Our terms are simple and direct.,

The user agree:

I/We promise to protect, to stand up for all children with unified love., We promise to hold any and all officials in a place of power accountable for their actions against children, past, present or future.,

I/We agree children matter, their safety, their lives we hold in high value over all money., We place children first, money second.,

I/We sign in agreement with protecting the rights of all children., We give nobody the right to abuse, sexually, emotionally or physically, regardless of their status.,

I/We agree to forward any information to the GIA & NINE who will expose the predators on our behalf or together as a united force publically.,

I/We agree we may use an anonymous identity for our full protection in revealing any information that goes public.,

I/We also agree GIA & NINE may not use some or all information sent anonymously if they suspect lies.

I/We agree in helping to protect all children of planet earth.,

I/We, by signing, understand the following terms of the GIA & NINE.,

The GIA & NINE agree:

If you request anonymous identity we shall uphold your wish even if you give us your real name at a later date., We will only use a real name publically upon written request.,

As a default method, for all stories sent to us, we ourselves will use the word ANONYMOUS, unless stated otherwise., This helps during all ongoing investigations not to alert the predator they are under investigation., The child’s safety is paramount.,

The child’s name will not be made public., They will be known as Anonymous Child with date and time reference of the first report., A child’s name will only be used if they are now an adult and have requested to be identified publically.,

We will expose publically the predator along with their location until they have no place to hide.,

~ GIA., NINE.,