and years to follow., I returned from the underworld. On a hospital bed, someone will help bring me back., Next morning I will get up and walk away like a miracle occurred., I will gain much attention during this time. Your music will be the first wave where you pull the eyes of those who already have the world’s attention on them., Two months later I left for the middle east., The new plan had begun.,

Venom of the gods.,

Starting June 1st 2019, from the spit of ATUM shall we create the 4th horseman., Take him and spread far and wide from walk-in to walk-in., The 4th Horseman began from City Hall, London, the once home of Boris Johnson., ATUM shall keep regenerating the 4th Horseman wherever he is.,

Boris Johnson, the persecutor of the people of earth.,

The 4th Horseman took NINE years for completion.,

All things have come to pass., As the underworld instructed.,