Thank you Lee Carroll

Thank you Lee Carroll

May 4, 2022 GIA Heaven 0
Thank you Lee Carroll

Thank you Lee Carroll

Why in maths does everything fall upon a 9? Why is 9 found everywhere in plain sight?

I’ve spoken this more times than I care to mention. Pleiadians are the creators of Human Beings. No god, no singular entity with a funky white beard.

The god of all bibles was not one man or woman. Was not even ARZU, ATUM., Or THOTH, RA, Horus, Osiris, or any single entity.

If you want to know who created you why you are here, look no further than the pleiades. The entire species created humans, gave you life., They are NOT nordic looking species. They are NOT blonde with blue eyes. That’s a mask to make humans feel comfortable.,

All before ANU, before the great rebellion that crashed to earth., A time when all that humans were was peace, love and harmony., The seeding of earth.,

Alcyon is the major center of our system., Our home and the home of Prime Creator.,

Nine Bodies of Creation

The unspoken Vow.,

“AS a man when all else LOST reserves one lock of hair of his beloved” ATLANTIS/LEMURIA The gods must kiss once more.,

It means go ahead my dear, do your worst, or do your best, never shall I do as you have., If a creator harms its child then it has lost the rights of a creator.,

Between Worlds

Woman with the tear looks back at her mirror self who has turned their back on her., She weeps because she has realised her deeds., ANU the dragon the reptilian king burns her into damnation, which only she created upon herself., Her fingers pull inward the flames of ANU. Acceptance of her fate.,

When women chose to mimic man in business, woman lost her way., The prisoner of ANU., The old story of Adam and Eve., It was Eve that misleads Adam. Now Adam has got sweet revenge on Eve mislead her to fall., Will these two ever learn?

As the days pass, we have summoned the sons and daughters of the morning to return home., As the passing sun rises, breathing a thunderous clap of fiery air for the children of the nightfall.,

Between Worlds