The Black Race The Original Owners Of The Earth

The Black Race The Original Owners Of The Earth

August 18, 2022 GIA 0
The Black Race The Original Owners Of The Earth

The Black Race The Original Owners Of The Earth.

Time ago we spoke about the original people of earth being the native people. This can mislead a little as native American indians, many across the planet. We were not referring to them. There was one race that was here and we brought everyone else.

In the world, you have read about slavery of blacks by whites and other cultures. Because the blacks are the original people of earth. We have seen many blacks want to be known as the Egyptian Pharaoh. This is false. The truth is much greater.

The blacks are the original owners of earth., The true masters are the blacks. Every other race is a visitor. The blacks lived in every country on earth long before the colonies took over. The slavery was so the blacks would eventually forget their true heritage. The visitors wanted mastery over the race who’s planet it belonged to.

Every colonised race are products of us.,

You look towards China; you say the Chinese own china, no they do not. Russia belongs to Russians, no it does not. America the native indians, no it does not. These were the lands of the Blacks.,

Chinese, Russian, whites, Indian, Arabs all are visitors like we are visitors. The entire planet earth had only the black race., Over 34, 000 years ago.,

To be black is to be proud of this fact. To know a black man or black woman is a true honour.,

Long before this, on a different cycle, it belonged to the shadow world, what you call the ghost world.,

What we tell you about the Black people is way overdue. Everyone should know the truth, even the black people.,

Ask the American native indians where did their ancestors come from. Many will point up towards the constellation of Taurus., The SEVEN Daughters.,

To all other races, all came from extraterrestrial life on other planets throughout the universe., The black race did originate from the stars, but they evolved here as the only race who has evolved., If the black race set their new intention to experience life on new worlds throughout the universe when the body dies., Then it is theirs because they earned it., Nobody can stop it or prevent them doing such.,

Breaking down the gods of all religions

They are not the same., What they call their god is actually the head/leader of the extraterrestrial species. Those heads are governed under the NINE., The NINE is governed under the great infinite intelligence. Why we say ALL.,

Each race on planet earth who calls the head a god was in fact descendants of the colonies that came here and settled among the black culture of the original earth beings.,

When any human from any species defines themself equal to their god their HEAD of species, they are in error because they do not understand who or what there god is so in this they are competing with the great infinite intelligence that which can never be true., They are in error to define their heads as the great infinite intelligence.,

As SEVEN is the head of Taurus, this does not make SEVEN a god, a leader of the species and a member of the NINE., To worship SEVEN would be in monumental error., SEVEN does not compare themselves to the great infinite intelligence., SEVEN in service to the great infinite intelligence., We prefer the word HEAD over leader, as all members of the universe are leaders., As are all humans are leaders on earth.,

When you say those of evil are bad., For what good can come from not having them? To know thyself, one must have an element to challenge them to know thyself., In truth, good and evil are the same thing both serve a divine good., To know how to do the right thing, you must have some element to challenge your soul to know the difference., Without there is only void., There is no good or bad., Just the wisdom that comes from it.,

Treat those how you wish to be treated” How is that not the greatest guideline of them all?
You say Jesus is the son of god. When in truth Jesus is the HEAD of one of the 24., To hold Jesus as history has done this is a great error. You place Jesus and yourselves in opposition to the Great Infinite Intelligence.,

The Pyramid Structure Top Down.,

The Great Infinite Intelligence.,

The NINE above., The NINE below.,

The 24 Heads.,

The subsets of 24., (Subsets are variations to what you call the GREYS.,)


The colonies of the Subsets and the 24.,

The many varieties of cultures of earth descendants of the 24 Extraterrestrial Species.,

The NINE stand by the Black Race., They deserve the world knowing the truth.,

Exchange Control For Balance & The Role Of The Empath.,

Within both arenas, positive and negative, dark and light.,

To balance the negative is to feel the emotion of hatred rise up within you, allow the anger, understand its root cause., make friends with it then to transmute that energy by balancing it within you., Without physical action of anger or hatred, to feel to voice and to resolve., Yet never to deny or suppress., That’s balancing negative energy.,

Un balanced negative is to feel the anger, the hatred and then to rise up in physical action of destruction.,

To balance the positive, to feel the emotion of all that brings joy, love, happiness yet never to become so lost in positivity that you dismiss all around you who seek or ask for help., Even if they are negative., To deny others is positivity out of balance., To say one is spiritual and in the second breath denies those in negativity is positively unbalanced.,

To feel love, happiness, joy and have compassion for those within the opposite polarity with understanding to walk a mile in their shoes to hold a place within your heart for them, without stickiness detached yet connected., Balanced positive.,

An Empath

Has the ability to be the forerunner in this the Artform of balancing the positive and negative., They hold the gift of insight yet seldom follow through., The more empathy balances the positive with the negative, the more benefit the planet receives.,

The empaths road is rocky yet rewarding and evolutionary planet changing., The empath is the gift of the NINE to see without visible signs to feel to know without being told., To look ahead, with time upon one’s side, to decide the better outcome for all concerned or to know no action, no words just to be there is the treasure in gold.,

True telepathy is empathy knowing without thoughts, or vocalised sound., Communicating with others through the power of emotion., Telepathy is not hearing the thoughts of others its feeling communication., The language of vibration., The language of the universe.,
The Empath the gift of all the NINE., yet to which has not been used for how we intended it to be used., Because the Empath sees the negative ahead and runs or walks in the opposite direction instead of using for the reason, we gave the gift.,

Blame is negative., Accountability is positive., Correcting one for the other is balancing.,

A narcissist and those who give it meaning are one and the same., A narcissist cannot exist without the explainer of it., The explainer creates the narcissist in order to exist within its own realm., Both are creator and creation.,

To notice to acknowledge the homeless a smile a greeting of a good day is a pure gift to the homeless., To know you matter, no matter who, pure golden., Is it not? Is this not compassion? Is this not understanding to walk a mile in another’s shoes? To treat those how you wish to be treated., Is it not plain and simple?

Cast your memory back a few decades.

ATOM did he not say that parents give rise and concern if their child is harmed? Yet If it’s the child of another, then it’s not their concern they turn away., For in this we gave you the sign of our physical coming unto earth., (It was subtle and random among all our teachings., Did you notice?)

The NINE for we demonstrated this truth., Did we not? For we also showed you what was required., To love my child is to love the children of all., To protect my child is to protect them all., Without question.,

Treat those how you wish to be treated., For those who remember ATOM among the NINE know what we say.,
Long ago much need of change laid upon the shoulders of the sons and daughters of Israel., Does this now reveal the progress of planet earth, ALL habitants? Do you see how all has changed? How all must recalibrate their beliefs., Transform spirituality away from the mindset of a corporation with those of the words of abundance and selfish deed.,

It was our error to highlight to emphasise the need of Israel. This made those not of Israel complacent in their attitudes towards others and allowed money to take over the path of spirituality, creating unbalanced spirituality., Money is the dominant, truth is a backseat passenger.,

Raise your hand. Who knows that religion is about control and financial gain through misleading the masses? Do you now see the same in spirituality?

Or are you in denial like a spiritual fanatic.,
These are our teachings. (Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space) Look at the price and tell us we are wrong? What happened to you? Do you value money over the survival of your planet? NEW £94.95 USED £

Money is the dominant, truth is a backseat passenger.,

Do you recall the end of Atlantis and the great fall., Done by us out of frustration for their actions on earth., Can you see where you are heading if you do not change?