Ships Cloaking – Find The UFOs Do You Have What It Takes?

Ships Cloaking – Find The UFOs Do You Have What It Takes?

August 1, 2022 GIA Governments 0
Find The UFOs Do You Have What It Takes?

Ships Cloaking – Find The UFOs Do You Have What It Takes?

We said you will not see it coming.,

We have been de-compiling a camera, making it full spectrum, then testing.,

Sent me in the direction of the village STAR. We will show you a sign post where to begin recording. Found the big X in the sky. Just outside STAR, situated on a farm facing towards Edinburgh.,

The aim is to cloak them in the ultraviolet and infrared zone.,

The ships are just out of range, out of sight. Once we could see the result on the infrared and ultraviolet, we can shift completely out of sight.,

There are more than a dozen ships in this video.

You won’t see them coming. Did warn you governments.

How many years did you taunt me? How many years did you destroy all finances? How many years did you make sure I could not eat? This is going to be fun.,

Not NASA, no satellites, no radars will see it coming. No pre-warnings. Take you when your pants are down.,

Planet Earth X Marks the Spot.,

Find The UFOs Do You Have What It Takes?

Ultrasonic Multi-dimensional Flying Objects How many can you spot?

To the Scottish government, did you think we would not find out? Nice try. It won’t work. We will now place our focus on digging into your private affairs.

Breaking The Speed Barrier On An E Bike

After my visit to STAR, I made my way to the top of the hill. I walk up hills. I don’t ride up them. Riding up a hill is like going against the current of a river. WHY? why do that? Last time I did this hill, I clocked up 45mph. I start on the right side of the road. I wanted to trick people into thinking I was American. who else would park on the wrong side? It did not impress the guy in his car considering 4 motors came in a line on the left and he reached me all at the same time.

Of course, you just missed that carry on. Today we make a new world of me record touching 50mph hidden sign on the left that says 20mph. Trim your bush haha.

I do believe I can reach 80mph as I am applying the breaks to control the speed. The bike is a max speed of 25mph when you add a hill to the equation. Anything is possible.,