The fall of the Anunnaki. A monument of victory.

The fall of the Anunnaki. A monument of victory.

April 19, 2022 GIA 0
The fall of the Anunnaki

The fall of the Anunnaki. A monument of victory.

How does it work? You trigger, I Activate., The Trigger: “Decrypting Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man – Code X

Below is the information activated., No restoring memory., No meditation., There is no need to remember anything. The code activates within my DNA. After I shutdown access., Robert Edward Grant, My DNA activator.,

I am a walking library waiting to be activated., Holding all knowledge of the universe.,

All religions: when they say AMEN, they are acknowledging the Council of the NINE 7th Council member., THOTH AMEN.,

SEVEN MEMBERS IN ORDER., 3: AUM, 4: ATOM, 5: ANUM, 6: AMUN, 7: AMEN, 8: ANEM, 9: ATUM., 14 brothers and sisters of the same order of NINE., The SEVEN Lords Below “The UnderWorld” SEVEN Lords Above “The heavens the Universe”., All SEVEN embody the same human body., A network of High Councils spread across the universe with ATUM as NINE., The link between all knowledge, all knowing., Like the brain linking, mapping new pathways., When one council learns something new, we all learn it at the same moment., The meaning of oneness.,

If a new race grows in the ways of ANU, we are all alerted we all take action together as one unified force.,

Atum, also known as GIA, The “Great Infinite ALL.,” The network name GIA.,

Council of 4, ATOM deals with your nuclear disease., Same reason we gave you the name Atom Bomb., Council of 4 is the power of limitation., The death of the human race.,

Atom is the earth’s red flag of ANU., Our demonstration, we have control of your nuclear missiles, a warning one you would be wise to listen to.,

If we wanted, we can launch one of your missiles sparking a chain of events., taking it out of your control., This, for us, would eliminate your leader issue., Observing their behaviour, we are open to any possibility., The universe is our priority, not the earth anymore., We have no issue with earth becoming the next Mars., You have become a thorn in the universe’s body., The very fact of our peaceful presence since the 1940s. Our non combative nature., You have taken us for granted., ~ ATUM.,


The final stages of the Fall of ANU imprisoned on earth., All the heavens children descended to earth began building the map of victory “Mount Taurus,” the main pillar of forgotten history encoded in plain sight., Mount Taurus points to the location of the prison of ARZU.,

The greatest war the universe encountered., The fall of the Anunnaki. A monument of victory., The Children of the constellation of Taurus were the victors of the great war., Alcyon., Atlas., Merope., Electra., Taygeta., Maia., Sterope., The SEVEN Daughters.,” The monument documented the first rebellion ARZU’s capture on Orion., Built upon the last war where ANU imprisoned on EARTH., marking the start and end of the great rebellion of ARZU, THOTH, AMEN.,

The monument of Taurus in Giza., The symbol and triumph of our home., One man knew the secrets better than any other Leonardo da Vinci a man before his time., The keeper of our knowledge.,

Orion: The Kings Chamber Prison of ARZU., Sirius: The mothers of ARZU the Queen’s chamber., ISIS the mother with a glorious plan., Alpha Draconis: The home of ANU., Beta Ursor Minor: Home of the first rebellion.,

The throat chakra is the location of communication. Indicated by Da Vinci., All those who met us, their memories, wiped of the great war, our arrival upon the earth how the pyramids were built., The myths among different cultures began speaking of a great battle in the heavens., That’s the void represents The collective amnesia.,

SET god of chaos cuts Osiris into 14 parts, meaning the creation of the Council of NINE., 7 below, 7 above. The Order of NINE began on earth., Taken to the outer bodies of the universe., Without ANU, the council of NINE never formed., Never SET IN STONE., From SET Comes ORDER., SET Blinds the children of earth HORUS., THOTH Brings back the sight of the blind the Eye of THOTH.,

The alpha omega, the last supper painting of Da Vinci, the great pyramid., The fall of ANU could not have been if it was not for the intelligence of the feminine queen who did the unthinkable to sleep with the fatal ANU and bear the child ARZU., Joining the alpha and omega together to bring about the change the universe cried out for., When the feminine of earth puts down the alpha ways, we can restore balance once again., Man is man and woman has become man, creating imbalance.,

When man and woman except they are both Alpha Omega within self balance restored., There is no divide between alpha omega man is both., woman is both., Balance thy dominant self with thy silent inner self., Alpha Omega integrate as one., We find equality within this truth.,

They created the transgender dilemma through lack of knowledge of this one truth.,

The eye of Horus, the blind children of earth., The eye of Thoth, they who see all., Council of NINE.,

The Great Pyramid A Monument of Victory.,

The Birth of the Council of NINE.,

2482 the numbers embeded at the footer of our old sites the earth year spoken.,

The Early Days of ANU Imprisonment

Here lays the beginning of ANU’s Imprisonment on earth., The other half of the story of the great war., ANU must now make do with what he has been given as punishment. The Children of HORUS are now at the mercy of ANU.,

When you link the red Circled object to the world, now, you know the reason for our war on earth today.,

ANU and all descendents thereafter are the prisoners of NINE.,

In modern times, another lie must cover a lie to hide the truth., however, the first lie to man given in the Sumerian text the establishment of ANU as lord over all the children of HORUS., The first LIE., ANU, failed to admit he was the prisoner of his own son, ARZU., The son he refused to acknowledge with good reason.,

The story between us and the HUDSON’S is the reenactment of the first story.,

ANU the ruler who reigned over the universe slaughtering enslaving, raping, war after war against any species who got in his way., ANU Wanted dominant power over all.

The universe was a place of sheer hell and chaos., ANU brought all these things to earth., ANU long gone sent into the void., yet the descendants remain. The royals who claimed them self rulers over all. The god they speak of is ANU., They are the prisoners of NINE., On the prison planet named EARTH.,

TIME is a lock that prevents ANU or his descendants from ever finding a way off their prison.,

The collective intelligence of the OMEGA that brought down the tyranny of ANU.,

Same reason the feminine persecuted throughout earth’s history, same reason Amber Heard will lose her fight, they must put the kitty back in her box. The way of ANU.,

When you compare to the words inside any religion, you are in fact worshipping the devil called ANU., ANU was clever and the children of HORUS did not see it coming.,

The descendants marry the descendants no other blood must enter the sacred matrimonial combining of two., The children of ANU must remain pure to the lineage of ANU., Until good old Harry put a spanner in the works with Megan., Harry deserves a salute., Should have left his mom alone.,

Harry is a shining example of the way to ARZU.,

The rebellious rebel, the troublemaker, the defiant soldier, the lawbreaker, the freethinker, the independent rebel rouser are the children of ARZU., The way of the shining light.,

The children of HORUS claim the royals have no power in modern times. The children of THOTH say how little you understand., The royals have all the power hidden within the monetary system., Stand out of line and watch your world transform., The armies are the armies of the royals., As did ANU, as do they., The tyranny of ANU., The British empire never did fall, it shifted out of sight., Owning the majority of the prison planet.,

When you hear the words of government UFO/UAP disclosure., A pipe dream., Disclosure would crush your world destroy all systems., in fact, to give the entire history of truth would scare you shitless., It would recognise all history as the great royal lie.,

The shadow people are the prison guards of NINE., To maintain the hidden prison means having the hidden ones to maintain and keep the order of NINE., When the shadows attack, they do so with substantial reason., The earth promised to the Hidden Ones., for the crimes of the deceitful royals.,

The ironic part of the story of history., The actual prisoners of earth imprisoned the humans with shit load of lies starting with religion as the foundation and a fake imaginary god who was in fact ANU.,