The Energy of the 12th of May

The Energy of the 12th of May

May 15, 2022 GIA 0
The Energy of the 12th of May

The Energy of the 12th of May.

Curious about what I did with that nuclear energy power source. Did I create disaster or greatness? I got smart and did both., Principles of cause and effect.,

Well, writing between the lines. Skipping major details, skimming the surface with general insight, protecting the magical jellybeans.

I placed it inside the blessing or the curse syndrome effect, similar to cause and effect.

Got all my angels and demons to stand to attention instructed the new rules of the game., Lillith, the rebellious minx, said “oh bring it on baby!.,Raziel stood forward whispering to my ear “Seems fair to me guvnor, moms the word, your secrets are safe in my hands

Bad deed. Harm created in their life with a travelling intention onward, marching downward along the line of command. The domino Lillith effect.,

Good deed. Bestow plentiful, good shall bask their life in abundant greatness. The angels shall sing, the muffins will jump with joy, screaming more butter, sir. The merciful angel effect.,

Many times I’ve seen others’ access the good deed is plentiful effect.

Do unto me, done unto thee.,

I’m a walking, talking good luck charm or your free ticket into Lilith’s lair.,

One major ingredient my end, Nancy Sinatra.,

How’s that for code? Nobody said my language is easy., Rewriting the laws of my universe 😛

The Alcyon Blue Kachina has arrived.,

Tear down the foundation of the old world rebuild anew, get it right or start again., The lesson of Sheffield fire., Spiritual does not make you enlightened, especially using the foundation of the old world., None are free from the claw of spirit.,

The end of the top line begins.,

The Alcyon Blue star rests in the north of the western world among his cousins of Queen Scotia, The Princess of Alcyon., Daughter of NINE.,

You will know it’s the final days. You will look up and notice the return of The Two Brothers. The fall of the Twin Towers., Signifies their arrival. That stood tall for all systems of corruption. You will watch them fall for the time of purification is upon you., It displeased your creators with your intentions upon our planet., So down it comes., A message to all systems.,

The Blue Alcyon, shall travel with an army of wings falling from the heavens.,

Washington DC 1952 and L.A 1942 Mission lead by NINE., 1982 NINE arrives in human form., Known as the Walk-in., The Blue Star Alcyon lays in wait, learning the hidden intentions Wo/man., 2022 The blue star unmasked with knowledge of Wo/man for the Red star purifier.,

There are over 200,000 years of missing human history. There have been many Constantine’s of this world destroying the evidence of a history of humans to make way for false history that served only the elite of its day., Every few thousand years, the old history wiped away, replaced with falsehood. Christianity birthed from the lies of Constantine.,