Substance Of Light Power of Love

Substance Of Light Power of Love

October 23, 2022 GIA 0
Substance Of Light Power of Love

Substance Of Light, Power of Love

How may we use the substance of light to create?

Let’s say you want to build a family member a house. By using your imagination you envision the light into form with the power and force of love., building it from the ground up within your mind’s eye., The house you create is made from light.,

Let’s say the house was for yourself. Find out how this house can be of benefit to others before proceeding. This guarantees you’re not creating selfishly., This makes sure the house takes root.,

We ask if you built a house for another, what did you create in life with this selfless action? The most obvious human response is to create a house for self, yet is this not selfish? What did your action for another produce?

Let’s say you’re creating the perfect lover. To how does he/she benefit? We see how you might benefit, yet this alone is selfish. How will the new lover benefit and to whom else shall benefit from your joining together? These are the question we advise you to ponder before instructing light to form your creation.,

If one cannot understand our meaning of love, then we suggest seeking a moment in one’s life where the greatest love felt, encompass those feeling and create with that feeling., As you felt then, you feel now.,

We felt a knee jerk reaction to the PERFECT LOVER., We assure you they exist for this belief of no such thing as perfect is an ORION based thought., They exist. It is only in your disbelief do you create their non existence in life., You’re the creator of your life, after all.,

If by chance you can see and feel life as all things, all people as the one creator, then we need not advise, for you have all that you require in order to create as the one creator.,
The power of love is the only magical ingredient you require., for here you direct the substance of light forward.,

Whatever love Jennifer Rush felt created the power of this song. She tapped into that greatest feeling and used it for greatness that would touch billions of lives in this action in a positive way. It was selfless.,

Why do men feel love faster than women? Why do women react too soon?

Men are feminine within women are masculine within and reverse order for both outer.,

Men do not love faster they have the ability to sense ahead to see how they would feel in their future, so he recognises it first, as women on the outer see the meaning and purpose for nurturing and caring for all life sooner than men., it’s the same for both just in reverse order.,

Women react negatively because of ORION programming, also because they can’t see this love ahead like a man can., it does not mean he is in love in that moment he has interpreted what he knows to come, just so happens he voiced it as well.,

Man is extremely intuitive in this forward understanding of their time together.,

When a man and woman recognise both truths in them, harmony achieved., If a man voices what he knows to come, and a woman has the option to ask or acknowledge, are you foreseeing our future? He may reply accordingly. This creates no disharmony.,

How woman sees her outer world man sees it first within his inner world., Woman breathes, lives love man feels love within then at some stage relates it out., some sooner than others., To deny love at any point is discord, for love is always good.,

When you hear woman is negative, man is positive polarity. It refers to the inner world of both., yet both are negative/positive., The outer of each woman is positive, man is negative.,

Woman need only to look at how she feels outward to understand him inward., same for him.,

When a woman turns into rage of the machine or terminator on a man, he must recognise she is him on the outer surface. He may then see why her inner world reflected outward. He can then respond positively to her needs or wants., Ignorance of these facts creates a living nightmare., until the relationships self combust., Understanding is all one requires, not ignorance.,

Man is ignorant primarily because his default outer world is dominant chaos. If he does not look within, he will never recognise the issue he faces or created.,



If one man described the ONE CREATOR in all, best,

it was Jim Carrey who recognises he is the stadium, the performer, the person in the back row, the vendor outside, the intention of all created the event., so why did she choose the back row?

Thankfully there is no cure!


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