The Day FILM and TV Industry Died Nuclear Explosion

The Day FILM and TV Industry Died Nuclear Explosion

March 29, 2022 GIA 0
The Day FILM and TV Industry Died Nuclear Explosion

The Day FILM and TV Industry Died Nuclear Explosion

The films, the TV dramas that mess with human emotions. The day I woke up to the truth regarding TV. Eastenders The Ronnie Mitchell story of James’ death. And The Baby swap. Before this timeframe I watched Eastenders, first out of no choice from 1985, then I came to love it, until this moment.

The day I see the truth, the damage TV can do to anyone, especially those who do not understand emotions, are creating your personal reality experience every day.,

After watching this, I was in extreme shock. I began unconsciously play out 12th May 1995. My emotions took a hold of my mind. I was now reliving 1995 to the point my daily life showed me evidence of babies dead., Then all I see in everyday I suddenly realised how and what created the strange manifestations. My emotions were so powerful they could build the empire state building twice in a day.,

No experience in controlling such emotions. It became clear watching that storyline triggered these powerful emotions. The key to controlling the masses stared me in the face. Just like 9/11 and how they played it out in the news media. GRIPPING emotions as leverage to harness energy power all generated from human emotion.,

That was the end of TV for me, TV destroyed. For a decade I watched nothing. I learned to control my emotions to generate power for my benefit, not for others. That was how I built/building 7 companies after both my daughters.,

I would only return to film or tv if I have mastered those emotions and turned them into my magical energy source for magic. I learned to harness a nuclear power station within me.,

After watching that show for so many years, it disgusted me with them. They could do this with no care or compassion. CHILD DEATH was entertainments for actors/ TV and those who watched, not something to support or care about. Just entertain us, please.

I recall listening to how it was the gossip of London town, careless banter over a subject many did not know what they were talking about. “Wasn’t it GOOD?” Excitement was what I heard on many people’s lips.

The day I woke up to the truth about TV what it was doing unconsciously to every human who watched TV like a drug.

In the decade away training, I knew we all lived with a powerhouse of magical power to do or create anything. All from our most traumatic moment in life. We use them for good or they use us for bad.,

Magic was about focus, projection, intention. Without a pure energy source, to fire that missile. Magic is not worth shit without the power behind it., Ronnie Mitchell opened my eyes to an unseen nuclear power station within me.,

It became a double powerhouse after that decade was out with both daughters., FILMS give me a trigger a springboard to power up the nuclear station and fire those missiles in secret.,

Magic lives inside us not tools not rituals not even symbols they are all crutches for the 50/50 people of magic.,

If I had not learned the truth, I would not have gone back into the music industry. None of it, I would of most likely be dead from drugs or drunk on some curb. I would not be standing here today standing up to abusive governments over children.

Between 2008 and 2010, music was a hobby I loved from time ago. I never took it serious I never wanted it to go anywhere. It did not matter. Until I learned this, then came EasyGetMe Records., It had began., Hiding behind it all was this story and what changed everything., I can lay down and give up or I can stand and fight back. I learned EGO was a big part of music. Rocky got the fuck up yet again.,

MasterMataz had an enormous ego, the only way to be noticed in such an enormous industry. I made friends, and I made enemies not intentionally none of those friends stuck by me they all turned there backs on me in fear they would be next. I learned a truth about friends that never makes me blind again. Friendship is earned so is trust., The untold truth about MasterMataz, what nobody knew when I was him.,

Eastenders gave me the greatest gift, thats how I became a target tracker.,

These guys and Armin van Buuren were a world of inspiration. They made a vision possible. I had purpose again. I had a reason to walk the earth once more., Every morning, I had a reason to wake up. I appreciate what I did and how I went about it. I wouldn’t change a thing., I learned so much.,