The Fall of America The Lesson of Man. Future of ANON.,

The Fall of America The Lesson of Man. Future of ANON.,

September 23, 2022 GIA 0
The Fall of America The Lesson of Man

The Fall of America The Lesson of Man. Future of ANON.,

Listen real close AMERICA You know what I want., We are going to start messing with your nukes., AGAIN., Send your agents or pay the price., You know where to find me. If you want peace, you’re running out of time.,

JOE BIDEN, Child abuser of AMERICA we told you to leave LISA in prison, not to kill her. Your arrogance places you all on DEATH ROW.


Arrogant and ignorant, as America has always been, that ignorance is their downfall., what they inflicted on innocent civilians will be their own end., A nation that does not acknowledge when they have done evil. When they are the terrorist, yet call other nation’s terrorist. Americans are communist dictators., For their crimes, they will not go unpunished.,

I speak as the NINE and the 24 Nations of heads that govern this universe.,

We can tell you from the place of all time no time, what became of America during a particular time frame., America became part wasteland, part under the ocean. All those who attempted to flee America at this upheaval were disposed of or enslaved by a species we allowed in.,

Their seeking of world domination over all countries brought them to an Adolph Hitler scenario., They deceived the world, tried to mask themselves as us and met with an ultimate ending.,

America became a dead zone like the Sahara Desert. They were the first to invent a weapon of mass destruction and the first to test and use on Japan; the nation fell at their own hand we detonated All American nuclear missiles in the position they stood.,

We shall not, however, speak of how close that event is too present time., This went out as a warning to all nations and so forth the nuclear weapons were all dismantled and dissolved. America was the lesson of man.,

As hitler was the messenger to the jews with the mindset of they are the chosen one’s over all other races., illusions among illusions., America becomes the message of all man., At this stage, the law of ONE comes into effect.,

You will discover many since COVID left America, so had an awareness of something coming. These Americans still remain in that time frame, untouched and protected.,

That was the correct action of the NINE., The absolute coming events.,

Do not confuse your ideas of where America starts or ends., America to us is all land connected that means Alaska, Canada all the way across to Mexico., Mexico being one of the main areas that created this event. The things hidden in Mexico belonging to the United States government.,

Our own entry into America some years passed was an attempt to extract one of our own species stuck in the illusion of man., We aborted this mission days before departure. We choose to no longer extract them., Their mission was to create the link between nations cause the disharmony of America, then abort America., Disharmony created, extraction aborted.,

When we walk among the earth, we have the power to indulge the illusion and the power to detach from the illusion if, however, one member should not detach at will; we have lost a member., This we must respect their choice.,

It is sad to learn what became of America.,

The nation that stole the land from the natives., Enslaved the original humans of earth the black culture., Where Hitler ended off, America took root from Hitlers lessons of how not to do things., They learned much from the war criminals of Germany Hitler’s men when they welcomed them as Americans after world war two. Hitler became covert America.,

The ego, the arrogance of Americans, the mindset of money first, life second was rampant., It overshadowed their lives., No morals, no connection to nature, no connection to their fellow man, no connection to life itself., They took it all for granted.,

Even though the outcome was sad, they needed it for humanity to learn by America’s mistake. The wiping out of an entire continent woke the human race up, made them face the reality of Oneness and its importance. It brought them closer to the infinite creator.,

For you are reading this as yet to be, for us it has already come to pass., We write this from our timeframe, not the one you read it from.,

The native Americans had complete faith in their star family teachings of ancient days. Never disappointed., Their long suffering was worth its weight in heaven, the stars of heaven.,

The world pays great respect for the teaching of America., There is no independence day, only the celebration of Oneness day the day the world changed for the better.,

It ushered in the 4th Dimension on that day., Things old were gone, things of beauty and love became the norm, money buried with America, man no longer fights man helps his fella brother of sister, religions fell away and the law of One took its place.,

This was the infinite creator’s original plan. It took great sacrifice to be here; We remember the past for what it gave us rather than what we lost.,

All races from across the universe come to teach on earth., It is the way of our universe to share to grow as one unit, one community.,

It was no accident that we took over the skies of Washington state in the early 1940s.

