The Biggest Tax Heist In History £350 Billion in Tax Payers Money Stolen

The Biggest Tax Heist In History £350 Billion in Tax Payers Money Stolen

July 26, 2022 GIA Governments royal family 0
The Biggest Tax Heist In History £350 Billion in Tax Payers Money Stolen

The Biggest Tax Heist In History £350 Billion in Tax Payers Money Stolen

£400 Million Profit. Change your name make it look like under new management. Loan of £390 Million which you did not need. This was Tax money from the £350 Billion Boris Johnson gave out following March 2020 announcement for companies but not your own to shut down due to covid lies.

A company that did not close down does not require anything from that £350 Billion. Unless you’re going to steal and hide it.

If we calculate what every worker’s wage is, we will find £390 Million is way too much money. The company did not stop doing business they continued all the way through covid. £390 Million was robbing the tax money off the people and then sending to the Cayman island to become untraceable money.

The government and the royals have been stealing tax money from the public using covid as a cover story. This is not the only corporation you own or used.

What you did give out to workers who gave up work is now being taken back by using the energy corporations. £350 Billion is an accurate figure of how much you stole.

The companies that did stay open throughout covid are 99% yours, with your identities hidden, yet they are yours, a fact. How many of these companies also got £390 million or more? They were open did not need the money.

No supermarket I ever went in had staff shortages looked the same. Plenty of drivers for all deliveries for all companies. YOU DID NOT REQUIRE ANY MONEY IF ANYTHING YOU PROFITED FROM COVID MASSIVELY.

People and CHILDREN suffered why you kept stealing the money. The police did nothing but make people suffer. Did they not know? Police raped and murdered one young woman or has anyone forgotten? Women are not safe. Even by those who claim they protect.,
Did Boris Johnson really have fines or are they just words written in a newspaper spoken on a news channel? Where is the proof and the proof of paid in full? JUST WORDS.,

£350 Billion of tax money went missing. Now the energy crisis you are making the people pay again to steal more money using the corporation yet again. Hand the public a small/tiny hand out and nobody will question a thing.

Throw Boris out or make him resign, bring in someone else, and restart the process all over again. Find new ways to steal the money. When the heat is on for them, have an election change parities but always do the same thing to the public. Resignation or election shifting makes nobody join the dots. As long as the one they now hate is gone people are happy. The public fooled right under their noses.,

Go fuck yourselves.

That’s the beauty of our DATA SCOUTS who observe everything. There are no secrets hidden from us.,


Royals, Ministers, Lords and DorksUnfortunately, on this planet, relationships connote ownership. When a man and woman get married, the woman’s father traditionally has the role of giving her away. In other words, a male figure must hand her over. There is an incredible expectancy within relationships about another’s behavior. Get clear about what your idea of relationship is, and this will facilitate things in the long run. Just as there is no ownership with parenthood, there is no ownership in a relationship. You relate to one another as you relate energies back and forth. Ideally, there is communication with all of this relaying and relating.

The male vibrations give their power away just as much as the females. They give it away to a government that says, “Here, go jeopardize your life. Go take a stand and shoot for us. If your body gets chopped up, we will take care of you in a hospital and give you a bit of money. What the heck; go for it,” and the males just obey. The chain of obeying and giving the power of the individual away is then complete. — The SEVEN Daughters.,

Well, my fun bag of jellybeans & poppets what this is telling you.

There has been a war going on between the masculine and the feminine for 5,000 years since the patriarchy system took over and banished all females from power, and destroyed all history that before 5,000 years ago you had a matriarchy system in place.

Same reason the bible once claimed history only goes back 5,000 years, it did not want the females to remember. Both matriarchy and patriarchy had their chance, and both rendered the same result. The masculine suppressed the feminine for centuries, so you never returned to power. It shows how much you have forgotten.

Where it was just men who abused children now, the table has turned its both male and female who abuse children and facilitate in the abuse in exchange for money.,
Females tend to believe they can do a much better job. The truth is, they can’t. That’s why the males took it from them. Males have also messed up., — SEVEN.,

Before you say not true, that women are child abusers. Check your facts first.,

Men like President Joe Biden can’t keep his hands of this small girl. Another Edward Heath only he liked little boys not girls.

These are the men and women you have been supporting