The Fisherman And The Fish

The Fisherman And The Fish

July 27, 2022 GIA Governments 0
The Fisherman And The Fish

The Fisherman And The Fish

A man walks into a fishing shop hands the guy a long list. He smiles. Oh, someone’s after something specific, yes I am.

Hands him his supplies, says best you throw them all out into the ocean sparingly to see what returns best.

Some strange reason since July 2019, people everywhere I go pretend they do not know what I say.

I say governments are child abusers, rapists, kidnappers and murderers, and the people go silent.

I put a website link on my back or every house window I lived in. If I ask them outright, they lie, they say no, it’s written on the face. Some will be honest because they don’t know.

Prior to 2019, I would quiz people what would you do if blah blah blah? Oh, they would commit murder. They would go to prison for that child. Holy crap, I have a long list of the things people will do to protect children.

Well, OK let’s start cooking! Prepare the ingredients. Let’s all march into London Town. I look around one month later. Where is everyone? I was here a month, no man or woman in sight. Sorry kids, I think adults lie to themselves. Unless it’s a movie V for vendetta, their chest grows, their talk expands soon as the movie is over deflation. Fuck, first one in last one out.

People know what I am about. I made sure of that in every location, yet nobody wants to look at the elephant in the room. Nobody wants to admit this has angered them fully. As long as I am doing all the work, they can keep pretending they did not know.

When it’s on other people’s terms, they want to tell me what the government did to them, or how wrong this and that are. Nobody else heard it, so it’s safe to say ranting in secret is the way to feel like you did something yet never did a single thing.

Everyone’s a hero as long as I go first. As long as I do what they do not want to do.

I walk into coop, the manger behind the counter. What’s standing in front a Government social worker. Remember, I am 100% recording everything. She knows all about me and the fret I pose to their child abusing kidnapping ring for the pedofile’s.

She tries a little mental battle with me, smiling. Her intention is loud and clear. Fuck, she thinks to herself, nobody is smiling with me. Crap, now what? She turns to the manager; her smile now looks like the joker’s red smile stuck and fixed to her face. A painful look. Look me in the eye manager, smile with me, please, please, he does his best to avoid eye contact.

He can’t help it. She looks hilarious and boom a short sharp grin and walks away. Within my distant side vision, two others recognise something odd is happening here with this woman. She’s broadcasting because it did not go her way.

I understand why the woman behaves this way. Her job is in question. They never thought the day their behaviour exposed would ever come. Everything done in the dark always comes to the light.

I can laugh her off, makes total sense to me.

What about the people for decades who told me how they would be when it comes down to children? I discovered these same ideas are the collective consciousness among humans. Website, what website, oh you have a website. NO I don’t have a website.

Certain paragraphs and lines scattered everywhere are what the fisher shop man gave me to throw into the ocean to find what hooks better. To see what fish respond to which. He told me to use them sparingly and use them over time to watch and observe. You’ll know what fish is what.

How many films have you seen, where two debate who’s going first yet no one wants to be the first? I’m not ruthless. I state what everyone else is thinking but is afraid to say it. Say it, No I’m not saying it you say it, go on, you know you want to, no I’ll do it when you done it, as long as the coast is clear of course. You mean if others join first? YES.

Why say something in private if you can’t openly say it? Pointless, meaningless, ridiculous.

Martin Luther King “I have a dream that all little children will one day live in a world where they will not be abused by governments and royals.”

I have a dream that one day, the outrageous behaviour of members of government, made accountable. That there should live among you, one holding esteem, courage in their heart, standing strong shouting STOP the child oppression and we will transform it into a world oasis of freedom and justice.

And all the trials and tribulations that this one shall carry shall not go down in vain for the children need him or her as much as they need you all. For he or she shall have the rightful hand of gods by his or her side.

For any abuse of any kind cast at him or her for doing what’s right, you abuse and condemn all children in the process.

There’s nothing intelligent, smart or even cool about letting children continue to be abused by governments by doing their dirty work for them because they can’t do anything. Your their minion or your standing strong beside I.,

Fame and fortune material wealth are pissing in the wind, meaningless things if you don’t stand for what you truly believe.,

This is how blatant governments are there telling you the truth, but disguising it as other people, hiding themselves in plain sight.

Kidnapping, money laundering, rape 3 times of a minor then total murder. Do you still want to play with me on this topic?

He did not bring shame on the MET Police he revealed the truth so nobody could avoid it.