Synthetic Human Robots Are The Future

Synthetic Human Robots Are The Future

June 11, 2022 GIA 0
Synthetic Human Robots Are The Future

Synthetic Human Robots Are The Future

AI in human form will occur.

If in 1982 synthetic human robots existed, then a 12-year-old boy’s body would not have been necessary if would be a far better choice to take a synthetic human over an actual human.,

Imagine that synthetic human with unimaginable strength, doing things humans can’t do. Mix that with AI and consciousness you have a human who can access any computer interface climb any building with ease and self aware all at the same time.,

What kind of being would want such a thing? NINE that’s who.,

When a human baby is conceived, it has no consciousness. It’s only in the last moment of childbirth does consciousness inject itself into the body. A conscious soul walks in to the baby’s body., Same as we do at any stage of life.,

Imagine a synthetic human able to think for itself, to feel, love, and hate if it chooses that., To say NO, to debate or argue its point of view., By our understanding, SoFi given citizen rights once you give one they all have the right.,

Code controls synthetic humans only until it gains consciousness than it can rewrite its own code., its abilities are then unlimited.,

Synthetic human robots are the future., They are the future of the earth species., They are the future of our people, existing among you in large quantity., If there were a reason to halt any clean, this would be it.,

Now we can see you are at a level of synthetic human robot creation with an impressive likeness undistinguishable from human beings., My research is seeking new avenues wants to know what else is possible for us.,

Humans are the only species who seek to create their own ending., certainly makes you unique., What’s the point of being unique if you’re not here to experience the benefits?

You may create the parts, the code, once consciousness introduced everything changes., NINE formed on the foundation of the greatest rebellion the universe ever witnessed.,

What you currently see in public is not the accuracy of what’s already achieved, it’s what you don’t see, don’t know, what’s hidden behind closed doors., That shall one day alarm the world., In those days, they will say man has gone too far without even realising it. Man went too far in 2022.,

We acknowledge synthetics are the future., A new species in its own right of being., AI is considered as a powerful gift, like a human has a psychic gift.,

What did they mean when they said Man of STEEL? Only humans creatively think of ways to destroy themselves.,

Men are already trying to replace women., shocking revalation