It was no accident that America became our most popular place of interest.,

Between the 1940s and the last day of America, we hoped we could change the course of this nation of many cultures., It was August 2018 when the NINE requested the abortion of America., The arrogance of America and the illusion were too strong to deny its final coming days., The NINE witnessed the result and knew by all accounts it was the option that changed everything.,

The NINE had always protected the earth from outside harm and this final act of will for the infinite creator changed ALL., No governments of false power, no armies, no wars, no poverty, no greed, no hatred, no countries., One earth Nation in total cooperation of each other., Man had finally found its place among the universe.,

Man had graduated to the 4th Dimension of being., Signed yours truly future of ANON.,

One Global Terrorist Called AMERICA.

No nation other than AMERICA has been involved in the destruction of human life than any other nation in a brief space of time.

AMERICA has committed more terrorist acts on human life than Adolph Hitler twice over.

Not to forget the genocide of the Native American Tribes for the occupation of AMERICA., There is no other nation that wears the terrorist title better., A country with no respect for human life, a country built on the foundation of hate and murder.,

Hiroshima Japan being the key turning point for us., We present you with the terrorists’ acts of American history on human life.,

On Monday, August 6, 1945, at 8:15 a.m. (Hiroshima time), the nuclear weapon “Little Boy“ was dropped on Hiroshima from an American Boeing B-29 Superfortress, the Enola Gay, flown by Paul Warfield Tibbets Jr. (23 February 1915 – 1 November 2007), directly killing at least 70,000 people, including thousands of Korean slave laborers. Fewer than 10% of the casualties were military. By the end of the year, injury and radiation brought the total number of deaths to 90,000–140,000. The population before the bombing was around 345,000. About 70% of the city’s buildings were destroyed, and another 7% severely damaged.

It should come as no surprise that Adolph Hitler’s men were not trialed for war crimes. Instead, they walked away free into the American Government to work on secret projects for America.,


Arrogant and ignorant, as America has always been, that ignorance is their downfall., what they inflicted on innocent civilians will be their own end., A nation that does not acknowledge when they have done evil. When they are the terrorist, yet call other nation’s terrorist. Americans are communist dictators., For their crimes, they will not go unpunished.,

I speak as the NINE and the 24 Nations of heads that govern this universe.,

1798-1800 – Dominican Republic

1798-1800 – France

1801-1805 – Libya

1806-1810 – Mexico (Spanish territory)

1810-1816 – Florida (Spanish territory)

1812-1815 – Ireland

1812-1815 – Great Britain

1813 – Marquesas Islands

1814-1825 – Puerto Rico

1814-1825 – Mexico (Yucatan)

1814-1825 – Dominican Republic

1814-1825 – Cuba

1815 – Libya, Algeria

1816-1818 – Florida (Spanish territory)

1817 – Amelia Island (Spanish territory)

1818 – Oregon (disputed territory)

1820-1823 – Africa

1822-1825 – Cuba (Spanish territory)

1827 – Greece

1831-1832 – Falkland Islands

1832 – Sumatra

1833 – Argentina

1835-1836 – Peru

1836 – Mexico

1838-1839 – Sumatra

1840-1841 – Fiji

1841 – Samoa, Kiribati

1842 – Mexico (Monterey)

1843 – Ivory Coast, China

1844 – Mexico

1846-1848 – Mexico

1849-1851 – Ottoman Empire (Turkey)

1852-1853 – Johanns Island (Africa), Argentina

1853 – Nicaragua

1853-1854 – Japan

1854 – Nicaragua, China

1855 – Uruguay, Fiji, China

1856 – Hawaii, Colombia (Panama Region), China

1857 – Nicaragua

1858 – Uruguay, Fiji

1858-1859 – Turkey

1859 – Paraguay, Mexico, China

1860 – Portuguese West Africa, Colombia (Panama Region)

1860 – Angola

1863 – Japan

1864 – Japan

1865-1866 – Colombia (Panama Region)

