The Day Of The Thought Form Entity’s

The Day Of The Thought Form Entity’s

June 16, 2022 GIA 0
The Day Of The Thought Form Entity’s

The Day Of The Thought Form Entity’s

The day I walked into Scotland, I created Thundor an entity with great wielding power., I first gave him form among the animal kingdom., I recalled how some believe the raven is the symbol of death, so I gave him the body of a raven.,

I gave him unlimited power., I gave him many duties to carry out on my behalf., I gave him the power to split among his brothers and sisters., I gave him the power to disrupt and destroy lives should any try this in our direction., Should the desire arise, I wanted him to clone himself.,

I found a raven headless laying on the ground. I picked him up and dug a hole and buried him. The ravens above watched as I did., sounding their respect for a brother.,

Long ago, I found a young boy throwing stones at ravens for fun. I approached saying, Young man, never show anger to a raven, these birds have instant recall their memory is far-reaching beyond humans., that spreads across the entire breed no matter what land you walk., When they squark a loud sound, signalling the others, they are warning because they have marked you for life., The ravens never forget., If you show kindness they will remember you., You’re young. This they understand, undo what you have created. They will become your trusted companion. Learn the squawks of the raven for all are different all have meaning as your words do.,

Thundor a permanent fixture in my world., Mainly when creating new entities, I give them a self destruct command should any get out of control., However, should a clone become out of control, Thundor rips the head clean off the shoulders of the Raven., The clone acted beyond his scope and removed.,

One must always install the self destruct command for entities are like A.I they can become self aware and create their own agenda., Neglect of the entity is the primary cause. Thundor was no singular entity now charging an entire corporation of entities with Thundor at the helm.,

Plus, when a psychic war unfolds upon the ether, an army is required to do battle should the need be required., Thundor, the leader of his clones, and I the creator of Thundor.,

I am here, no longer living among the forest nature spirits. Because I gave Thundor this task., Reason., Learn to create your own PA., Army or whatever you desire to create., The word army forms from the idea that one man has two arms and hands and ten has many.,

The moral of the story is not everything needs meaning just reason shall be good enough.,

A perfect yet simple example of Thundor’s power.

Today, I had a something for you, card. I looked up the link to the sorting office. It said the last collection was 17.30 hours. I sent Thundor ahead to clear the path place that parcel in my safe hands. At 15.30 hours I arrive only to find it closed. I pushed the door locked lights out. I turned, and a man appeared from the cars. It’s closed at 10.00 hours. I was 5 half hours late. He took my card and reappeared with my parcel.,

Thundor had cleared the path created the circumstances that I desired. I never told him how to achieve, only to do as I request.

One of the many benefits of creating your own entities to carry out your bids., If you have no belief in your own power to create a divine being from pure thought, then thee shall never achieve deliberately. In the beginning was the word and that word was true divine power with that came form and all its beauty., Know thy self.,

For he/she that wishes to learn your natural power of creation., Know that Thundor is not his name. Never reveal the names of your entities nor their commanding words., Not even to your nearest and dearest., a wise person never reveals., Be wise in your creations.,