The Day The Earth Stood Still

The Day The Earth Stood Still

April 21, 2022 GIA 0
The Day The Earth Stood Still

The Day The Earth Stood Still

I bought 400 random DVD’s I found this DVD among them The Day The Earth Stood Still. My thoughts were FUCK!

That’s not sci fi it has way too much fact embed into it., Walk-in’s are present. The Asian elderly man spent 70 years on earth obviously had hybrid children. There’s a hybrid unaware of his powers. Sitting at a table he’s only role.

Only a walk-in could write such material, a walk-in who has no intention of revealing themselves. Yet wanted the message to sink in to people.

The story hasn’t been downloaded from our consciousness. How do I know it’s a walk-in’s work., It’s the story that would have been the case. ancient timeline, one that’s far out of date. The ending reveals this truth., Probably a walk-in who’s disconnected.

No mention of a launch from outer space wiping out humanity or has the walk-in put more out since that film?

Unsure how long the films been out there, Keanu Reeves looks young so a while.

The one small blind spot is the fact once the process of elimination has started, it would not be stopped. Was someone hoping that would be true?

Makes me wonder if the walk-in has been here too long and grown soft for humanity.

The original writer Edmund Hall North that explains everything man has been long since gone. The story has been adapted. Hense out-of-date timeline. Edmund Hall North, the original walk-in I sense another walk-in who had something to do with a recent retake.

Acknowledging the idiots at the pentagon that’s their first response to the unknown also demonstrates the idiots of leadership pretty damn well.,

I would even suggest Keanu Reeves himself a walk-in yet that might push the boat., at least there are some good people in Hollywood.,

OK year 2008, that means on the right timeline for that year, the walk-in was 100% correct at the time.

The biggest giveaway that this is the work of a walk-in was having Keanu Reeves at the start of the north or south pole before his arrival. Subtle and discreet implant of information yet how it happens, taking a body that already exists. Only a walk-in would be so revealing., Right down to release date, rounded to 5.,

Biggest truth of human history they only change when they have no choice. Biggest error of this movie, given a chance at that last moment. Wrong. The old ways are void., if humans wait until that moment, then they deserve not to survive.,

Films are a perfect medium to send a message.

Inspect Keanu’s performance, his regidness, his disconnectedness to human behaviour. It’s like that for us all, only time can adjust us. I spent a good 10 years with my new family concerned I never spoke. I was adapting, learning, absorbing their ways of being. Now I have mastered the art. Do you know someone who suddenly changed in this manner and gradually came back to themselves after a time? They can only learn by those they are surrounded by., They will have no access to the memories of the past occupant., Did the person have a loss of memory? Did the memories suddenly come back or did they learn them from others? That’s the fact.,

If humans only knew how bad their situation has become.,


When locating Walk-Ins, the facts are: We only take bodies of those in the moment of death. We will not move a soul out and then later bring them back. These are not walk-ins.,

Walk-ins will not use themselves to generate followers, make money from that position., They will generate money in other areas, leaving the walk-in available for all, not just for those who can pay. They are con artists.

We would not come across the universe to get some cash. How foolish.,

Mostly walk-ins remain hidden from public view, allowing them to move through departments of the pentagon, MOD, Police, all governments among many others., The inside man is our best allies., Infiltration begins at these levels., Brick by brick we tear down the walls.,

We have been doing this since the late 1980s. Our goal is to bring down the liars and end their tyranny against the people and the planet.,

I am, to my knowledge, the only walk-in exposed to the world and all around me. Others expose themselves online, but hidden to those around them, these are not walk-ins., Opportunist a marketing ploy at the expense of the people., A true walk-in who enters the open arena has no reason to care what others think or not think., Their mission is clear, focused.,

We make no secret of our methods. We give you the truth of us. And then we do our best to create doubt. This makes certain you can never follow us, make us into gurus or gods. Cannot create new religions out of us., Yet you will have to make your own mind up.,

Our friend Dr Steven Greer claims we are peaceful., he was right until humanity took us for granted., Pay close attention. We stopped saying for those to come forward and put right what they did. Because.,

The time of peace is over.,


Before we left Amazon Prime we discovered Travelers., shocked again at the near accuracy of walk-ins., It became clear not the work of walk-ins more that someone heard about us and did some research and got many things wrong., Improvised on the storyline. We recognise only three truths., How we enter the body., Our infiltration., The shit that humanity has created., Interesting show regardless.

Few things to note identifying a human created this show. Time travel is an illusion that exists only within the time-lock of earth., We are not future selves of you., We would never have a leader, that’s AI.

There are no factions apposing us in the universe. We work as a unified force., If a walk-in becomes compromised among hidden locations. They abort, leave the body, become a whistleblower or retreat until the final stage., We do not work in teams, this causes a compromise., We work solo.,

Video of our time in Newport-On-Tay Fife.

We have no intention to reveal anymore ships. The world does not require anymore evidence. The truth is out.

Our advice to all those who know we are here. Stop waiting, hoping the government will disclose the truth., Start relying on yourselves. That’s why everyday people we gave the vision to see us., Your governments are the ones who caused the planet harm., Forget these idiots.,

If you wonder why it’s RED. It’s daylight. I’m using infrared because they are not seen in visible light your eyesight cannot detect. This cloaks their presence from being seen. Keeps the fear factor at bay., Any good military person who’s seen will tell you this is normal. Looking up will render many blind to what’s directly in front of them.,

Do I still record the skies? I certainly confirm who’s in the area. Not for public viewing., Plus, I wired my body to infrared. Are they in LEVEN? absolutely one BASED on my eastside. Two BASED on my westside.

The truth is far worse than they hope for.,

This video, right until the last decade, was an important message from your creators and our creation., No longer valid message., It has created abuse among the spiritual factions that exist, all trying to create a new religion., They made this error back at the start. All religions sprang off the great rebellion war., Humans did this and trying to make the same mistake again., You will often hear these people claim they read no other material on others. This is an absolute lie.,

Channelers filter a 50/50 accuracy between our message from their own experience, which creates misleading information., Channelers to us are people seeking money from something nobody can hold them accountable for. This is not our way.,

Of course someone has mixed and edited film material., Recognise was a way to bring people into the genuine history of earth.,

These spiritual factions created will have a hard time accepting we are no longer associated. The new religions have blinded themselves. Made it about money. No different from any religion before it., Walk-ins will take care of it all they are not compromised.,