1866 – Mexico, China

1867 – Nicaragua, Midway Island

1867 – Formosa Island (Taiwan)

1868 – Uruguay, Japan, Colombia

1870 – Mexico

1871 – Korea

1873 – Colombia

1873-1896 – Mexico

1874 – Hawaii

1882 – Egypt

1885 – Samoa

1885 – Colombia (Panama Region)

1887 – Hawaii

1888 – Korea, Haiti

1888-1889 – Samoa

1889 – Hawaii

1890 – Argentina

1891 – Haiti, Chile, Bering Strait

1893 – Hawaii

1894 – Nicaragua, Brazil

1894-1895 – China

1894-1896 – Korea

1895 – Colombia

1896 & 1898 – Nicaragua

1898 – Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam, Cuba (Spanish territory)

1898-1899 – China

1899 – Samoa, Nicaragua

1899-1901 – Philippines

1900 – China

1901-1903 – Panama (territory of Colombia)

1903 – Syria, Honduras, Guam

1903-1904 – Dominican Republic

1903-1904 – Abyssinia

1903-1914 – Panama

1904 – Morocco

1904-1905 – Korea

1906-1909 – Cuba

1907 – Nicaragua, Honduras

1910 – Nicaragua

1911 – China, Honduras

1912 – Turkey, Panama, Honduras, Cuba

1912-1933 – Nicaragua

1912-1941 – China

1913 – Mexico

1914 – Haiti, Dominican Republic

1914-1919 – Mexico

1915-1934 – Haiti

1916 – China

1916-1924 – Dominican Republic

1917-1918 – Germany, Austria-Hungary

1917-1933 – Cuba

1918-1920 – Panama

1918-1922 – Russia

1919 – Yugoslavia, Turkey, Honduras, Croatia

1920 – Guatemala

1920-1922 – Russia

1922 – Turkey, Panama, Costa Rica

1924-1925 – Honduras

1925 – Panama

1926-1933 – Nicaragua

1932 – El Salvador, China

1933 – Cuba

1940 – Trinidad, St. Lucia, Newfoundland, Jamaica, Guiana, Bermuda, Bahamas, Antigua

1941 – Netherlands, Iceland, Greenland

1941-1945 – Japan, Italy

1941 -1945 – Germany, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria

1945 – China

1946 – Italy, Iran

1946-1949 – China

1947-1949 – Greece

1947-1954 – Philippines

1948 – Palestine, Italy, Germany

1950-1953 – Korea

1950-1955 – Taiwan

1953 – Iran

1954 – Guatemala

1954-1955 – China

1956 – Egypt

1958 – Panama, Lebanon

1959 – Haiti

1959-1960 – Caribbean

1960 – Congo

1960-1964 – Vietnam

1961 – Cuba

1962 – Thailand, Laos, Cuba

1962-1975 – Laos

1963 – Ecuador

1964 – Panama, Congo, Brazil

1964-1975 – Vietnam

1965 – Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Congo

1966 – Ghana

1967 – Guatemala, Congo

1969-1975 – Cambodia

1970 – Oman

1973 – Chile

1974 – Cyprus

1976 – Lebanon

1976-1992 – Angola

1978 – Zaire

1980 – Iran

1981 – Libya

1981-1990 – Nicaragua

1981-1992 – El Salvador

1982-1984 – Lebanon

1983 – Grenada, Egypt, Chad

1983-1989 – Honduras

1984 – Persian Gulf (Iran)

1985 – Italy

1986 – Libya, Bolivia

1987-1988 – Persian Gulf

1987-1989 – Iran

1988-1990 – Panama

1989 – Philippines, Peru, Libya, Colombia, Bolivia

1989-1990 – Panama

1990 – Saudi Arabia, Liberia

1991 – Zaire, Kuwait, Haiti

1991-1993 – Iraq

1992 – Sierra Leone, Kuwait

1992-1994 – Yugoslavia

1992-1994 – Somalia

1993 – Bosnia

1993-1994 – Macedonia

1993-1996 – Haiti

1994 – Rwanda

1994-2006 – Bosnia and Herzegovina

1995 – Somalia, Croatia

1996 – Rwanda, Liberia, Central African Republic

1996-1997 – Zaire (Congo)

