Target Tracker

Target Tracker

April 1, 2022 GIA 0
Target Tracker

Target Tracker

Energy is the key formula here.,

My masked window bandits were bound to pass by me eventually, unmasked., I located one already today. Talk about shit on your own doorstep.,

Typical logic tells people if I am masked, I can’t be found. WRONG., You gave away your energy, guilty was encoded into your energy field that which every human being has. Some call auric field, others life force., Doesn’t matter what you call it, we can read it., There are no secrets., Not even your thoughts are secure or private.,

Why don’t we tell you? Takes the fun away from locating the truth, plus puts us ahead of the game., We know what others can’t see.,

A lesson in the human energy field, depending on how developed you are as a human. Your field is like an invisible bubble, always surrounding you some barely a foot from the body that would be a dense energy, predominantly negative.

Higher vibes human energy can stretch out a good 30 feet 360 degree surrounding. Highly attuned can go a lot further. Humans are constantly interacting in other people’s field in shops, anywhere crowds found.

This is how entertainment psychics work. They read the information embedded in your energy field. They’re not talking to dead people. We recycle dead people back into the earth., You earn your way out of the cycle of life., That’s also why you can recognise people you think you never met before through their eyes, why you go somewhere new believing you never been and déjà vu., truth yes you have just not in that body.,

Your energy field holds all your data, all memories, all actions, deeds good or bad., Even all lives you lived., You’re a walking library. For those who can read., Target Trackers.,

There should be a service Target Trackers for hire., Truth is they won’t like what we uncover.,

Broadcasting: If I throw an apple at your head. Then every time you see me, the feeling you felt when I did that, be it a day, month or years, will instantly activate and broadcast unconsciously.

If you did something to me, I didn’t know what you looked like or where you came from. When you see me, even though I should not know, you instantly activate and broadcast energy in my direction regardless if I knew it was you or not., Humans are funky energy broadcasters like that! Humans give themselves away., One of the joys of earth., 🙂 Damn amusing!