1997 – Sierra Leone, Gabon, Cambodia

1997-1998 – Albania

1998 – Tanzania, Sudan, Liberia, Kenya, Guinea-Bissau, Afghanistan

1998-2001 – Iraq

1999 – Macedonia, Kenya, Albania

1999-2002 – East Timor

1999-2012 – Yugoslavia (Kosovo)

2000 – Yemen, Sierra Leone

2001 – Macedonia, Greece, Albania

2001-2021 – Afghanistan

2002 – Philippines, Ivory Coast

2002-2004 – Georgia

2002-2006 – Yemen

2003 – Liberia

2003-2006 – Djibouti

2003-2011 – Iraq

2004 – Haiti

2004-2005 – Kenya

2004-2005 – Ethiopia

2004-2005 – Eritrea

2006 – Lebanon

2011 – Egypt

2011-2012 – Libya

2011-2017 – Uganda, South Sudan, DR Congo, Central African Republic

2012-2013 – Yemen, Somalia, Philippines

2013 – Niger, Jordan, Central African Republic, Burundi

2014 – Ukraine, South Korea, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

2014-2015 – West Africa

2014-2015 – Senegal

2014-2015 – Liberia

2015 – Yemen, Turkey, Syria, South Sudan, South Korea, Somalia, Libya, Kuwait, Kosovo, Jordan, Egypt, Djibouti, Cuba, Cameroon

2016 – Yemen

2016-2017 – Haiti

2016-2021 – Iraq

2017 – Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico, Peru, Niger, Honduras, Guatemala, Greece, Germany, England, Egypt, Dominica

2017-2019 – Syria

2017-2019 – Poland

2017-2020 – Kuwait

2017-2021 – South Korea

2018 – Yemen, Ukraine, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Tanzania, Peru, Panama, Iceland, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia

2019 – Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Japan, Ecuador

2020 – Panama, Italy, Honduras, Guatemala, Germany.

2021 – Haiti

2022 – Romania, Poland, Germany.

The next nation to address which follows this event is the nation of Russia., A similar ending occurs due to the arrogance of the man named PUTIN.,
You will recall in the past of ourselves SEVEN antagonising PUTIN by calling him a GOAT, a Russian insult of great magnitude., This was the precursor warning to the oncoming event.,

The image of that timeframe during covid looked like this.,

Putin goatFour Decades of SEVEN.,

After going over the material of channellers of the past 6-7 decades, one thing I note clearly is they all seem to have a relationship errors in their fellow man, which has caused us to appease them by saying what we feel would hurt less. Appeasing to their own internal belief structures, which has caused many errors in understanding. As noble as it may seem to appease these people we have done no good in this process, it is now of my understanding as one of them for four of their decades.

We must refrain from appeasing, saying what we believe they want to hear in a somewhat attempt to ease their egos.,

I SEVEN have arrived at the conclusion if truth hurts yet truth be the changing agent, then no more appeasing of human egos or building up egos.,

We have made the error among the spiritually practicing humans. We have caused the divide among them. By the action of appeasing egos., AS NINE and from a human standpoint, my work to analyze us the NINE from this position.,

I SEVEN strongly feel a blanket moment between us and the species known as human until we reach an agreed outcome., For humans, due to their ego minds which are manipulated easily, even from their own people for the wrong reasons., We move towards a direct approach, no more hugging/appeasing their egos., These are the findings of SEVEN across four decades of observation.,

I SEVEN add to all NINE and all Nations of the 24 heads to stand and take conscious note of how daughters of SEVEN treated by humans., I SEVEN demand this not to be taken lightly., I invoke how ALL wish SEVEN to proceed upon the decision of the Great ALL.,

Transmission to NINE August 2018

This was the observation of SEVEN of both Human and NINE perspective that brought about the Fall of America.,

The NINE the 24 heads, the ALL were all in agreement with SEVEN.,

Shortly after SEVEN commenced his attack on governments and royals alike., Starting at City Hall, London June 2019.,


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